Crafting Ideas for Kids : How to Make a Chinese Staircase Bracelet

Crafting Ideas for Kids : How to Make a Chinese Staircase Bracelet

Next we are going to make the Chinese staircase.
You can get as many colors as you want, I chose three you can get four or you can get
two. But you can’t use one because it just doesn’t work. So what you do is put them all
together you make them probably twenty-four inches long to twenty-two inches it just depends
on how big your wrist is. You tie a knot right on the end. You can put two just to make it
look a little bigger so it stays on your clip. Okay I hook it on to my clip board or my clip
and what you do is you get your color in and separate it like the other two. Like this.
You separate it like this so you get your colors which I am using blue. So you get your
blue string and you put it under and sort of make four like that. You are going to pull
the blue string through and you are going to gently pull it right through the end and
that makes a knot. So you do it again, make a four, you go under to make a four and you
pull the blue string in and pull it. You make a four pull the blue strings again. If you
want to do it in different colors you switch colors you put the blue back in and I’m going
to pull out the red. You put the blue and the green together over here so you do the
exact same thing you make a four like this and you pull it through. You make a four and
you pull it through. You make a four and you pull it through, pull it down to the bottom
so it doesn’t get loose or anything. Now I’m going to switch to the green color. So you
put the red and blue together. So I have the green so when you make the four you want to
make sure that you go under not over the other string and you pull it through. Okay this
is what it looks like when it is done. You can make it as long as you want and you tie
it around for your wrist and you can cut the end of the string off, like I am about to
do. Tie it. Make a knot and you slip it on your wrist. Just like this.


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