Crazy Auditions That Accidentally Get The Golden Buzzer on Got Talent | Top Talent

Crazy Auditions That Accidentally Get The Golden Buzzer on Got Talent | Top Talent

Cristian: hello Alisha: For some reason Davids excited. David: I love the boots, i love the boots. Crisian: Thank you Alisha: Whats your name? Cristian: My name is cristian Alisha: Cri-Cristian? Cristian: Yes, please. Alisha: What do you do as a day job? Cristian: I work in a center of London as a waiter. Alisha: Anywhere we’d know? Any nice restaurants? Cristian: um…no? *laughs* Alisha: oh *laughs* Cristian: I wanna be become a superstar, to run the world, to sell albums, to because to have fans. Cristian (to person walking): How i look? *laughs* Cristian: My name is Christian Bryden, I have 35 years old when I perform. I like to be sexy. Three years ago I whitened it my piece so I have nice smile now, a huge smile. Sometimes I go to My doctor to put some medicine here here It’s very important for me to have the good image because you’re going to sell so I want to sell it. Why not? Can I be friends with Rihanna with Lady Gaga with Beyonce? Why not? This is the biggest poster from the world I think I deserve my place to be on that stage because Britins is Got Talent You can change your life forever and I want to change my life forever Cristian: Yes, thank you Alisha: Good luck Cristian:Thank you David: I like Cristian C: c’mon! By only baby use a dive light Night and John right I like the way you fight come on You can give it to me when I look thanks mom And baby Oh You can’t What the bloody hell did you do that for because Christian is going to win Being rude Christian but the act of holding We have to press the buzzer when we really and something and it’s up to each Individual judge to have a passion for somebody and if you’re David’s passion then well done to you I promise I’m gonna water 35. Thanks Over You are it’s not just about the voice time, right it’s about personality as well How is all doing but girl, what is your name? My name is Martin McGuinness no way hey Bart McGinnis, what doesn’t matter Michelle anyway, what do you do for a living? What’s your job? I’m a bit of a farmer just a bit of a bomb. I’m not a great farmer now I live up in our dry and the hills of Donegal and that’s where I do my little bit of farming Okay, what kind of farmer you have a few heifers on the hills you wanna do you wanna start? I’m just going to go off and get out of the wellies and get out of the coat. Just chat amongst yourselves Okay I’ve never seen farmers look like that What you think your mom’s gonna do? What do you think? Straight it’s gotta be a stripper Baby, they use this keep dancing all about contortionist couture show the contortionist still have anything baby doesn’t look at tall enough My world You’re my world your if I may There I in this guy But for Your as the dreams reach for So my arms reach out to you With your hand Resting I Okay, can I love you my darling That is such a waste of a golden buzzer our Denise push me onto it Waste now, you cannot pick anybody else for the rest of the don’t worry. I won’t let you die It was actually fade there was trying to protect the book and to hear the rest of us, but then fate just Nods me of the book Nice guy Lucy yes a vocal ability, but he can only get better. Yeah It’s just the singing was so bad. I mean a Cilla black heard that version. She’s spinning in the gray Nations But there’s my ox anyway what were you thinking there we go, what can we do now? Thank you very much. Jason Byrne. Jesse something me and I will I’ve got a lot more to to show the audience you’ve wasted your Golden’s thank you go and get them stiff drinking. I Think Jace is in trouble How do you feel about performing in front of Julianne, huh It’s gonna be incredible but I just feel like she’s gonna you know Critique my technique, so I’m just a little bit stressed about this. My name’s Ben trigger. I’m 25 I’m a travel agent from Australia and tonight. I’m gonna be dancing on America’s Got Talent So do they explain you that you’re gonna carry a microphone out with? Good luck. Thank you Growing up my life completely revolved around dancing when I was 12 I was fortunate enough to get into one of the most competitive dance schools in Australia but the dance world has such a Structured look of what you should be in Being a gay fat dancer. Wasn’t that I Actually had a ballet teacher who wouldn’t refer to me by my name she’d called me plum boy My mother tried to pull me out of that dance school so many times when I kept fighting it because I knew that I needed To be there to become the dancer that I wanted to become the second I graduated started going to auditions and they’d line you up and they wouldn’t even see me dance and I just be cut But you know, it didn’t deter me. I finally got one and I was over the moon I knew that I wanted to push myself to prove why I was here so I went full throttle and did everything that I could and I Severely dissipated my life. I Was told by the doctors that I couldn’t dance for at least three years So I had to move back in with mom and dad and it’s kind of working at a dead-end job And I’ve been doing that seven years But I always you the dance is what I was born to do So here I am on America’s Got Talent this is literally the one thing that can get my career back on track and I’m really excited from front of Julianne to have one of the biggest names in dancing. Give me approval it would mean the world I’m with you brother. All right. All right, go get them go girl I mean to prove to the people that didn’t believe in me in the police. I Am a dancer Hello. Hello tell me who you are, please. My name’s Ben trigger. Is that your real name? That is my real name? And where you from Ben trigger, I’m from Brisbane, Australia I’m gonna dance And tell me why America’s Got Talent America’s Got Talent is it’s really my second chance to fulfill my dream of dancing when I was 18. I dislocated my knee very badly and then So if you hadn’t dislocated your knee what were you going to try and do I wanted to be on Broadway? It’s a dance step. Yep, right Dance come on. I love a barefoot dancer And to be us not you Okay Wow Juliet what do you think when I asked what you didn’t have shoes on I didn’t realize what was to come. Whoa But you actually have some serious moves I guess work with your mama gave you You gave us a whole show you came to slay and I am deceit I have to say in all the time that I’ve been here. This is my favorite golden buzzer moment You know, I feel like today I feel like I’ve eaten the craziest milkshake in the world with everything mixed up with you at the top Thank you, but you know what you are hilarious Howie without the golden buzzer, yes or no without the golden buzzer say yes THANK YOU Ben trigger guess what neither fo yeses Okay, bid, we got to be clear that golden buzzer did not count No, but I gotta give you all the props in the world. That was an amazing performance from


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  2. How come the girl on 6:14 has her head a different skin head than her body… I'm sooo confused rn.

  3. David:presses gold buzzer on the first one

    Edit:uhhhh I just uhhh yeah I defiantly did not like my own comment..heh….ok fine I did ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  4. For the first one, talent is also about the energy and happiness, ok this dude may not be a super star but he brings joy with his energy and I’d rather be happy and watch a performance, like David says « It’s not all about the voice but the personality » or something along the line

  5. I love America’s got talent not bc to m race it’s bc they believe in second chances and Britain’s that was hilarious

  6. Nobody
    Not even a single soul
    There should be a safety glass that covers the golden buzzer button and if he or she wants to press the button he must open it before press it.

  7. Random person: shows actual talent, Like: singing, dancing, ect.
    Judges: yawns
    Another random person: cries "my hamster died"

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