Crazy Kids Steal Silver Play Button

Crazy Kids Steal Silver Play Button

This video is sponsored by the ridge wallet the minimalist front pocket wallet Designed to help you ditch your old bulky wallet Hit the link down below and use promo code Phil to get 10% off any purchase. Enjoy the video Today YouTube just sent me an email saying my plaque is in the mail So I’m going over to my mailbox right now to get my plaque My hundred thousand subscriber, what’s up guys? Alright, yeah, so this is what YouTube sends you for a hundred thousand subscribers It’s not I don’t think it came oh, it’s right here look it’s on top of the mailbox. It’s pretty cool Let me just make sure my stuff is in I got oh That is so sick. Dude, a hundred thousand subscribers, dude That is dope I Can’t wait to do I’m so excited man. I’m so happy. I got this cuz I worked So hard for this thing So I’m gonna go bring this home do a full unboxing video for you guys What’s up, what’s up, dude? Why you guys coming up on me like that? It’s a play button you actually get it for passing 100,000 subscribers, it’s pretty cool right. What? Is it worth something? Well not no, it’s not really wait. You can’t it’s not yours dude guys Stop Stop Guys guys guys guys guys guys, chill chill chill. Ahh. Ahh. Ahh That’s my button guys guys. That’s my button My… That’s my bike that’s my bike stop dude Where’s my button? my Dude Dude I just got jumped I think I broke my arm. I’m gonna have to call my mom. I have to call my mom dude. Calling her Hello? Mom Where are you? Dude mom, I broke my arm Shut up! What? I’m serious. I was here I went to go get my play button from the mail and a bunch of kids jumped me and they broke my arm or I Think it’s broken. It’s like fractured or something Okay I’ll come get you I’m at road. Can you just come home? I can’t mom you have to pick me up because my they took my bike and they like took my button my play button You know the one that you get for a hundred thousand subscribers? Oh my god They took that yes We’ve been waiting for that so long Alright We’re gonna find these kids and get down to the bottom of it Yeah, I think I’m gonna open carry now, do you know what age is open carry I don’t know but I Don’t we need to rush to the hospital? Oh my god, my mom’s gonna pick me up cuz I’m I’m miles away from home right now I don’t think I could make it alone. I don’t know where those kids went But do you still have a wallet that looks like this? This is my dad’s wallet and I see a lot of guys they walk around with wallets that look like this everything’s worn out there’s a bunch of Useless receipts that you don’t need in here super bulky If I were to put this in my pocket It would be like a brick in my pocket the ridge wallet will change your mind about what kind of wallet you’d like This thing is super thin when it goes in your pocket. It’s gonna not gonna be as noticeable It can hold just as many cars as this it can hold up to 15 different cards They have different types of materials. They have carbon fiber aluminum and titanium all very durable material very premium material unlike leather this leather After a year, this is gonna wear off It’s gonna get all old the seams are gonna start ripping, you know with this. This will last you a lifetime. It’s very durable Even if you were to break it they give you a lifetime warranty on these for me personally I only use my debit card, but I do have some cash right here just in case I need to pay with cash Even if you’re a cash guy, you can still take lots of cash on this thing. It’s really easy to get cards out for example, if I wanted to get this card out right here on the side I Just pull it out like that by let’s say you want a card that’s in the middle. I Push them up using the indent and then I pinch and all the cards they fan out and I can pick any card that I’d like From the middle. Oh, just drop that If you have a dad that has a wallet like this or you’re one of these guys One of these dudes carrying around something like this. Please get a ridge wallet So hit the link down below in the description and use promo code Phil to get 10% off any purchase I think I’m gonna get my dad a new wallet peace out guys Guys guys guys guys guys guys chill chill chill


  1. guide to:how to get the button back
    Attention: don't do it just sue them. and go to their house and take it back.
    first:go to their house second: take out a katana third:slash all of them to death.edit:if it was legal i would of excute them with a Guillotine.

  2. Your miles away from home yet u said u were going to your mailbox? Atleast try to make ur shitty vids believable and don't have the "gang members" smiling and giggling before they jump" you and break ur arm

  3. There the same people on that one video and that guy that was in a truck it looked like the guy in that like dark black hoodie soooooo yeah

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