Create the Grape Vine Bracelet with Seed Beads by Fusion Beads

Create the Grape Vine Bracelet with Seed Beads by Fusion Beads

Hi, I’m Lindsay Burke,
and today I’m gonna show you how to make the Grape Vine bracelet. This is a simple design using leather, seed beads, and jump rings. The jump rings create a
zigzag effect on here. String this bracelet and
then add two buttonholes to make it adjustable. Once you’ve tried these colors, you’ll want to make it
in all different colors. Okay, let’s take a look at
the products we’re gonna use. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s take a look at
what we’re gonna use today. We’re gonna use a size eight Duracoat opaque dyed green
olive round Japanese seed bead, a size eight galvanized matte
eggplant Duracoat round, and then also a size eight silver-lined alabaster light berry ice Duracoat. These are all Japanese
seed beads by Miyuki. We’ll also be using one pewter button and 86 of the four millimeter
silver-plated base metal 21-gauge jump rings. I’ll also have brown leather cord in the natural smokey quartz color, in the point five millimeter. And I’ll also be using
two chain nose pliers to close up our jump rings. Okay, since our jump rings are all open, we’re gonna wanna make
sure that they’re closed nice and tight before we get started. So I’m gonna close up all 86 jump rings. Let me show you how to do that. You’re gonna find the
opening of the jump ring, right there, you’re gonna
put that kind of at the top, at 12:00, and then with
two chain nose pliers, I’m gonna grab either
side of the jump ring and just kind of open and
close it, side to side, until the edges touch. This, you can see that
it’s nice and closed there. And then I’ll repeat that again, grabbing on one side of the opening. You can see the opening there. It’s slightly open. And I wanna make sure that the edges are really close and touching, so
kinda going back and forth. See if you guys can hear the click of it. That’s the metal, the two
sides of the jump ring, rubbing up, and that’s how you know that it’s nice and close and tight. And then I’ll just repeat
this for all 86 jump rings. Okay, I’ll go ahead and
do that and finish up and be right back. Okay, to start out, we’re
gonna go ahead and take our leather cord, unwrap
it, find the end here, and then just put on our
button onto the leather. Just go straight through the shank here. And bring it down to the middle of the two feet of leather cord. I like to make sure my
ends are close together. Bring that all the way down
and then tie an overhand knot right underneath the button. So I just wrapped it around my finger and then slid it through and
now I’m gonna just cinch it up, pulling it nice and tight so the knot sits right
underneath that button. Okay. Now, I have two pieces of cord. I’m gonna be referring
to these as the right and the left piece of cord here, okay. I’m gonna try to keep them
organized here for you guys. So, first of all, the jump
rings are gonna create the zigzag effect, and then we’re gonna be alternating the colors of
seed beads between the green, purple, and the pink. So, on the right cord, I’m
gonna go ahead and add one of the green seed beads. And then one jump ring. Okay, and then I’m gonna
go ahead and switch and take my left cord and
go up through the jump ring. Then on that same left cord, I’m gonna add a purple seed bead and one jump ring. Okay, and then I’m going to
switch again to my right cord, go up through the jump
ring that we just added, make sure to not get your
cords twisted, still working on the same one each time. So, now, still on the
right one, we’re gonna add the next color. So, one of the pink seed beads and one jump ring. And, again, repeating the
pattern, I’m gonna go ahead and use my left cord to go
up through that jump ring we just added. And now I’m gonna go back
to the green seed bead, but I’m gonna put it on the left cord. Add a jump ring over here. Now that I’ve got those two on there, I’m gonna take my right cord. Go up through, oops, the
jump ring jumped off. Put that back on. Go ahead and go up through
the jump ring we added. Okay. Now, again, we’re gonna go
and using the right cord, get a purple seed bead and one jump ring. As you can see, we’re alternating
our colors and our cord. Our right and left. And then I’m gonna go ahead
and go up that jump ring with my left cord. Alright, let me slide all
these beads down to the button and I’ll show you what’s happening. Pulling them all the way down. You can see that it’s
creating the zigzag effect, and we’re alternating the colors. So we had started with the green and then the purple, pink, green, purple. And we’re gonna keep up
this pattern, making sure to keep our cord straight
between the left and the right, and then I will be right back. We’re gonna keep going until we have about six and a half inches and I’ve
used up all 86 jump rings. Alright, I’ll be right back. Okay, I’ve gone ahead and
strung up all of my beads and all of my jump rings. I got 86 jump rings all
the way and then I’ve got 29 sets of the three
colors, so one set would be the green, purple, pink. So, I have 29 of those all the way down. And so, this makes
about, let’s see how long we are right now. So, we’re just at about six
and three quarter inches. So, you can adjust this to
make it the right size for you if you need to go shorter or longer. We’re gonna actually add
two buttonholes at the end so it’s adjustable, and
this is great for a gift just in case you don’t
know the person’s wrist. So, what you’re gonna do
is, at the end, we’re gonna go ahead and do another overhand knot. So, just like we did at the
beginning, under the button, we’re gonna do an overhand
knot and put the knot right at the end of the beads. So, cinching it up right
next to those beads there. Nice and tight, okay. And then, to get the right
size buttonhole, I’m actually gonna bring my button around
and look at the biggest, the width, the largest
width distance here. So, I’m gonna put my
thumbnail right there. This is where I’m gonna put my next knot. So, again, doing an overhand, pulling it through, and
guiding that knot down. Before cinching it really
tight, I just like to double check one more
time that this button is gonna fit in there
and not be too tight. So that looks perfect. Alright, and now I can go
ahead and tighten up that knot. Just like so. So, now I’ve made one buttonhole. Then I wanna make one
the same size, so, again, overhand knot. Bringing it through. Pulling it down. And I can visually see
that these are about the same size widths here. Okay, and then I like
to take either scissors or cutters and just cut
so there’s a tiny little bit of a tail on there. And there you have it. Completed bracelet with
a little zigzag effect with the jump rings. You can make this in
lots of different colors, all of your different
size eight seed beads. And choose different buttons
as a little added style. You can find this project and
many more at (upbeat music)


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this design. It's a fast, easy, bracelet that will be fun to make for myself and as gifts for friends. It will look great in team colors!

  2. I can't wait to try this. I like chunkier bracelets, so I was wondering if I made it with size six seed beads, what size cord and jumprings would be used?

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