Create Your Own Ring With Crystal and Beads! DIY Ring (free jewelry making tutorials)

Create Your Own Ring With Crystal and Beads! DIY Ring (free jewelry making tutorials)

hello my beautiful friends around the
world, how are you? So last week I uploaded another DIY rings tutorial
called How to make a ring with a stone and from all your comments it seems like
you enjoyed watching it! Therefore I decided to play with that design a
little bit and came up with even more DIY rings! Let me know if you like them
and do subscribe if you are not yet and hit that notification bell for more
videos like this. Now let’s get started! Alrighty for these DIY rings I’m using
two pieces of 22 gauge craft wire, by the way all the materials and tools are
listed below as usual and I’m going for these little pearls because why not hey?
pearls are pretty! I’m adding seven pearls to each wire and now a little
trick – oh how I love tips and tricks! Bend the wire on each side of the pearls one way and then again the opposite way with chain nose pliers and repeat this
process for both pieces of the wire. It will be so much easier to then twist it
and it will look a lot neater – trust me I’ve tried it both ways since I like
things done fast I’m not a very patient person and then of course it took me
twice as long to redo it the correct way. So keep twisting the wire on both sides
of the pearls until you’ve made a twisted bit about half an inch or maybe a little
bit longer but about half an inch then cut the remaining wire only leaving
very small pieces as these little guys will then be curled into mini loops
with round nose pliers you can also flatten them with chain nose or flat nose
pliers like I did as always we need an object with a
similar diameter to our finger and of course it’s a Rimmel varnish bottle for
me we need to shape the ring and most
importantly try if it fits. Yes it does! what a coincidence huh I’ve just
realized I forgot to tell you why I’ve decided to twist the wire on
each side of the beads instead of just making the ring entirely out of beads so
first of all it’s so much more comfortable since there are no beads
sticking out and pressing on your other fingers and second of all it’s made the ring a lot stronger and keeps it the right shape so then I’ve just shared this
top-secret information with you. Let’s only keep it between us and the Internet
and yes I made a few more of these like this gold DIY ring with frosted beads
by the way it’s actually really sparkly and beautiful not sure why it looks so
dull on camera anyways it’s really beautiful I also had this leftover Swarovski
crystal from my previous DIY ring tutorial, added a few gold seed beads and
made a beautiful gold and aquamarine ring simply slide the two wires through
the four holes of the crystal add your seed beads bend the wire and with these
tiny beads I only bent the wire once and then start twisting. again and again
keep flipping the ring and doing a few twists on one side and the other side
and again you can see how messy it looks at first but don’t worry after you
finish twisting and reshape the wire with your hands or pliers it will look
great of course you’ll want to give it round
shape and believe it or not I’m switching to a marker pen and I can
already hear my nail varnish bottle crying.. and here we have an absolutely
gorgeous DIY ring! it’s a stunner I’m in love! I think – could be just hormones.. and since I like to add different
variations of color to my thumbnails I simply had to make this copper ring and
this is most definitely not an excuse to make as many DIY rings as possible.. I am
most definitely not obsessed with making DIY rings… or am I? I hope you enjoyed this video and this
idea and as I said I would love to hear your opinions because I just love love
love reading your comments. you are simply the best. that’s true and I hope
you are having a wonderful day wherever you are
love you bye bye


  1. More DIY Rings Everyone!!! Let me know if you like these and which one is your fave.. Have a beautiful day beautiful people 😘

  2. Hello beautiful all r beautiful and i like all of them and helena this monday is my birthday ur my best youtuber so can u wish me plzzz

  3. Noo we just love Diy rings!! Love love the pearl ones ! And I have those same golden frosted beads so gonna make that too. So sad I can only stand to wear rings on my ring and middele finger 😳. That is only 4 fingers for ….. a ton of rings 🤪

  4. New subscriber here, Helena, and can I just tell you how fabulous these little rings are?!! My niece went wild for them, and now I get to make bunches. Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial!!

  5. Please feel free to stay obsessed with making rings 🙂 It's hard to choose a favorite, as the beads-only ring is great when you'll be using your hands and don't want to risk catching the crystal on things, and the crystal and bead rings have a delightful sparkle.

  6. Você esta de parabéns! Qual o tipo de fio que você usa para fazer estas magníficas obras? What kind of yarn do you use to make these magnificent works?

  7. I absolutely love your diy videos. I wish I could show you a picture of the ones I have made. God bless you. 💗🙏🏼💗

  8. Omg! Those are just so cute and simple,I don't like hard making jewellery that's complicated,but I think I can make at least one or two of these,thanks for sharing….

  9. You are hysterical! I love your tutorials. There are lots of them out there that are very difficult. Yours are easy AND beautiful. Thank you.

  10. Hi beautiful work! There are other name for the saw crystals? I try to google it and shows no results. Thanks

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