Creating a Bracelet in uMake – Part 1

Hello and welcome to another uMake tutorial,
my name is Nyko and in this tutorial set I’m going to walk you through the steps necessary
to create a nice bracelet in uMake. To start off, let’s go to the top view over
here and I’m just going to draw, kind of a nice shape of a leaf. Now keep in mind that the front view goes
this way here so if you want to view from the front it’s going to be over here, and
I actually want to draw it so that from the front we see the bracelet one for that. So this is going to be one of those wire bracelets
that has a nice little decoration at the top and a nice little ball at the end. Hopefully you will like it, and hopefully
this will be an easy set of tutorials to follow. So again let’s go back to the top. I’m just going to draw the shape of a leaf. Actually let me do one thing before that,
lets start off by going to our dimensions here, go to grid units, go to millimeters,
that will make this a little easier, and with that done I’m going to go to the front view
and draw a nice circle. That’s only 2mm, let’s boost that up. We kind of want it to be a lot bigger than
that. So the average wrist is going to be, or bracelet
size is probably going to be in diameter, lets do 60mm. Or let’s do 50mm. There we go, that works. 54mm. Alright. This is just going to help us. Eventually we are actually going to use this
circle, but right now it’s just going to help us for size and scale. I’m going to bring this down so that the top
of it aligns with the bottom axis here, and you will see why we do that in a little while. Our circle is made, we are going to erase
the surface from it. Now we can go to the top and we can draw the
leaf. The reason I wanted to do that is just so
that we had a good idea of the scale for the leaf. I’m going to go over here so I don’t intersect
this circle at all. I’m going to draw the shape of a leaf. So I’ll draw a nice curve, like that. Now we can come in and edit both of these
which is what intend to do. Let’s get both of them in edit mode at the
same time, there we go. Once you get a shape that you kind of like,
that looks kind of like a leaf to you, then you can hit the done button by hitting the
green check mark. I’m almost done here. I think I’ll go with something like this and
then I’m just going to make sure that I connect both of these. There we go. Now it’s going to make a nice surface there,
and the cool thing that we can do from here is we can just kind of come in and make some
cutouts because it’s a flat surface. Now I’m just going to draw some little small,
I don’t know what you would call these, little small shapes. These are going to represent the veins. What we could do if you want to make it easy
is I could just draw a curve like that, kind of like the stem would be. From there, that helps, and we’ll make some
nice shapes. Alright, so as you can see I have gone through
and drawn these little shapes here, and this looks really nice and is starting to look
like an actual leaf. From here what I can do is I’m just going
to go through and what these shapes did on the surface is actually divide the surface. I’m just going to go through and double tap
on each of these little surfaces in the curves, and I just want to delete them. I’m just going to select each one, and now
with those selected I’m going to erase them and you can see we have some holes this surface. I’m going to stop there for now. So in the first part we basically drew the
beginning of the ring and we drew the leaf, it took just a little bit of curve editing
and and also adding these into it. From here, in the next tutorial we are going
to take this leaf and extrude it, give it some depth, and then we are going to actually
create the rest of the bracelet. I hope that this was easy to understand and
easy to follow. If you have any comments, questions or feedback
for us definitely let us know in the comments down below. You can find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram,
and Twitter as well, and we always love to hear from you. Stay tuned for the next tutorial. Have a good day.

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