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Hi! I’m Brigette. I work at Etsy. I’m a plant mom, potato chip lover,
necklace-layering expert, and that’s the one
that we’re going to be talking about. ♪ (music) ♪ Layering necklaces, in essence,
is already a very personalized thing. No one is going to be able to take
the exact necklaces that you have and layer them in the exact way
that you would do for yourself. And we’re going to take that
to the next level and use pieces that have been
hyper-personalized for you. Well, personalized for me. ♪ (music) ♪ So the lockets are the focus of this look, and what’s really cool
is that each one of these is personalized
in a different, unique way. So the first one, I had customized
with a date that’s really important to me. So you can see the date right in there, and I know that every time I wear it,
it’s close to my heart and I feel this. And this locket is really,
really special to me too, because inside is a picture
of the absolute love of my life. We met six years ago.
His name is Oliver. I just, I love everything about him. It’s my cat. Meow. He doesn’t want to stay– He wants you guys to know
he’s the love of my life, so we’ll keep them like that. So what I’ve done here is
I’ve started with the two lockets. It’s actually really great
that they’re so different in length, because it gave me a lot of room
to play with the other pieces that I wanted to mix in. So I took a couple of vintage chains
that are simple so that it doesn’t take away
from the beauty of these pieces, but it still helps everything
work together as one layered look. While we’re having a locket moment,
I want to show you one more piece because this is so cool. So this is a heart-shaped locket, and when you open it up, it’s customized with the constellation
of your star sign. So this is an amazing thing
for all of you astrology lovers out there. ♪ (music) ♪ For this look, I wanted to go
with the celestial theme, so this piece right here
is made into a full moon. Fun fact: there was a full moon
the night I was born! Well, actually it was 96.03% full. It was a waxing gibbous. So that’s what this piece represents, and since this is such a subtle piece, I was able to have more fun
when I was creating this layered look. And I mixed in the eye piece
and then this beautiful stone to get a bunch of color in here as well. ♪ (music) ♪ A really popular way
to personalize jewelry is with birthstones. So I was born in January,
so my birthstone is garnet, so I have this really beautiful,
dainty, little choker with a little piece right there;
it represents good luck. And I wanted to keep this layered look
really dainty and not too crazy. Sometimes layering
just means two necklaces, so I added this vintage pendant
that I wear all the time. And there’s my look right there! And sometimes layering
just means one piece. So this necklace is really cool
because it’s a similar look. It has a garnet stone right there
and a pendant, and it’s all in one. ♪ (music) ♪ A fun way to subtly incorporate
your name into your look is by getting an initial necklace. So I have my “B” right here. And then for the overall look I wanted
to create something that felt romantic, so I’ve got my pressed flowers. Two different pieces:
one’s a sphere, one’s a hexagon, and I love the interest that’s created
by two different shapes. And for my last look, I’m going to put on
every single necklace that I own. There’s really no wrong way to do it. Just create a look that feels uniquely you
and have fun with it! Every piece today is from Etsy. You can shop at the links below
and subscribe to our YouTube. ♪ (music) ♪

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