Crochet Boho Bead Bracelet – Bohemian Beaded Cuff – DIY Tutorial using Beads and Tunisian Crochet

Crochet Boho Bead Bracelet – Bohemian Beaded Cuff – DIY Tutorial using Beads and Tunisian Crochet

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’m going to show you how to crochet a boho bead bracelet using Tunisian Crochet stitches. The written pattern is on my website you will need one ball of Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3 crochet thread and a size C hook. You’ll need 196 “E” size seed beads in a variety of colors. Plus some clear nail polish and a nice button as a closure. If you’ve seen my other beading video,s I’m a big fan of using clear nail polish at the end of crochet thread to stiffen it and then letting it dry. It becomes very easy to string beads on this way. When you purchase your beads see if they also sell an inexpensive bead reamer. If the hole of the bead is too small the tool helps make it a bit larger so that you can string it easier. I’m doing 7 of the same color beads in a row for my pattern until all 196 beads are on the thread. By the way be sure to click on the subscribe button to get notified of new videos from me each week. To begin you’ll need to make a magic ring, which is just a very loose slipknot. Chain one and make two single crochets in that ring. Pull the ends to close it. Chain one, turn your work and do one single crochet in the two stitches. Chain one, turn, and do two single crochets. In each of the next two stitches, chain one, turn your work, and make one single crochet across. Chain 1, turn your work, and as before on the two ends – do two single crochet stitches with just single crochet stitches in the middle. Chain 1, turn work, and make one single crochet stitch across. Chain one, turn work, and as before do two single crochet stitches on the two ends with just one single crochet in each of the middle stitches. You’ll have eight single crochet stitches. By the way if you’re on social media you can also find me on Facebook Instagram Pinterest and Twitter. Remove your hook and insert it like this. Insert hook and draw up loops just like this. This is the beginning of Tunisian simple stitch crochet. Once completed you will have eight loops on your hook. Yarn over and draw through one loop. Slide the first bead next to the hook, yarn over, and draw through 2 loops. Slide another bead next to the hook, yarn over, and draw through 2 loops. Slide another bead to the hook, yarn over, and pull through two loops. Repeat this process for all of the remaining loops on your hook. And here is the last one. Now insert your hook under each one of those vertical front loops and draw up a loop. You will have eight loops on your hook. Same as before – yarn over, and draw through one loop. Slide down a bead, yarn over, and draw through 2 loops. Try to keep your beads towards the back of your work when you are making your crochet stitches. And here’s our last one. I’ll do this one more time – insert your hook under these vertical bars and draw up a loop. Proceed with your next color of beads – yarn over, and draw through 2 loops on your hook. And here are three rows of beads. Proceed until you have made a total of 28 bead rows, then chain one, and single crochet in each bar across. And here is the last one – chain one and turn your work. Single crochet 2 together for both the first and last two stitches. In the middle just make one single crochet. This time we’re decreasing on the two ends instead of increasing like the first part. Chain one, and turn your work. Single crochet in each stitch across. The decreases in this section help form the other end of the tapered triangle section. Chain one, turn work, and do a single crochet 2 together in the first and last set of stitches with a single crochet in the middle. Chain one, turn work, and do one single crochet across. Chain one, turn work, and do two single crochet 2 together stitches. Chain one, turn work, make one single crochet followed by a chain 7 – for your button loop – followed by a single crochet stitch. Cut and weave in all of your ends to complete this beaded bracelet. To view this video in other languages click on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From there you can choose from over 100 different languages. I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Feel free to like and comment on this video. Check out the description or the info button of this video for more information. And please visit for more tips and tricks on Creative Self-Sufficient Living.


  1. As always your way of teaching is beautiful n simple, it inspired and motivate me to do new things…i love it…thankyou so much.

  2. I'm curious – is there a reason you're choosing Tunisian crochet instead of standard sc for the beaded section? Does it add strength to the bracelet or help keep the beads nice and tight together?

  3. Could I use this method, maybe with smaller beads, and sew it up into a tube to make a necklace? I am failing miserably to master the usual bead crochet technique!

  4. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. I like this neclace too, but it doesn't solve my problem of mastering tubular bead crochet.

  5. Could you let us know where the information is to make the beautiful top you are wearing in the video It is lovely Thank you for all that you do

  6. what size is the bracelet you made, so I know how many beads to add or subtract before I start the bracelet. I can't add them once I start.

  7. Really like this cuff bracelet. Would you consider this a beginner project?
    Wondering how the #3 crochet thread compares in size to some things I have on hand, namely C-lon cord.

  8. Hi… I speak spanish and i know a little of english but it is so easy to understand, thank you… From Barranquilla Colombia

  9. This is really really nice. I've tried almost all types of crochet stitches but you make this seem so easy and the result is super awesome. Thank you!

  10. Hey, Donna. l love your projects and l think you're so talented and creative. The final product is always spot on. Thank you!

  11. Just to make sure I have this right…it looks like, as you work the first section, you alternate an increase row with non-increase row. That is to say – you work 2 sc stitches at the beginning and end of the row, but not on EVERY row. So when doing an increase row, I'd work a sc into the very first stitch, the same one where the ch 1 is? Usually that stitch is skipped.

  12. I LOVE Tunisian crochet – I'm making a Harry Potter themed scarf in Ravenclaw House colors (blue and bronze, as the books have it) in Tunisian knit stitch 🙂

  13. Bonita pulsera Natazia… me gustaría me dijeras medidas de las bolitas de colores gracias de antemano.

  14. I bought everything exactly like you said and my beads will not fit on the string. They are the size u said too. I used the clear nail polish and everything. I’m feeling defeated that I cannot get them on the string. ☹️

  15. Wooo bello trabajó parese complicado pero lo intentaré gracias por compartir saludos desde Guadalajara Jalisco México BENDICIONES ❤

  16. Hi – subscribed straight away 😂- I’ve been looking for help on how to do this for ages- Oh goodie- now I get to learn- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  17. I want to make beaded squares using this method- not sure how to start or finish, also want to join beaded squares to make a throw- can you please help me!!

  18. Can you please tell me how to do this starting with a row of beads to start- I’m looking to make beaded Tunisian squares and then join them for a throw- would be very great-full

  19. 😁😁😁😁😁yes- I’ve managed to work it out how to do the squares following your method- and it was quite easy to work out!!

  20. This is awesome. I always wanted to crochet with beads but didn't exactly know how. Now I do n thank you for showing us. Have a good day.

  21. It is a lovely design but, I tried it and couldn't make it. My beads are of size 8. Is that why it is not working?

  22. Omg I spent 5 hours yesterday trying to make this and I still couldn't make it look perfect! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I got the hang of it it just didn't look perfect and I don't know why. I used a lil larger beads and 5mm.

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