Crochet Golden Waves Throw

Crochet Golden Waves Throw

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as my friends over at Today is the Golden Waves Throw. This has been designed by Maryanne Forrestal. And today we’re going to be going through this particular concept, which is a two line repeat. So without further ado let’s go to a page number three and you can download this as well and it has all the written instructions as you see but the diagram is what I’m concentrating on today. Okay, before we head to the diagram you’re going to notice is that there’s a beautiful texture work and you’ll see that the lines are working with each other. You’re actually seeing two sets of criss crosses that are working together to create this textured look. One criss cross will always stay on the one side and the other criss cross will always stay on the other. So when you get to learn this pattern you’re gonna be able to kind of see how that’s gonna work out and then once you understand it, it’s gonna become easier for you. So let’s take a look at the diagram which is the next page, page number three and this is what we’re looking at here. If you’d like to change the size of this particular blanket you can do so by chaining in multiples of ten plus three. So you go ten, ten, ten and when you’re satisfied just has three more chains, and then this pattern will be in balance. So what we have here is that we have two rows here that is making up this one. The stitch key has the instructions on how to be able to do this but what I want to concentrate on most is concentrating on showing you what this means right here. If you look carefully here in row number two you’re going to notice is that when we start over we’re going to make sure that these lines stay on the same side. So this treble is going to skip two of these singles. This is kind of the old way these X’s on how single crochet was done in the old days but you know just because it’s an old pattern doesn’t mean it cannot be you know functional well for today. So you’re gonna skip two single crochets and you’re going to reach over and you’re gonna do two trebles and then you’re gonna do two trebles then coming back and getting the two stitches you skipped and then when you go to do the next one here’s the difference. This time you’re gonna reach over and then this one is gonna be in front. So what we want to do is that we wanna make sure that they stay in balance with each other. So do you see how these two are in front and these two are in front and the other two are in the back. So it’s not the same thing when they go to criss cross when they’re like this. So when you look at the next one you’ll see that the first two cross over and then the other two are in behind and then when we go to do the next one we do the first two and then these two stay in the front side to create that look. When you move up two then the third line then you want to keep this line here on the front side. So when you go to chain up and you do your double crochet when you skip over you’re gonna do your trebles over but these two need to be in the front here to match up these here and this is what’s creating that diamond-shaped look that you see on the front of the blanket. So once you become to understand this pattern it gets a lot easier and you’ll see what you need to do. I will tell you I’ll be completely transparent when, there’s a easier way of doing criss crossing but because the fact is that you wanna create this design it’s a little bit awkward, but you cannot have this design without experiencing a little bit of awkwardness. So that’s something that you should be aware of. Uh, you may be complaining on social media but the fact is is that in order to get this kind of look you have to be a little bit inconvenienced too. So without further ado, let’s grab our crochet hook. I’m gonna show you a little bit of a multiple here and we can talk about doing the whole thing too. So the yarn of recommendation is Red Heart and it’s called Classic, that’s the name of the yarn I’m using Caron One Pound here and I’m also using a 6 mm, size ‘J’ hook the pattern suggested a 5.5 mm, size ‘I’ crochet hook, you decide. So what you want to do is that you want to chain. And so if you’re gonna do this and you want this exact sample just chain 133 and you’ll see that’s a multiple of ten, then there’s out adding three. So if you wanna change the size, it’s still just multiples of ten. So let’s do that. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. So there’s one multiple am I happy? Yes or no? If not, keep on going. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Once you’re satisfied with that, you just have to add three at the end. But here’s my thing. Please do not email me and ask me to tell you how many multiples you need for a certain size blanket All I would suggest to you is just keep doing your multiples of ten and then just lay it down on an existing bedspread that you may have and if you lay down the chain that which should be the size of your blanket. So please do that. So let’s go across our first row and let’s begin to do that next. To do our first row we’re gonna go second chain from the hook turn it over and get the back hump of the chain. It just looks nicer and just come into the back hump only and I want you to single crochet yourself all the way across on the back hump only. Once you have the first back hump the second one and all the remaining will just stay turned over and you’ll see that it’s very easy to access and it will give you a nice finishing look for the edge of your blanket. So one single crochet in each of the chains going all the way across, please. So I’m just coming all the way across my chain, I’ve done one single crochet in each and I’m gonna finish that, turn it and we’re gonna bring back the diagram and get you started on row number two. So row number two here we are. We’re going to chain three and that’s gonna count as one double crochet and you’re going to do one double crochet in the next single crochet. We’re then going to do our criss cross. So we’re gonna skip two and we’re gonna do a treble and then we’re gonna then treble into the next. We’re then going to come back and then we’re gonna get the ones in the underside here, and we’re gonna do that in from behind. Then we’re going to do the next two. So we just immediately once you get those two just skip the next two and come into the next two and then these two we wanna make sure that they’re in front. So when I’m done this particular section you should see that this one leaning and this one leading should be on the same side of the project. We’re then going to go into the middle. There’s a separator of two double crochets in a row and then again doing the same thing. So it’s gonna be the same look so you’ve gotta just match them as you go along. So this is row number two. This is a part of the repeat. So when you need to repeat this row just be back here to this part of the tutorial. Okay, so let’s begin we’re going to chain three which counts as a double crochet and we wanna double crochet in the next stitch. So, there we go. So now we’re gonna do a treble and in order to do the treble we need to skip over two. So 1 and 2 and just go to the 3rd one. So wrap the hook twice in order to do a treble and go into the third one away and just pull through, pull through two, two and two. It’s a longer stitch in order to create that look and then what we wanna do is treble into the very next one after that. So they’re always in pairs really if you think about it than that perspective. Now it shows us that the next two in the diagram are behind. So what we have to do is that we have to treble and we have to come back all the way to the first ones that skipped. So we’re going to wrap the hook twice and these ones are easier to grab. You just turn the project over and access that stitch and just treble as normal. Once you get more in your hand it’s easier to hold and then we’re gonna treble into the last skipped one. So there’s only two skipped ones if you think of it from that perspective. So we see that the first two are now in the front and the other two we just did are in the back and that matches the diagram. We’re now going to immediately just skip the next two and where you’re going to treble into the third one after that. So we just go immediately in, so we don’t necessarily have to worry about what’s in the front or back on the first trebles going in it’s how we place the second set. So we know that these two here are, are on the foe, on the front so we know that this next to have to be in the front side as well. So we wrap the hook, we’re gonna come in to the first one that’s skipped and we’re just gonna come and jump down. Again, a little awkward, but make sure that you do not, you just have to pull it up. But make sure that you do not go behind these other two trebles that are just sitting there. It gets um, you will get used to this motion as well. It’s not something that you do every day, of course. So you do the first one and then you do the second one. So by all said and done the trebles should be on the same side. So you see the first ones leaning over this ones leaning over and the other two are in the back. The next two are just going to be double crochets. So immediately starting the next two and then we’re gonna do what we just learned one more time. So we know that we have to skip the first two. So we’re just gonna skip the first two and then treble and then we come to the next one because they’re always working in pairs and then you can just look to what your other side was and you know that these are have to be leaning over. So these have to be in the front side to match this. Do you see that there? So that means that the first, uh the next treble is going in you have to access it from the back side to keep those in the back. Just like that. Then you immediately you start the next one. So just wrapping the hook, skip the next two and start trebling in and then get the first pair in there and then we’ll worry about if it has to be in the front or the back. And in this case you know it’s gonna be in the front because you’re probably getting used to it already. So you see that this is in the front so that therefore this one coming off should be in the front, too. So wrap the hook and just access it from the front side and you’re just gonna do that all the way across. So this is one rip uh, row of the repeating of two rows. I’m noticing that I’m only picking up the front loops when I go to do this, but I will get used to it. I’m sure of it! So you got that so it looks like it matches each other. So then the last two here that when you get all the way to the end will just be a double crochet. And if you have more to do just two double crochets and then just keep repeating what you already know and this is what it looks like at this point. So let’s move along to row number three. So we’re now gonna move on to row number three. So row number three we’re gonna chain up three counts as the first double and then we’re gonna double into the next. We’re then going to skip two and then coming up over and then it’s the second one that we have to worry about. So we wanna make sure that it stays on the same side of each other. So when we were looking at this project we wanna look at it so that those two are leaning inward. So they’re gonna be opposite to what we were doing here. Okay, so that’s just an easy way to remember that and then just go along. So let’s try number three and let’s see if you got it today. So let’s turn our work. So here we go. So let’s begin and what we’re going to do is that we are going to chain three. Counts as your first double and then you are going to put in double into the next. So let’s put it in our first treble. So we’re just gonna skip two and immediately just treble into the third one away and we’re gonna do the next one after that as well. And then we’re gonna make a determination what we’re looking at. So what we are looking at here is that if you look at the photo these ones that are leaning now should stay on the front side. See how this is on the front? These have to stay on the front. So it’s matching so this is gonna zigzag all the way up. So we immediately come into the first one that we skipped from the backside in order to keep these ones here in the back. Okay, and we’re gonna do the next one. Okay, and then what we want to do is that we wanna treble so we wanna skip the next two go to the third and then make a determination where we are. So we’re having to make sure that the stay on the front. So this is on the front side so we wanna make sure the ones coming off in the other direction will stay on the front so that means that we have to access it than the front side. See normally in cables when you turn you just always do the same thing but in this case you have to be thinking about the direction of what side you’re on in order to keep this look consistent. So you can see it kind of looks like a star. So now you’re just gonna double crochet in the next two double crochets and then restart. So without having to think too much just immediately wrap the hook twice, skip two go to the third. And you will get used to this pattern and then just come and make a determination. This is in the front, this needs to stay in the front. So what we have to do is access the two that you skipped in the back. It might be easier to see it in person than it is here on camera today. So you immediately got that one done so you can see it’s consistent and then you’re just gonna immediately skip the next two and treble into the next one after that. So we have to make a determination. Where’s the next one gonna be? It’s gonna be accessing it from the front side here because to keep it on the front. So just keeping, just jump straight down and grab it and you’re gonna go all the way across doing this concept. And the next two double crochets in a row. So you just wanna keep doing that all the way and that was row number three. So make sure you go into the turning chain at the end in order to finish off the row. So let’s just turn our work and let’s see what it looks like on the backside. So in the backside, it looks right. So what we need to do then is go back to how we did row number two. So let’s just chain up three counts as a double and then we’re gonna double crochet into the next and then we’re gonna start the fun stuff. So immediately just skip over two and treble into the next two and then we’ll make a determination where things need to just stay on. So if you’re following it see the line, it’s in the front, front, front, so this has to stay in the front so that one’s that you skipped over you need to come in from the back. So it’s not a hard pattern to identify where you are and the steps that you need to take. Okay, and once you get the one done just immediately wrap the hook twice, skip over the next two, go into the third. Okay make a determination. Is the next one gonna be in the front or the back. Well, you have to keep it in the front because if you follow this one up here front, front, this one has to be in the front. So wrap the hook twice and just drop down and pick those up. Okay, and once you get that done immediately just double crochet in the next two double crochets. So you’re at a spacer point and then and go again. So just wrapping the hook twice just skip over two, put it in first and then make a thought process. Your mind will be clicking after you get to a certain point. So you follow it a front, front, front, okay, so let’s keep it on the front therefore the other two must be in the back. Okay, and then just skip over next two and just go into the third one, put it in first and then make a determination if you’re going front or back and at this point you probably should already be identifying your going in the front. So front, front this one’s has to stay in the front so just immediately drop down. So this would be how to do this pattern. We’re gonna quickly review on how to do the border on this. This particular stitch is really quite awesome. It’s got quite a bit of texture to it and its great. So just immediately just double crochet in the next two double crochets that you have and that would be how you would do this particular concept. So it’s actually pretty easy and let’s just talk about the border next. So let’s cover doing the border. So eventually you’re gonna come to the very end and you’re gonna be happy and satisfied. So you’re gonna turn your work and you’re just gonna put in one single crochet in each of the stitches going across. So chain one and one single crochet in each and that will put that in balance with the base one, with the base that you will have and then we’re gonna then turn our work and then begin to do the final two borders that are required in order to finish this. So we’re just coming up to the very end. Just go right to the turning chain, and then you’re good to go. You’re gonna turn your work and we’re gonna start the first round of the border. So you see it looks even. So what we want to do then is that we wanna chain three which counts as a double crochet and then we wanna put two more double crochet in the same stitch. Now I know as an experienced crocheter that it’s not enough um, to have just three here and a border so we’re gonna be adding more to that later. So we’re just gonna do one single or one double crochet in each of the stitches all the way across and then I’m gonna take you through the first corner and then talk to you about a side edge and then I’m gonna leave the rest of that for you. So let’s just continue that in just a moment. Okay, when you get all the way across you’re just gonna go immediately then right into the last one, which is next and you wanna put in three double crochet. So 1, 2 and 3. So that’s not enough to turn a corner. So what you’re gonna do is just come on the side of that double or single or of this um, stitch and you are going to put in two more double crochets. So five is kind of big number for turning a corner for double crochet. So now it’s telling you the designer saying that it’s two double crochets for every post except for every fourth one you should add three. So in this case, I don’t have that. So what you wanna do, you’re essentially just equaling the spaces, but she’s given that recommendation. So just two into each and then every fourth one she’s recommending to put in a third so that it just stays equal with each other. Okay, so use that as a recommendation. In my case, I don’t have that much to show you there. So then you’re gonna come into the very first uh, the next corner. So you’re gonna just start off in the side of that single crochet put in two and then turn and in the top of that single crochet, I want you to put in three and that will turn the corner once again. And then you’re on the base here because I had you put it in the back loop only you’re gonna have a nice set of stitch work to play with and it will look nice and even and just do one double crochet in each going across. So I want you to complete the rest of this um, um round and then I’ll see you at the next round. There’s only one more round to do. Once you come back to where you started don’t forget that you still have to put in remember how we put in three right at the very beginning here? So what we need to do is in the side of that single crochet just place in two more double crochets and that will help you turn the corner and you’re going to slip stitch to the top of the chain three to finish. Once you have that done we’re just gonna do one more round. So you’ll see that it looks pretty even as you’re going. So there’s no camera tricks here. And so the very final round nice and easy just chain up one and working in the back loops only. Now we’re immediately on the third one of the, because where we slip stitched so what I want you to do is put in three, in the back loop only three single crochets. So if you’re not familiar with what back loop is, if you’re new to crochet, there’s two strands and together they equal stitch. If you come into the strand that’s closest to you that’s the front loop and the other one furthest away from you is the back loop. So you’re just going to apply one single crochet in the back loops all the way around except for the very middle one of the, of the grouping of fives in the corners. You’re gonna apply three double crochets. Sorry, three single crochets into that one. And this will provide a little simple little bit of the line to complete your border. You can add tassels just like you see in the photographs if you wish. That’s completely your call if you would like to add that or not. There are videos here on YouTube chan or on our YouTube channel with how to create a tassel if you’d like to do so and there’s also written instructions in the pattern as well for that. So you’re just gonna go in the back loop only and three into the grouping of five. When you come all the way around you’ve already done your three here so just slip stitch to the first one, fasten in your ends and this is good to go. So this is how you do the Golden Waves Throw done in gray. Hmm. Have a good day. We’ll see you again real soon. Bye, bye 👋 .


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  6. I find this tutorial very confusing. I'm not good with charts so that's part of my problem however in my opinion you're going way too fast when you show where the beginning trouble stitches get put in 4 someone to learn from. I always say there's a difference between teaching and demonstrating. Demonstrating is showing someone else that you know how to do something. Teaching is taking the time to teach a skill and that is definitely a slower pace more detailed version than a demonstration

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