Crochet Jewelry Wire Bracelet

And welcome back to For more inspiration and lots and lots of free ideas please check out In today’s tutorial we’re gonna work on this flower bracelet. It is really super cute actually really, really super cute! And it is really that easy to make. So I’m gonna show you the techniques in order to complete this right from start to finish. So stay tuned here to So let’s review the list together on what you’re gonna need to complete this tutorial. First of all you’re gonna need two sets of pliers. You’ll need a needle nose these are jewelers pliers by the way and also a flat and neither of them have teeth just for your information. You could get yourself a gift box if you’re needing to wanting to give it to a friend. We are using 26 gauge wire. This is non-tarnishing a silver wire. We’re using a size 5 mm or an ‘H’ crochet hook. We’re gonna need four crimping tubes. We’re gonna need some cutters and nail cutters are the best to be able to cut the wire. We’re gonna need a combination of 33 different beads whether it’s the same beads styling that you wanna use or you wanna mix and match I would strongly recommend you’re going to see a mix match of different sized beads in this, I strong, strongly recommend that the 33 bead different kind of sizes in order to make it look even more cooler and of course you’re gonna need a toggle in order to close it. So to start beginning making your own flower bracelet compliments of The first thing we need to do is get your wire already and it is coming from the roll as you can see over here. And we wanna string on 11. So we’re gonna only do three strands and they’re gonna be working together. So don’t get ahead of yourself. We want to construct this as we go. So we just wanna randomly choose what colors that you wanna do at one time and in the first two different strands I’m gonna actually just mix and match all of the different sizes together. But this is considered one and two and I’m just gonna randomly choose as I go. So you don’t have to watch this because chances are you probably do not have these beads but you should be aware that you can purchase this wire at You can get the actual uh, tools and equipment and order too in the toggles as well at and you can probably get glass seed beads here at Cut-rate Crafts but I’m not sure about these flowers whether they are there or not. But you can always check that so string on 11 beads and we’ll meet be right back and we’ll begin to work on this process. I now have 11 beads on board and you can see that I just didn’t go large, small, large, small. I did actually randomized it up a bit. So what I wanna do now is that I wanna begin and we have to be generous a little bit on the tail. So we wanna leave it between a two to four inch uh, closer to the four would be recommended, and I wanna create a slipknot. Okay, so just wrap it around your finger twice just like so. It does have a memory so it’s not like yarn where it will fall off your hand really easily and we just wanna bend it over just like so and we wanna grab your hook and slip it on in. So we wanna pull, this is to wire with the actual beads, we wanna pull that one up to it and we want to just chain one. So this is not like the chunky bracelet. We’re gonna change it a little bit. So we’re gonna chain one, okay, so this is our very starting so we just wanna slide one the first bead over and we got, wanna go one, two. So 1 and 2. So we’re just sliding it up and basically grabbing the wire. If it was a large bead we just grab on the other side, but because it’s a small one you really can’t notice it that easily. So we’re just making a one, two all the way across. So 1, and 2 and the wire can somewhat be tricky in order to you know coming off the roll. But you don’t wanna pull it too much out of the package if you don’t have to because if the wire gets tangled up in some way then you get these ungodly kinks in your wire that are noticeable. I don’t care what anybody says is you can see them. So 1, 2 and we wanna go all the way to when you run out of beads. So 1, and 2, 1 and 2, 1 and 2. Put a couple more left. These little ones are really hard to see but you know what it’s all part of character. So just because you’re doing, working with beads doesn’t mean you need stuff that is literally jumping off your arm. So 1 and 2. Okay and what I wanna do is I want to go one more. Okay, so that’s what we have because what’s gonna happen was when I go to pull this off this loop here is gonna disappear. And I’ll show you in just a second. So I wanna leave between a three to four inch tail on it just like so. I wanna pull out my wire. Just like that and watch what happens when I pull on it. See it disappears. So therefore you have 1 and 2 and just like this side. You’ve got 1 and 2. Okay, I wanna pull that one. Okay, so it’s even on both sides. So we don’t wanna put this too far away and we wanna begin to string up another 11 onto your thing but what I recommend now is that look at it and determine where things are on this and then determine your next set of beads to go together with it. And if you need to go further into this tutorial to see what I’m doing you’re more than welcome to do so. So pick another 11, and just look at it. So here there, I’m probably gonna put a flower. I might actually put two flowers in a row because they were smaller here, but again it’s up to your creativity. Okay, so now I have my 11 on board again, and now I wanna be able to manipulate this one. So you have to determine which side are you gonna tackle this on. So when I was looking at it I was cross comparing where it’s gonna show up. So for example this purple here. I want it over here so what’s gonna happen is that because this is further into the spool and this is closer on this side to the edge this is the first bead I’m gonna apply. So I’m going to turn this around so that it’s exactly the way that I wanna put it together. So let’s begin again. So we’re just gonna wrap it around your finger twice okay, and then up and do a slip knot as normal. Okay, so let’s pull that aside and now we just gonna go 1, okay, and now we’re gonna slide the first one up okay, so we’re gonna start then that one like that and then 1 and do not go any further and what I want you to do. This is 1 so is that so you wanna kinda put it together. So what I wanna do is slip in this hook to the, to the one that I’ve already done, and I wanna say this is number 2. So you know how I was counting 1, 2, well two is gonna be in the hole. So the next one on the bracelet is a 1. So I’m gonna slip in the next one. Just happens to be I chose the same color bead. [chuckles] Good for me and 1 and now I’m just gonna look for the next hole that’s available. Okay, it has nothing on it. So I wanna stick my crochet hook in that hole, grab the material and pull it through both. So what I’m essentially doing is that I’m making the bracelet so it’s now intertwined. Okay, so the next one there’s two that slid on that one. Okay, so that 1, so this makes it separated and then 2 is into the next hole on the existing chaining that you’ve already done. Okay, so this will be 2. So do you get the concept? So this is 1 and the next one is 2 which is going into the existing bracelet. So basically the beads are not, are jumping out so it’s almost like it’s going fat, skinny, fat, skinny, fat, skinny. Next bead up and this is the neat thing about um, doing this kind of thing. It’s very random looking, but you do want some consistency on whether its colors and et cetera so it doesn’t look um, too awkward and it actually blends really easily. So the next one is 2 into the hole. Next one is a flower, the next one is a hole, so it’s 2. This one, it’s kinda interesting. I put a white bead on a silver necklace or silver, it’s gonna be very difficult to see that, but again it’s all about character isn’t it and sometimes what can’t see actually is or you don’t think you can see actually does add a lot of charm to it. So essentially what you’re doing here is you’re creating a bracelet that is literally, it’s not graded, but it’s actually crocheted solidly together. So there’s gonna be no way that you can get this thing apart even if you did uh, braid it. Okay, so that was 1. You know what I did there. I screwed up. This one here, so hey, I’m not an expert 100% so this was actually 2 and the reason why I could tell that as I was about to put a bead on where there’s a gap, 1 and then 2. This is a lot easier in a different position. I am, it’s in front of the camera for your convenience, it’s not necessarily for mine. That makes the world of difference. We have one more bead left and obviously that’s gonna go beside the blue bead that’s there. One and 2 and you have to add another one and that one will disappear. So what I want you to do is cut back over here, and it’s about three to four inches back and pull that hook up and pull it tight, and you can see it just disappeared a bit. So you got one big one in between and again on the other side. So this is now a one piece basically crocheted together and now what I need you to do is go back along and cross compare again to what is on the bracelet and again mix and match the colors to be different from this time around. And what I’m gonna do this time is that I’m gonna make each one of these actually a fat um, flower so it’s not gonna mix any sizes therefore it’s gonna be really clearly obvious that these flowers are popping out of this bracelet. So that’s what I’m gonna do next. Okay, I’m about to start again. I have 11 on and as I promised I put on all flowers this time and I’m just gonna start it like I have the rest. And again this one is gonna intermix with the existing bracelet band. So pull tight just like we did before and we wanna chain one so 1 and we wanna move a flower up or bead up it doesn’t matter. You can obviously do this in bronze and silver’s as well. So that was 1 and now I wanna grab in grab this one here. Keep that wire on top by the way. Keep it on top so that the existing bracelet is in behind. Okay, and so I wanna go into the first one that is after okay, so this is where we put it in the other one and again we just wanna pull it through. Okay, so that was 2 so let’s pull in so the next one is a flower, so this is 1 and then look for the gap already that’s existing and stick your hook in that gap. Okay, and as it was number 2. Bracelet up or sorry flower up. So this is 1 and then look for the next gap. It’s very clearly which one is which here and then this is number 2. One and then look for the gap. So do that all the way down to the end and we’ll meet back up and we’ll start learning how to toggle this bad boy up together. I’m coming up to the very end now and we just wanna again just do what we just did before. So you’re gonna do 1 right and then 2 and then we just wanted to do an extra one so when we pull it tight it’s actually gonna match. Okay, so then we’re gonna cut it back around to three to four inches back and I just use kinda my finger just to kinda guideline that, pull it through and again this will shrink and so basically all of it will match together just like so. So this is the basic premise of this bracelet. So it’s all together as one piece. You can twist it if you want to, you can do lots of different things. But it just looks like magnificent candy at this moment. We wanna now take the edges or the ends and this is not like the braiding process where we have to braid it’s already together so we’re just gonna twist up the ends together. We might as well do both at the same time because there is no braiding with this one. So I kinda twist and pull back to make sure that the uh, wire stays straight. So what I wanna do now you’ll see that there’s different lengths of wire just like so. So I wanna cut them all at the same length. It’s just easier to deal with it. They’re all the same. And the wire may be too generous as well, so don’t be scared to cut it down if you think you’re way over the top. So now what I want you to do is I want you to grab one of those crimping tubes, and it happens to be way over here and I’m using my needle nose pliers to grab one just like so and I wanna feed in all three wires into that tube. If you have a better way of fastening it it’s up to you. I wanna put it all the way down and I wanna squeeze it shut. So now this is all permanently in place. I wanna now grab my first toggle. I’m just gonna, it doesn’t matter which side you grab I don’t believe and what I wanna do is I wanna twist it. I do not want the toggle to lose its, its flexibility so when I go to bend it I wanna make sure that it can still uh, not be restricted at all. So and I just wanna wrap it around the neck a few times to give us some strength. Okay, and I’m gonna twist these back up together and grab another crimping tube and just feed it onto the top like a doctor with these uh, pliers and I just wanna go down just a little bit and squeeze it shut and I wanna take this piece here that’s left on top and I wanna bend it away from me. You can bend it towards you if you wish but it’s easier to bend away and just rotate it up a little bit. So I just rotated it because we do not want the sharp edges running into any skin because I tell you first hand it is not good. So now we wanna take this and we wanna wrap it around a couple of this, of the existing wire in the bracelet and see this just acts as part of the charm of the bracelet. But if you can wrap it around a few sections of it what happens is that the wire tangles within itself and gets lost inside it so that you’ll never see it. And even if you do see it, it’s just part of character. Okay, so this the first side is done and so now we just wanna grab the other side. I’m just gonna twist that up a little bit more, grabbing another crimping tube we just wanna feed this in. Okay, we wanna go all the way down and we wanna squeeze that shut. We wanna feed on your toggle. This is an arrow by the way [chuckles]. Looks like something else, but it is really an arrow. And I’m not telling you what do you think it looks like, but anyway we won’t get on there because this will be an outtake. So we just wanna bend it. We do not want the toggle to lose its flexibility and again we just wanna kinda use your fingers and kinda pinch it so that it doesn’t seal all the way shut and we wanna twist over a little bit like so that was kind of done in two rotations, grabbing another crimping tube we wanna feed that on. So this one here has different lengths of wires and what I wanna just do is I just wanna cut so that they’re all equal. Okay, that does happen when you do twist wires again just like before bend it away from you and then bend it again. Okay, and so now we just wanna continue to wrap it and we want this whole section to get caught into the bracelet. Now you will find when you’re first working on this that you’re pretty gentle and you’re scared to do too much to the wire but really the the wire is very. very forgiving. So you can do a lot of stuff to it. Just do not over twist it if you over twist, you will snap your wires for sure. So there you go. So your bracelet is now done. You can see now this particular uh, heart one has an indentation into it so you do want that heart to face out toward you because when you go to put on your toggle is that the indentation will catch the actual arrow that you see and that is how you complete this projects. So on behalf of All Free Crochet I’m your host Mikey, and we hope that you enjoy your day. For lots of more free information, free patterns and lots of ideas please check out Until next time we’ll see ya. 🧶

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