Cross pendant – jewelry ideas for Christmas from copper wire 424

Cross pendant – jewelry ideas for Christmas from copper wire 424

I typed wrong, 10 inches, not 12 inches I typed wrong, 100 inches, not 120 inches


  1. This would make a beautiful present. Could you tell us how long the cross is from the bottom to the top of the bail where you put the leather through? Thank you so much for all your videos.

  2. You are just amazing!
    You mentioned on one of your videos that your English wasn't very good and I am here to say that your tutorials are simply brilliant Because you Show each step perfectly! Your videos break down any potential for confusion. A brand new amateur like myself can feel confident in successfully completing the project. That leaves me inspired to try more! Thank you so much for helping me to develop my skills in wire wrapping!
    You are my Guru for this art form and I adore you!

  3. I love when you make the sets: earrings, necklace, & bracelet…and this one was my favorite…I always look forward to seeing what you make next. Thank you for sharing your talent

  4. WOW, just WOW!!! Amazing talent you have! Forming that base wire cross is remarkable. I would have to form the bends around a cylindrical object and it still wouldn't work for me and you do it with your hands!!! Thank you for sharing your outstanding talent❤️🤗❤️

  5. I absolutely love your style and the way to approach wire! I am a fellow wrapper, and constantly amazed at your talent! I hope you never stop making videos, and I am constantly pointing people to your channel! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Your designs are so beautiful. You’re tutorials are very well thought out and you show the steps and list materials clearly. I also really appreciate that you don’t go really fast. Some designers go so quickly you have to rewind a million times to figure out what to do. Thank you for sharing your talent and your work!

  7. Your jewelry is lovely as always. 🙂

    Do you have a tutorial of how to make a finger ring with a clasp? I would love to see it if you do. Thanks!

  8. You constantly amaze me with your beautiful wire work jewelry. It's very relaxing to watch you work on your pieces. You inspire me to give wire jewelry making a try. You make very piece look easy to make. You are a very talented artist. Keep making more pieces and I will keep watching your beautiful work. I love it.

  9. In the subtitle I typed the wrong part of the change in length from cm to inch : namely 10 inches, not 12 inches and 100 inches, not 120 inches. You can see details in the description.
    Sorry for the inconvenience

  10. Hugs from Florida and Thank You as always for sharing your beautiful gift. You are the most amazing jewelry designer and artist. I constantly watch your videos to hopefully increase my skill and after a year I finally see a little progress. Wire work is a very challenging art and you have incredible natural talent but your videos are inspiring to us beginners. I am looking thru all of your tutorials and I was wondering if you would consider designing a Candy Cane for Christmas. I have tried to figure it out but that is a total joke. And as always anything you do is greatly appreciated. Happy Day to you and Thank your wonderful family for sharing you with us !!!!!!!!

  11. U did it….omg i wrote u 2 yrs back asking if u made crosses n u said u didnt…been searching n have found nothing….but here u r being the amazing woman u r….ty ty ty….ur the best

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