Crystal Dangles & Roses Bracelet Tutorial

Crystal Dangles & Roses Bracelet Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today we’ll be making this bracelet with ceramic
beads and wire wrapped Swarovski crystals. It matches the pair of earrings we made not
too long ago. To make this bracelet you will need your main
focal beads, I have these 10 mm ceramic beads, you’ll need some crystals; these are 4 mm
Swarovski crystal bicone beads. Some spacers; these are 3 mm round silver plated beads.
You’ll also need headpins; these ones just have a small little decorative ball at the
end but you can use plain ones or more fancy if you like.
You’ll also need some jump rings. These are 6 mm outer diameter, 20 gauge jump rings,
also silver-plated and a clasp. You can use a toggle clasp but I happen to have a silver-plated
lobster clasp. And then you’ll need some wire, this is 20 gauge dead soft sterling silver
filled wire. A ruler is helpful. And then for tools, the usual tools: round
nose pliers, chain nose pliers and a pair of wire cutters.
So the first thing we’re going to do are our wire wraps. I am going to cut about a 10 inch
piece of wire and that should do about 4 of my wraps. If you need to use a pair of
nylon jaw pliers to straighten out your wire. So to wire wrap our ceramic beads, I’m going
to start by grabbing the wire about an inch and a quarter from one end. Make a 90 degree
bend over your chain nose pliers and then tuck your round nose pliers right on that
bend and wrap. If you want to make a line with a sharpie on your round nose pliers so
that all your wraps are in the exact same spot, I kind of just do it by eye.
And then you’ll bend your other wire so that it’s at a 90 degree angle to the longer wire.
Hold that loop with your chain nose pliers and then use another pair of chain nose pliers
to wrap that end around. Trim off the excess wire because this is sterling
silver filled, don’t forget to save those scraps for recycling. Slide on your bead, 90
degree bend, round nose pliers, loop around, reposition. Hold with chain nose pliers and
do your two wraps. Depending on the size of the beads that you
have, you’ll need 6-8 of these wrapped beads for your bracelet.
So my main beads are all wrapped and now it’s time to wire wrap the crystals. And this is
done really exactly the same way just slide your crystal onto a head pin and make a 90
degree bend, make your loop and then wrap around the bottom of the loop and cut off
the excess. So you want to wire wrap enough of these crystals
so that you’ll have 3 to go in between each of your main beads and you can always add
a few more for extra dangles near your clasp. So here are all my little crystal dangles. If you have any trouble tucking in that end, right there the end of the wire, try using
the round part of a pair of crimping pliers, that works really well. And if you don’t have
little decorative headpins you can add one of the 3 mm beads to your headpin
before you add your crystal. So now we have all our parts and pieces and
it simply a matter of putting it all together and this is actually the easy part.
This is where you take your jump rings. Put the split at 12 o’clock. Hold it on one side
with one pair of chain nose pliers and then use another pair to push one side away from
you and pull the other towards you and then we’re going to slide on two of our bead dangles
and three of our crystal dangles. I’m going to scooch up a little here because
this is going to get crowded and I’m trying to have a variety of blue colors.
These blue crystals by the way are from a variety pack by Swarovski called “Muted
Blues.” So then it’s very important here that you make sure your jump ring is closed
very securely because that’s holding everything together. And then repeat adding all of your
wrapped ceramic beads linking them together with your crystals with jump rings.
So here you can see I’ve linked all of the beads together, also added my clasp with a
jump ring. And the last thing to do is to add some jump rings to this end to make it
so that you can fasten it and also make it adjustable because this is a gift for somebody
and I’m not quite sure just how long it needs to be.
I’m going to add about 3 to 4 jump rings, and I think I’m going to do them in pairs,
just as a decorative element and also for a little insurance.
So here’s another look at the bracelet we made today. It’s a simple design and yet when
elements are combined we can get a really interesting look. Consider making this with
colors that you like, perhaps some beads with a different kind of design that appeals to
you and make it entirely your own. Thank you so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts’
videos. Up on the screen are two more videos you might enjoy watching.
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Thanks again for watching. Bye bye.


  1. Beautiful bracelet, bummer the words block the tutorial :((  The words would be better if they were smaller…

  2. Beautiful, and such a versatile design! Thank you so much! ( your voice is so lovely and calm, it seems to encourage "you can do this," so I believe I'll give it a shot,lol. Thanks again, and Blessings!

  3. I really felt the need to comment because thanks to you i am finally getting the hang of wire loops. I almost got it right but after i did the loop and put my bead on i wasn't sure how much wire i needed to make the next loop and i had a bit too much – if you get what i'm talking about. Anyway i will keep practicing and then hopefully i can make this bracelet or similar as i actually already have some of these ceramic beads. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for the tips! I hadn't considered using the crimping tool to squish that pesky wire end!! This is such a beautiful piece. You have inspired me to make a bracelet for someone very special. Thank you!!

  5. I just completed this bracelet with different type of focal bead and with leaves don't know how to upload pictures and trying to upload on the Facebook page… love your work I'm amateur but you 've been inspiring to do different styles I make the whirly twirly earrings and now this bracelet

  6. I love this bracelet! I have practice rapping with just plain craft wire now I would like to buy a silver plated wire, what would you suggest I start with? I'm a little confused on the soft, hard, wires. Thank you! I've learned so much from you!!

  7. With beading tutorials, you should really have close ups with the camera so we can see the details as to what is going on, if not, very hard to see details cause it is zoomed out

  8. Hello Sandy, can you tell me the name of a type of very light fabric that's used for bracelets and boho necklaces or chokers,,as when sorting out old clothing, I came across a skirt with an under skirt that was sort of crinkly,very light weight, and orange in color I think it could be used for a bracelet, with alcohol inks and tied first ,,you have a video of it for a pendent , but can't remember the name of you video, would you let me know so I can view it again,, hope you liked the pics of my work, thanks Sandy 🌸🌼🌻🌺🌹🌺🌹🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🌈

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