CS GO – Cum sa iesi din Silver in 2017 – Tutorial [Dust 2]

CS GO – Cum sa iesi din Silver in 2017 – Tutorial [Dust 2]

Dust 2 is the only map you play? Are you sick of smurfs in every match? then fear not, after this video you’ll be considered the god of CS GO First step, stop wasting money on Zeus and buy a Smoke Stick to this box and throw it exactly like me now you can go long with your russians without getting killed by an AWP just watch pit and that corner if you don’t have enough money for a Smoke, this is a good time to prefire long this is the perfect moment to spam “ez” in chat Step two, if you like to live on the edge, do this Get a friend to boost you here. You can kill the AWP on mid pretty much safe. if you think that you’re not safe, this is how to calm down your enemy Step four, don’t panic. Statistics say that Silvers miss more often than they change their stockings. Step five, also the most important. Learn how to play against a P90. P90 is an extremely powerful weapon in lower ranks and as soon as you learn how to play against it, you will get out of silver If you follow these five easy steps, I assure you that you’ll get out of silver And ofc, if my video helped you, press that Like button! And tell me in the comments: What was your first rank?


  1. Ce dracu?… Asta tutorial ? In mre parte ca sa iesi din silver trebuie sa bati p90u?.. nu sunt hater dar …pnm e prea de "silver"

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