Culvert Pipe Gold in Colorado

**Guitar music playing** Hey guys, welcome back to another video Today I’m out here on Clear Creek searching out some of these culvert pipes. We are gonna check them out and see if there’s any gold in them. So pretty much I’m just driving along the road here along the river Any water that comes off these hills above me that contains gold is going to fall into these culvert pipes across the road so at that point, I’m going to start digging them out and yeah, I’ll show you the process. Enjoy the video! *Guitar music playing* Alright, I’m here at the culvert pipe on the other side of the road as you can see down here this is the culvert pipe, it’s about halfway full of dirt so what I’m going to do I’m going to clear out the first foot or three of material and I’m going to get down to the bottom and that’s where the gold should be because these culvert pipes act as natural sluice boxes. As you can see it is pretty full and there is some quartz up here above on this mountainside here, this cliff We might find something, we might not. now some of the equipment that I bring a bucket, a quarter inch classifier, a shovel, dustpan, to get the very bottom because that’s where most of the gold will be a couple gold pans to help clear it out a bit easier and that’s it Okay so the original plan was to use the classifier to 1/4 inch and then pan that out. Problem is this stuff is muddy and wet and the little pieces of gold we are looking for have a tendency to stick to rocks so this isn’t going to work. we’re just going to take all this material here a just going to pan it all out. I know the gold is normally at the bottom but I don’t have anything else going on today so we’re just going to pan everything out and see what we get. no need for a classifier Ok, So there’s one little piece of gold here See it shining there Little speck of gold right there. Alright so that’s the first bucket, and it’s just the stuff from the top so we’re gonna go ahead and check the other bucket and we’re gonna dig out the rest of that thing and see what else is in there. Ok, I’m hurting. My back is F#&@’d up. Okay Oh man Alright So i got The first about one foot of the riffles in this culvert pipe the first batch was just the top 2 buckets full brought it over to the river, panned it out, got a couple little flakes but right now i went ahead and classified it with a bucket of water I brought over with me and I classified it through quarter inch with water so this is what i’m left over with we’re gonna go pan it out, and if there’s any gold this is where it’s going to be. So yeah my back is killing me! Nothing in that one There should be about one pan left in this last bucket And then I gotta call it a day. Clean out the pan real good The very last little bit in the bucket it important there’s a good chance a lot of the gold has settled into the bottom so make sure you clean your bucket out really well. So you get everything out of there. Alright, last pan. Ok so this is everything in my bottle, from this one culvert pipe today I was at if for about an hour I guess Lots of breaks in between, so I mean, not a lot of work. but if I pan it you’ll be able to see what I got here Couple little pieces in there. Well it’s not a lot but it’s not too bad for about an hour’s worth of work. So anyway, yeah I got outside today a little bit Looks like it’s going to start raining pretty soon but that’s OK I’m about to head outta here I can’t really handle too much more But yeah, thanks for joining along and I’ll see you on the next one! **Guitar music playing**

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