Cupellation – karat GOLD

Cupellation – karat GOLD

warning this video is intended for
demonstration purposes only trying to duplicate the shown procedures may
result in serious injury or even death cupellation gold brooch stamped 333 the cupel could not absorb any more lead oxide so I moved the bead to a new one and continued cupelling. If the marking was right: Thanks for watching! Please, don’t forget
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  1. можно ли увидеть конструкцию горелки и газового баллона? В добавок к этому видео не могли бы вы показать процесс шерберования.

  2. So many questions arise…
    What do you make the cupels from?
    What do you add while melting? And why?
    The same that you re-add in a new cupel?

  3. 👍Ха у тебя от купиляции чище выходит чем у некоторых от востановителей😀плёнки оксидов нет почти и видно что по сплаву они не плавают и это без буры почти в конечном.

  4. Лайк конечно …….кроме свинца и золота еще что нибудь добавляли ?? для купелирования золота вроде серебро не нужно , серебро лишь для палладия и платины

  5. Heya…
    Thanks for sharing !
    Really good work… As usual may i say !!! 😉
    Ag and some contamination must be the add in final weight…
    But it's also why it's best to refine by yourself…
    Always a pleasure to see your videos !
    And i bet you will have a lot of surprises if you refine jewelery stuff…
    Enjoy !!!

  6. I thought I had already commented? Owl this is the way to go before the acids and the Lead Leaching is very effective. Thanks for the Demo and the info.

  7. This is somewhat off topic, I was wondering if this process might work with hard drive platters. Separating the Platinum from aluminum in the slag from melting.

  8. Im so sorry if this is a stupid question. I am still very new to this and just found you can refine gold this way without chemical process which i plan to do, but would like to try this first. Anyway, would you be able to do the same with zinc instead of lead to leachch out the base metals and use some plaster as the cupl or using a regular sil crucible to pull out the base metals? Again, so sorry if this is a stupid question. I am willing to get the needed items, just wondering if i could use what i already have on hand. Thank you so much for sharing your videos amd showing everyone the process and how to. It is very much appreciated.

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