Cyanide Free Silver Plating – ECO-Silver by LEGOR GROUP

Cyanide Free Silver Plating – ECO-Silver by LEGOR GROUP

The problem with silver plating today can be sumed up in one word: CYANIDE The Legor Group’s solution to this problem? Eco-Silver: 100% Cyanide free To comince plating, you will need to prepare AGECO1A, the silver plating solution Place a magnet in the beaker, regulate agitation to a moderate speed With the agitation on, pour the solution Keeping in mind that this is a room temperature process Use a pure silver anode for this process, preferibely dog-bone shaped the better quality is the anode, the better quality is the result! Once the anode is in the solution, attach it to the rectifier, using a red cable Take your workpiece, which has to be fixed to a copper wire, and attach it to the black cathodic cable of the rectifier When all is set, submerge the piece into the solution, and then start the rectifier at 0,5 volts The deposition rate would be 0,6 micron per minute Leave the workpiece in the solution for your desired time You will notice your workpiece gradually turning Gray… This is normal! After your desired plating time, turn off the rectifier Remove the workpiece from the solution, and rinse in demineralized water After rinsing, submerge the piece into AGECO1B, the post treatment, pre-heated at 60°C Taking a closer look, you will notice colour changing from gray, to bright silver! and to finish up, dry your workpiece, with compressed air, or soft cloth


  1. I already have silver electroplating plant but now I want use this technology how can I get all the things for my industry.

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