1. Gorgeous color Heather!! The style is really cute, I love it, and you can wear her sooo well!! Thank you as always for a Wonderful review Heather!! Love xoxoxo

  2. This looks so beautiful on you. I love big hair but when I try to style it doesn’t stay. Can you show how to do it please

  3. Wow. You are rockin that wig and color. I'm afraid to ask this but I finally came up with the courage to ask. It's the response I'm afraid of (serious anxiety worried about it). Anyway, do you ever review Paula Young wigs? Her clearance ones are the only ones I can afford right now. I've ordered a topper and a wig so far. Wig was to small of an average and topper just wasn't for me. What do you think of these wigs?

  4. How do you store your personal collection of wigs? Boxes, stands..? If stands… how do you protect from dust?

  5. Agree with comments below, please show more about using the styling product. I ve never used shaping cream in my life, so how is it used on the wig? Maybe I can do that to my sweet talk, which has funky swooped bangs?

  6. Omg Heather..yes beautiful color love it..but wow Va Va Voom! Gorgeous and might I say sexy on you..beautiful!…thanks again. These color spotlights are so important. I find myself going back to them for reference over and over again..xxox

  7. Thanks Heather. I keep looking at your site to decide what I want next, it seeing this on you helps so much. It looks beautiful on you. Now I’ll wait for your next sale😊

  8. Holy rock-a-billy! You are looking great cyster! (see what I did there!?) I hope you are rockin' this one around town!

  9. I wish I could buy “your”wig right off your head😂😂. I love it. Wish I could be sure one I would buy looked just like it. I’ve seen other reviews and they don’t. Do you think it’s the styling cream? I would buy both if I thought it would look like your wig. Even love the color.

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