CysterWigs Wig Review: Infatuation by Raquel Welch, Color: SS130 (Shaded Dark Copper)

CysterWigs Wig Review: Infatuation by Raquel Welch, Color: SS130 (Shaded Dark Copper)

Hi there wig lover! This is Heather from, and today I’m bringing you a review of the Infatuation wig from
Raquel Welch in the color SS130, which is one of my favorite reds. This is a really dark coppery auburn with a really nice dark brown root. And I’ve talked about this
color in other videos, so I’m not really gonna
talk about it much here. I’d rather just get right
to the nuts and bolts of talking about Infatuation. So, Infatuation is one
of the Raquel Welch wigs that they have recently re-released. Like they just took a
bunch of new models pics and they’re like, “Hey, guess what? “We’ve had this wig the whole time, “but it’s part of our
new Spring Collection.” So, (laughs) anyway,
marketing gimmicks, ha! Anyway, so the front down
on Infatuation is 4 inches. The crown down is 8 inches. The sides are 7. The back is 8. And the nape is 7. So this is kind of a mid-length, like a shorter mid-length wig. And it’s definitely shaggy. Look at all the layers. It’s kinda like a bob and
a shag had a longer baby. It’s like a pageboy in the
front with some shaggy layering, and then it’s totally a
shag in the back. (laughs) But it’s definitely got some
of these shorter layers, like what you see in a shag. What would we call a shag-bob hybrid? A shob? (laughs) We can’t call it bag, so
we have to call it a shob. So this is a shob. So let me go ahead and turn around and show you what Infatuation
looks like on all sides. (cheerful music) You can see how these
layers are just like boom, choo, choo, choo on the face. Very, very flattering. And I think that the bang
on Infatuation is awesome. That is a perfect bang. It’s fringy. It goes right into place. And it doesn’t really get in your eyes. I’m not, oh, hair in my face. Oh, I think this is a
darling shob. (laughs) I’m gonna make that a thing. So, this is a 4.8 ounce wig. And it is really… It does feel like a 4.8 ounce wig, which is kinda heavy for a wig that has this light of a hair density, but I think that’s just because of the cap construction honestly. So since I’m talking about the cap, let’s go ahead and take this one off so I can show it to you. So Infatuation has a really
nice monofilament top. It is a single mono top. And it has a generous band of polyurethane right here at the front hairline. This is not a lace front wig. We do have open sides, open
back, and extended nape with a Velcro adjuster,
but it is not felt nape. We also have open ear
tabs here on the side. This wig is quite stretchy and
it is not a Memory Cap wig. Not Memory Cap wig. And it does have a generous bump of permatease right here at the crown, and I’ll show that to you. Right there. Right behind the crown. And that’s what gives
Infatuation her shape. So she’s got a little bit
of a Bump It back there. You can see how pretty and dynamic this color is, by the way. Reminds me a bit of Crimson-LR
from the Noriko line, except of course the rooting
isn’t long on this one. This one is super easy, ’cause even though she’s straight, she’s so layered she
actually looks better messy like a shag would. So you don’t really
have to do much to her. She just goes right into place. So this has been my review of the Infatuation wig by Raquel Welch. This is a really easy wig to wear. And the color on this has been SS130, also known as Shadow Shades Dark Copper. I’m Heather from Thanks for watching my videos. If you have a chance,
please check out our store. It’s just triple dubs And until next time, I hope
you have a great night. Bye bye.


  1. That color is gorgeous on you! It really makes your complexion look dewy and creamy. the style is awesome for​ you as well!

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