CysterWigs Wig Review: Radiant Beauty by Gabor, GL30-32 (Dark Copper) & GL2-6 (Black Coffee)

CysterWigs Wig Review: Radiant Beauty by Gabor, GL30-32 (Dark Copper) & GL2-6 (Black Coffee)

(upbeat music) ♫ Follow my heart ♫ Follow my needs ♫ Wherever I go I can feel your breeze ♫ You make me feel good
when something goes bad ♫ You give me some a
feeling that I cannot forget ♫ Our love ♫ Our love ♫ I do you our love Hi there wig lover! this is
Heather from and today I’m bringing you
a review of a brand new Gabor wig called Radiant Beauty. And I’m bringing it to you in two colors. We’ve got Dark Copper, which
is also known as GL30/32. We’ve also got, later on
in the review, Black Coffee which is known as GL2/6. So let’s talk about this wig. First of all, the star
attraction of this wig is obviously, it’s killer hair texture. This is gorgeous hair texture! Like, the curls are super cute. ♫ Look at that ♫ Looks like I’ve been
scrunching it all day Like it’s pretty impressive. I’m kinda, I’m kinda
loving this hair texture. And I don’t really see many wigs that have exactly this
kind of curl pattern. ‘Cause it’s basically like
that boho beach spiral on steroids. It’s like, lots of it,
as if they added a lot of like that, sea spray mist and then just went like this all day long. You know, that’s what it looks like to me, at least. It’s just beautiful, effortless, ohh. So pretty. So if you like that
texture but you don’t like the work that goes into it, haha! You’ve got a wig now. I just, I’m actually really blown away with how much I love this wig. The length of it is really lovely. The texture is beautiful. You know, and just really really dig it. So let’s talk about the color. This one is that Dark Copper color. So I’m gonna hone in on that. I think that the color
description on this one as in Dark Copper,
really does do a good job of describing it. Even though it’s not really
all that dark, you know like a lot of Gabor colors,
it’s kind of lighter than the color code would indicate. And also lighter than
the name would imply. So in this particular case, it’s a medium auburn, a number 30, with an Irish red mixed in. That has a little bit of true red in it, as well. So it’s a very beautiful blended color. All Gabor colors are blended. They don’t really have
colors that have like super super super highlighted tones. If you’re looking for a wig line that has more highlighted shades you want to steer towards the Envy line or something like that. But this is a great line if you like subtle color variations and colors that have a hint
that they might be highlighted but don’t scream, I got highlights then these are the colors for you. Very beautiful wig, ohh. Let me show you what this one looks like all the way around. (upbeat music) ♫ Yeah ♫ I do (laughing) ♫ Oh ♫ Hoo hoo I’m in love I’m gonna fluff ‘er up just a little bit ’cause this
is straight out of the box so she’s a little flat even to where she could be. This one could give you a lot of volume because of that texture. It does have really good
movement, as you can see, when the wind blows. Just very beautiful,
beautiful beautiful wig. Now with all wigs that
are this heavily textured you don’t want to comb it. You don’t want to comb it you just want to use your
fingers to play with it. Because if you comb it you’ll basically, you know, be uncurling the curl and you will never be able to get it to look exactly like this again. So, if all you’re looking
for is just to relax it a little bit to get it to
look a little bit more natural your fingers are really
your best bet there. Ohhh. Isn’t that just dynamite? So, let me show you the lace front. Which slipped a little bit
while I was styling it. There we go. I don’t use tape when
I’m doing these reviews so sometimes when I get a little you know, vigorous with the fluffing they can move around. Also, this cap is quite
generous, this particular average size cap is going to be large on a lot of people who have
smaller than average heads. On me, I think it fits quite comfortably but I’m used to wearing
average sized wigs so it has a lot more room
here at the perimeter that I’m accustomed to. Very very lovely. So let me show you what the
interior of the cap looks like on this one in Black Coffee. As you can see, we’ve got
that monofilament inside part. Lace front. Got a little pop of
permatease here on the side. It’s open wefted on
the sides and the back. Quite stretchy as I mentioned
before on the sides. Velcro adjusters at the nape. We’ve got an extended felt
nape here in the back. Very nice cap construction on this one. And if I this one still has its
zig zag parts, let me fix that so I can show you
the monofilament in here. I like showing off the
monofilament features on wigs that have dark colors
’cause it’s hard to hide the the knotting issues on dark colors. That’s actually pretty
good, you can see the the monofilament is a little
bit on the sparse side. But if you wear a wig cap underneath it you should be A-okay there. And then the lace front on this one as well as the other one,
are pretty well done. They do go straight across
though so if you like that little bit of contour in the middle of your lace fronts, you’re
not really gonna get that with any of these Gabor lace front wigs. So let’s talk some specs. Radiant Beauty weighs 3.75 ounces which is a great weight for a wig that’s this voluminous and this luscious of a mid-length. The front down is 10.5 inches. The crown down is also 10.5. The sides are 11.25, so
they’re a little longer than the front and the back. And then the nape is 10. So now I’m gonna go ahead
and take Radiant Beauty in Dark Copper off and put the one in the Black Coffee on
so you can kind of see what it looks like in a
really nice dark color too. Ahh, this wig looks
great in dark colors too. Look how beautiful that is. And this, by the way, is like I said that Black Coffee color which isn’t really black. (laughs) It’s more of like a sort
of chocolatey espresso brown color ’cause when the light hits it you can see it’s got a
little bit of warmth to it. Just a little hint of it. And when I dip my head out of the light it’s quite a bit darker. But it’s still not, you know, black. So if you’re looking for an off-black you’re gonna have a hard time finding one in the Gabor line. All their brunette shades tend to be a little bit lighter then their color codes
would otherwise indicate. This is right out of the box has not been fluffed. The texture looks just
like this when you buy it. So let me go ahead and do another little 360 for you. (upbeat music) ♫ I do (laughing) ♫ Oh ♫ Oh ♫ I’m in love So there you have it. This has been the Cysterwigs review of the Radiant Beauty wig by Gabor in two different colors. We brought you Dark
Copper, which is GL30/32. And Black Coffee, which is GL2/6. Which is not a black color whatsoever. It’s more like a dark
sort of a espresso brown. So until next time, I’m
Heather from Check out my web store if you get a chance which is www.CysterWigs Until next time, have
a great night, bye bye. (upbeat music) ♫ Oh ♫ Yeah ♫ I do (laughing) (instrumental)


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