D.I.Y. Build A Copper Ladder – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

D.I.Y. Build A Copper Ladder – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

Hanging space is always a problem in the bathroom
and there’s none here. We’re going to fix that by making a stylish
copper ladder and turn this, into this. These are the tools and equipment you’ll need
to make your copper ladder. Once you’ve decided on the size of your ladder,
you just need to cut up the components, but be very accurate with your measurements because
remember, copper isn’t cheap and you don’t want too much wastage. I’m now going to cut the components using
a pipe cutter. You can use a hacksaw but the pipe cutter
gives you a nice clean cut without any burrs. Clean off the edges so they’ll adhere properly
to the fittings. This is the first vertical of our ladder which
I’ll glue to the T-junction using a two-part epoxy adhesive. Make sure you wipe off any excess glue straight
away because we’d like to be able to polish our ladder when it’s finished. Now that I’ve finished my first vertical,
I need to flare the ends of my four shortest pipes so they’ll fit securely in the wall
fitting, otherwise, they just slide straight off. To do that, I’m going to use a flaring tool. Now that my pipe is flared, it will stay securely
in the wall fitting. I’ve decided to spray the wall fitting black
to give it a more industrial look. To make sure the paint really sticks, I need
to use etch primer first before spraying it with the black paint. I now need to glue my pipe to the wall fitting
and here’s a tip, I’ve put a whole in a disposable cup. If I put the pipe through there, apply the
glue, I now know that it will sit plum and secure while it dries. Glue the wall pipe into the elbow fitting
on the vertical. It’s very important to make sure that the
wall pipe sits at exactly 90 degrees and that your screw holes stay horizontal so that you
can screw them into the wall. I’ll now glue the horizontal pipes into my
vertical to make up the rungs of the ladder. Remember, it’s particularly important to make
sure your ladder stays flat to the board. I’ve got all my rungs glued in so now all
I have to do is attach the other vertical. If you start at one end, it makes it a lot
easier and don’t forget to wipe off any excess glue. Before you leave your ladder to dry, make
sure you push together all the joints so they stay nice and parallel. Our ladder is now complete but before I install
it, I’ve got some polishing to do and it’s all ready to hang in the bathroom. Not only do we have more storage space but
a stylish new edition to the bathroom.

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