D.I.Y. Copper Magazine Rack – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

D.I.Y. Copper Magazine Rack – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

Magazines can provide some fantastic inspiration
around our homes, but they also create a clutter. I’m going to show you how to make a copper
magazine rack. These are all the tools and equipment you’ll
need to create a copper magazine rack. All you need to do is cut the copper to length
and then join it all together with the elbows and tees. We’ve decided to go with a rectangular shape
to show you how it’s done, but you can get as creative as you like. Measure and cut the pipe that you need to
all the various lengths for the project and then cut it with a pipe cutter. A pipe cutter is a really simple tool to use. You just insert your pipe and then tighten
it up, twist it around, and with each twist, you tighten your handle a quarter turn. Keep going until it cuts through the pipe. The great thing about a pipe cutter is that
it gives you nice, clean cuts so you don’t need to worry about deburring. Lay out one side of your design using your
elbows and tees, and then crimp it all together. The great thing about using a crimping tool
is that you don’t need any adhesives to hold the whole thing together. The fun thing about this design is once you
start crimping, it comes together quite quickly. Some of these angles can be a little bit tricky,
so if you’ve got a friend to help, that would be great. Repeat the process for both sides. Attach both sides together using your elbows
and equal lengths pipe. Use the square to make sure that your base
and your top are equal distance, so you’ve got a nice, clean line. All it needs now is a bit of a polish and
then I can pop it in my room ready for my magazines. There you go, a copper magazine rack, the
perfect piece of inspiration to keeping magazines neat and tidy. A simple stylish piece that’s lightweight
and can be used in any room of the house. You can allow it to tarnish for an aged look
or you can keep it nice and shiny. It all depends on you.

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