D.I.Y. Copper Paper Towel Holder – D.I.Y At Bunnings

D.I.Y. Copper Paper Towel Holder – D.I.Y At Bunnings

Chris: Are you sick of always trying to find
your paper towel in the back of the cupboard? I’ve got a simple and clever idea that’ll
keep this in place and it’ll look great in the kitchen. So, I’m gonna make a stylish copper paper
towel holder. I’ve got all my gear here. The first step is to make the bottom plate. I’ve got some form ply here that I’m gonna
make my base plate out of. You can do any shape you want for the base
plate. I’m gonna do a round one. The easiest way is to bang in a nail, have
a length of string, pencil one end, nail the other end, draw your circle. It’ll be perfect every time. As we’re using a black board, you could use
a builder’s pencil, but it’s best to use builder’s chalk, as you’ll be able to see the white. I’m just clamping the board to the bench top
so I’ve got a nice, secure surface for when I start jig-sawing, it doesn’t move about. Safety gear on, then I’ll start jig-sawing
around, just following the line right around. I’m gonna sand the edges for a nice, smooth
finish. I’ve got my center hole. I’ve got my spade bit marked off so I don’t
go right through. A good tip is to clamp the piece down so it
doesn’t spin when you’re drilling. I’m gonna cut the copper pipe to the desired
length. Just measure the length you want, and then
cut it with a pipe cutter. To cut the pipe, put the clamp on, tighten
it firmly, and after each turn tighten it a little bit more, and just continue this
process until it’s cut. Before assembling the towel holder, it’s best
to polish the copper with some metal polish. You’re now ready to assemble. What we’ll do here is put some silicon into
the hole, also put some silicon into the cap, join them both together, and there’s your
towel holder. There you go. Never again will you have to look for your
paper towel, and it looks fantastic.

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