D.I.Y. Rolex | Cheap Thrills

D.I.Y. Rolex | Cheap Thrills

[MUSIC] What’s up family. It’s your boy Nate, AKA Tabasko Sweet,
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. Now, I gotta say, it’s pretty tight that
over 100,000 already know what it is. That’s right,
your boy broke 100K on Instagram. Yet somehow, still not verified. Twitter and IG still aren’t ready
to put some respect on your boy. [SOUND] Anyway,
I’ve been reading the comments, and it sounds like you all are in
serious need of some wrist ice. Your boy’s gonna show you how to bless
yourself with a fully iced out Rolex watch. Even the broke boy’s model a Rolex. Paying stainless steel will run you $7500. And what’s the point of even rocking
one if you’re gonna go basic? All the realest real ones
know what time it is. Word on the street is my guy Quavo’s watch
collection is worth over $2 million. Sadly, your boy’s just
not breaded like that. So, what do you say, family? Shall we once again cop the ice
without paying the price? [MUSIC] So, here’s what you’re gonna need. A generic steel watch with a round face,
silver rhinestones, some super glue, grey, silver and
white paint and some thin brushes, and a stick with wax on the end of it. Now, everybody knows that telling time is
the least important feature of a Rolex. It’s all about that flex family. First, I’m gonna get back on my bread and
barley [BLEEP], and start icing this thing out. So we’re gonna start by slowly laying out
some of our super glue around the rim of the watch face. Then lock and load with your rhinestones. Pro tip, put some wax on the end of
the stick to pick up your rhinestones, this is a lot easier than
borrowing you moms tweezers. Shout out to Joker the Plug for
hooking it up at the craft store. We’re gonna be using medium sized
rhinestones for the watch face. [MUSIC] Very clean. Now, that we’re done with the watch face,
it’s time to move on to our band. For this guy, you’ll wanna start
by placing your larger rhinestones all along the center of the band. One dot of glue for
each rhinestone should do it. [MUSIC] Now, that we’ve got our
big rhinestones placed, it’s time to put in our smaller ones. Now the pattern gets a little complicated. So stick with me, family. Now we’re gonna take our
small rhinestones, and place three of them on either side of
the large rhinestone all along the band. Now to finish off the band, we’re gonna put two rows of the small size
rhinestone on either side of the band. [MUSIC] Even with my new technique,
this shit takes hella long. So precision and patience are key. You know your boy stays off that CBD. [MUSIC] Now, we’re gonna hit the side of the watch
face with the smallest size rhinestones, two rows all along. [MUSIC] Now to finish off the face of the watch, we’re gonna put too many
rhinestones on all four corners. [MUSIC] And then finally, fill in the negative
space with the smallest rhinestones. [MUSIC] Last step, fill in the face of
the clasp with our medium rhinestones. [MUSIC] 100 on my wrist. 80 on my wrist. 100 on my wrist. 80 on my wrist, zeroes, zeroes,
zeroes, zeroes, zeroes, zeroes, zeroes. Now that we’re done
icing this bad boy out, it’s time to start penning
in our watch face. Now to start out, I’m gonna cover
the entire face with grey paint to hide any evidence that
this isn’t an actual Roley. Add an extra coat if you need to for
maximum authenticity. Now that this is technically dry,
I’m gonna use my tiny paintbrush and some white paint to put
in the watch hands. Always on 4:20, my guy [SOUND]. [MUSIC] Now that that’s done,
it’s time to paint in the Roman numerals. [MUSIC] Now, we’re gonna add tiny white dots
all along the face of the watch. That’ll be our diamonds. [MUSIC] Now to finish it off,
we’re gonna hit it with the Rolex logo. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Fuego alert. There you have it family. A fully iced out Rolex watch. Wrist game looking straight arctic family. And before I go and
flex this [BEEP] on the Gram. I just want to stop for a second and
say thank you to my Cheap Thrills fam, for supporting your boy so much. Shouts all the way out to
every single one of you. Seriously, name a squad with more clout,
I’m waiting. [MUSIC]>>[SOUND] [BLEEP]! [MUSIC]>>Yes, that’s what’s up, baby! Woo! Your boy’s breaded now! [MUSIC] Thanks for tuning in, Cheap Thrills fam. Stay boosted.
And keep [BLEEP] up those comments, and let me know what you want me to make next,
gankin! [SOUND] You thought that was fuego,
wait till you see my freaking app.>>[SOUND] Natemoji.>>Come back next Tuesday for some more heat. I wanna see all of you smash that like. Make your boy proud in those comments. Click here for
some more serious fueg, gankin.


  1. Tbh id rather make some cheap shit like this over blowing off half of
    My life savings on some dumbass diamond watch I might rarely wear.

  2. Don't want to be Rude but buying a fake Chinese Rolex will look better than this, and it's way more easier to get instead of making your own Rolex from scratch

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