D.I.Y. Timber & Copper Hall Table – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

D.I.Y. Timber & Copper Hall Table – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

This corner of my bedroom has the potential
to be a wonderful retreat but it’s currently lacking some oomph. I’m going to add some by building a copper
and timber table which will create some warmth and character. These are all the tools and materials I need
to build my copper table. I’ve had my timber precut at Bunnings and
I’ve chosen a nice hardwood. Because this is such a large piece I’m going
to be working on the floor so we have a nice flat surface to work off. The first thing we need to do is cut all of
our copper to length. We’re going to be using a pipe cutter to do
this. Measure and mark your copper piping. These are the joints that I’m using in the
construction of my framework. You need to allow for these when you are measuring
up. Remember when using a pipe cutter to make
short turns when tightening after each revolution. This means you won’t crush your pipe and you’ll
get a clean cut. Now that we have one length cut we’re going
to use this to measure up our next three. The great thing about this project is that
it’s all straight cuts and there’s no glue needed. Everything is joined together with the elbows,
T joints and the crimper. Now that we’ve laid out one of our sides we’re
ready to crimp it together. This is our crimper. The arms of the crimper extend meaning that
you don’t have to apply as much force but it still gives you plenty of pressure. Because this is such a large piece I’m going
to get Andy to give me a hand to make sure everything stays square. We insert our pipe into the end of our crimper
which then applies pressure and creates a seal. Now that we’ve built one side of our framework
we need to attach the feet. These’ll be at 90 degrees to the rest of the
frame. Now we just need to attach the other side. There you have it. That’s the frame for our table. Now we need to prep our bench top. Even though we’ve chosen to use a dressed
hardwood timber there’s still imperfections to watch out for. Give everything a nice light sand with a fine
grit sandpaper and choose your side depending on what you prefer. Now that we’ve sanded all of our sides we’re
going to varnish it top and bottom. Because we’re using a water based varnish
we need to give it a very thorough stir. This is because a lot of it settles at the
bottom. Don’t worry. It’s not affected. It just needs to be broken up. Remember when using a water based varnish
to use a good quality synthetic brush. You need to work quickly with water based
varnish as it dries fast. It will go on milky and dry clear. You want at least three coats to give you
a smooth finish. Now that our table top is dry we’re going
to fix our frame with some saddle clips. We need to make sure that one side is square,
then we can adjust the other side to match. There you have it, one copper table. I’ve given mine a little bit of length to
fit a particular wall, but you can cut yours to any size you need. This table has added some character to what
was once a very plain wall, and we now have somewhere to put all of our special knick

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