DARCI LYNEE Wins 1st GOLDEN BUZZER On America’s Got Talent 2017!

DARCI LYNEE Wins 1st GOLDEN BUZZER On America’s Got Talent 2017!


  1. mm, I've always enjoyed this video, but I've gotta pause it before Mel B says "I bet you wasn't expecting that, was you?"

  2. explotacion de menores, por parte dee sus padres, para vivir del dinero que ganan sus hijos menores de edad.

  3. I love you singing It's just that you are so beautiful like a little angel flying too little sky

  4. Mr Cameron Drabble Lairg BBBillssaa5 Hill form me ko so The we man will too Friday January 14 Tee Tuesday Thursday ko so The we man will

  5. Darci Lynne is SUPER AMAZING! And sweet and beautiful and talented and lovely and…well, you get the idea! She has been a star from the day she was born! Love her!

  6. Ты чудо! Я лучшего и не видела! Настоящий талант! Бриллиант!

  7. whoever did the English-language closed captioning on this video is kind of a jerk.
    "Hard to understand lyrics"? Fooey

  8. Her little "excitement hops", where she jumps and shrugs her shoulders are adorable. Happy for her, she deserved it. Hopefully she went last because that level of talent probably made anybody that went after her look like crap in comparison

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