DARK TRUTH Behind Golden Retriever Egg Challenge

DARK TRUTH Behind Golden Retriever Egg Challenge

The golden retriever egg challenge is the
latest internet sensastion, with submissions amassing hundreds of thousands of views. but if you try it, you could put your poor
pupper at risk. I’m going to tell you how, here on IO. Welcome back to Inform overload, where we
talk about everything trending on the internet. I’m charlotte, don’t forget to like and
subscribe for all your trending news on youtube. Why is it that every internet challenge out
there causes someone or something pain? The latest internet challenge is called the
golden retriever egg challenge, and it actually has some pretty interesting roots. Golden retrievers are known for their hunting
prowess. Their soft mouths allowed them to carry birds
and other kills in their mouths without damaging them and bring them back to their owners. This trait means that A golden retriever can
hold a raw egg in their mouth so softly that the egg wont crack. The challenge was started by 17 year old Hayley
bowers. She put an egg in her aunt’s dog sookies
mouth, and it held it there without breaking it. Her video has been watched 9 million times
at the time this video was filmed. The object of the challenge is to put a raw
egg in a dogs mouth, to see if it will hold it gently or crush it in their mouths. The videos are pretty darn cute. Amazingly, many of the retrievers don’t
break the eggs. But according to the Australian veterinary
association, doctor paula parker, a raw egg can kill your dog. First of all, the egg shell is a choking hazard,
which means that if the egg breaks in your dogs mouth, the dog might try to swallow,
and then the shell will get stuck in its throat. there is also bacteria present on egg shells,
like salmonella. Salmonella can be present on both on the outside
and on the inside of a raw egg. This can cause severe stomach problems which
can lead to diarrhoea and vomiting. Not all dogs, and not all golden retrievers
can resist a good chomp on an egg. Especially if it thinks you’re trying to
play. Look ok, You wouldn’t put a raw egg in your
mouth would you? So why would you give it to your dog. Obviously gaston, if you’re watching this
you’re a savage but normal people don’t eat raw eggs. COMMENTS
IceKendii – I cant live a day without watching at least two IO videos. Aw shucks that makes me happy. Rooohollah Shahrami – finally, nice makeup,
dress and hairs. Its ncie to know that the only thing about
me that matters to you is my appearance. Am I hear to tell you guys the news or model
an outfit? Logan paul – its my dream to hug a potato. Dude I would have been down to give you a
hug until I saw you tazing a dead rat. That’s messed up. By the way if you haven’t heard, logan paul
has pissed off the internet again with his latest video. click this video right over here to find out
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  2. Sorry IO but this isn't true my dog eats a raw diet and we put raw egg in his food with the shell it's actually good for him. I can see maybe it's putting the whole egg in the dogs mouth at once but eggs are good for your pups raw diet.

  3. A lot of people feed their dogs raw diet with eggs with no shell. So of course vets don't want you to feed them eggs because pet food companies donate to vet schools so in return vets promote shitty process kibble instead of natural food you can buy cheaper at stores! But seriously all challenges are retarded

  4. actuall real danger here is the shell but even there dog will chew on it for sure loll … if dog was going to die because of a single egg and bacteria and ect imagine when they go throught our garbage ….and actually many many animal feed on raw egg also many body builder put a raw egg in theyre shake they make and the list can go on and on , it remember me the meme saying cut onion are poisonous after a day …if the egg is not roten i dont see where is the problem and even there some country eat raw roten egg … well actually dont try that it could be deadly if you have the wrong eggs to do that plate …

  5. Charlotte if there was such a thing as a 'safe' challenge, the internet slowly go to boring and things wouldn't be a 'challenge'then without risk.
    But what do I know ima potato

  6. Every human are getting dumber everyday . This is why i become a ๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿฅ”๐Ÿฅ”

  7. OK this challenge in bad, stupid people putting themselves into danger for internet fame I am all for it but don't hurt animals

  8. Probably some stupid idiotic Owner of the worst dog species made this challange because they wanted to jealously get rid off the friendliest breed (aka German Shephard owner)

  9. This channel has a million subs but for some reason there are so few views on your videos. Why?? I think you guys are amazing.

  10. What I donโ€™t get is that my vet (25 + years of veterinary experience) said if you want too you can give raw egg to your dog to help with their fur and with any skin condition. Mixed in their food. Sometimes I think people just want money because views are poor.

  11. Golden retriever egg challenge..why am I not surprised…. pretty funny how a viral video may come out of anywhere and then a meme is created that may be suicidal or may kill you

  12. Dogs can eat raw eggs, its actually really good for them, the shell is also really good for them but best to grind it up and put over their food just in case

  13. The "Golden Retriever Egg Challenge"? Hell naw! It would be much more exciting to make the ULTIMATE challenge…

    Take a selfie with the Elephant's Foot Challenge! XD <- (The way to prove that you. are. the. BEST!!!)

  14. whats dumb about this challenge is dogs have puppies how do they move a puppy if they have to in a hurry? pick it up in its mouth without killing it… the internet has made people dumb. something got hurt. well thats part of life. anything and everything you do in life someone has died doing it. so what are you gonna do … lol…. fear tactics about challenge.. lol. seriously. also wolves in the wild tend to hunt the weak and sick animals.. and guess what its normal. of course this challenge was started by a kid but 17 you should know dogs do this easily… so ya dogs and wolves also eat eggs and eggshells in the wild. dogs are not people.

  15. if i tried this challenge with my two dogs, they'd both fail. one of my dogs would literally bite down on the egg and my other one probably wouldn't even try.

  16. Who does that. That's a dog, part of a family, you wouldn't do that to a sister, brother, or parent. So why do it to a dog? Thats like animal abuse putting a dog in danger like that. Dogs are companions, friend, and families probably all three. so why are you putting their life in danger. I love my dog and you should to. Also love unicorn because they can dab and don't forget about all those other animals out there, care for them. Also don't throw thash on the floor. ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฆ„

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