Darksteel Colossus (Day 1 – 11/25/09)

Darksteel Colossus (Day 1 – 11/25/09)

Today is November 25th the day before Thanksgiving It’s 4:00 pm right now. Woke up today around 2:00 checked some stuff on the computer before the internet died on the computer again It does that a lot. And um, now we’re uh riding out to Sam’s to check on some stuff. But uh Nothing really going on today Tomorrow is Thanksgiving The day after that is Black Friday and my friend Jared and I have a tradition. where we always go to Black Friday together My other friend Austin We always run into him or half way through the day call him and find out where he is, and we get together The three of us are going to go out, and this year Justin is suppose to be joining us. So Black Friday should be quite an interesting day. Also I do not know if it makes me a girl or not but uh I’ve been playing a lot of uh Super Princess Peach and it’s actually a uh pretty good game Just don’t tell any body I said that. We went out to Sam’s club We grabbed a bite to eat We hit up the Walmart and the Bestbuy just kinda looked around. a bunch of different places. For those that are not in the know In September I started playing Magic the Gathering I used to play Pokemon cards when they were big, but that kind of died out. I always really liked Pokemon cards I liked the idea of a trading card game. Yu-Gi-Oh was never interesting to me But I had always kinda had an interest in Magic and I think the reason for that was it’s been around so long. So I got into Magic, it was right around the time of the 2010 set I bought all of the decks except for uh one However, tonight at Walmart, I stumbled across the black deck. I probably wouldn’t have pick it up, but the 2010 set the one I was interested in is now going out. Because they replaced it with a newer set. They release sets like every 3 to 4 months. Just the other day I taught my friend Austin how to play. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and after the Thanksgiving meal Jared is coming over to spend sometime over here, and I’m going to teach him how to play magic too. Now that I have this deck I have all of them for this set. I’m not going to buy any more for the new ones just for the fact That it can easily become a very expensive hobby and I just think it’s fun to play. I did mange to get the new one, but that’s not what was exciting I opened it in the car on the way back For those who are unaware The magic decks come with a booster pack. You get your deck of cards, but you also get 15 random cards that can be anything. And inside this booster pack was this: This is the DarkSteel Colossus card The little symbol over here the bronze means it is a mythic rare. The rarest of the rare Basically you don’t need to know much about Magic To just understand that this is one of the hardest cards to get. I remember reading that people were buying booster boxes, which is 36 booster packs feeling lucky if they got one. So for me to have just found one randomly It’s a pretty nice feeling A website online prices the card $7 to $16. Yeah so that definitely made my night But anyway as I said before Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Gonna eat some Turkey, maybe? Last year we went to Golden Corral and that’s what we are going to do tomorrow. And I think that I actually did not eat turkey last year, I only had ham or something and I actually did that just so I could say that I didn’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving So tomorrow Thanksgiving, Jared comes over tomorrow night, He’s going to spend the night over here and we’re going to get an early start Friday for Black Friday and we are going to hit up uh few sales. Actually I was going to buy Left for Dead 2 for PC at GameStop because I read on the website that it was going to be $30. But last night my girlfriend found a link that Dell.com was selling Left for Dead 2 for $30 free shipping so I already ordered it. However that saves me from having to get up at 6 in the morning and going to a GameStop. and having to stand out in the cold It kinda gets me thinking here in South Carolina its cold, but it’s cold to me. Everything is cold. Anything under 70 is really really cold and I might be a wussie for saying that but it’s true. It makes me wonder how people in other states can stand to stand outside in the cold for however many hours so they can go in there and get their cheap T.V. If you are from uh anywhere north of the Mason Dixen. You know out in the Midwest maybe you are from Wisconsin or maybe Canada or whatever Leave a comment or something. You just wear a heavy coat. I know your skin is much tougher then mine is. If it gets under 70 I..I do cry so That’s it for today. I will be doing another one tomorrow. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


  1. There's seems to be a lot of jump cuts… It's not just my imagination, right? And that fade to black at the end is really different compared to the end screen of the present day.

  2. I've decided to begin 'the journey'. I'll probably annoy at least one person by writing a comment for each one. Oh well.

    The Journey, Day 1:
    Oh god, the jump cuts.

  3. CHALLENGE: I'm determined to comment on every vlog ever wish me luck. If your on the journey too, than come with me. 

    Anyways this is the first mention of Magic The Gathering. Pretty cool.

  4. This sitting-in-your-lap viewing angle you have on these early videos is phenomenal.

    Used to be into Magic in high school.  Played a green/red deck, was decent, but never got obsessively into it; that is one long dark corridor I felt I could do without.

    And Princess Peach is for manly men like you and me.

  5. I live in pa and it isnt bad until juary and february where it drops to the 10's but i cant stand weather above 85

  6. im from alberta canada and live in a city called medicine hat and when it gets to winter time here we just wear a jacket meant for usage in the winter and it still gets really hot here, we actually have the hottest summers in all of canada which is it feels like you meltingo utside hot

  7. Oddly enough, even though I've grown up in the south (Louisiana), I still prefer the weather to be from mid 70's to mid 50's. 

  8. I always laugh when he talks about the cold weather, I'm here like "I live in Winnipeg, our weather in winter is -25 to -30 degrees Celsius, without the windchill, with it it can get to -40 or colder"

  9. I live in Seattle and we can easily stand weather in the 50 to 70 range. But bring it up past 75 and we all hide in the shade.

  10. Card games indeed are very expensive. Simulators are a nice substitute if you don't want to spend a lot of money though.

  11. Day 1, the journey is off to a great start. Can't wait to hear those magical words, "Let's meet back tomorrow, shall we"

  12. 7 years late on going through this all, but I am from Wisconsin. T-shirt usually does the trick, sweatshirt if I am sick.


  14. I know this is from years ago, but I'm also from Wisconsin, and I love a good, heavy coat that compares to a blanket. I've seen people walk around in shorts and sweatshirts in 0 degree weather and I'm just like "why?"

  15. Stephen – plays girly games "Super Princess Peach is actually very good. Don't tell anyone I said that.

    XD I'm the same with this game called Imagine Figure Skater

  16. Dear past Stephen. 70 degrees is T-Shirt and Shorts weather.
    Scratch that. 45 degrees is shorts…. 15 degrees is shorts weather.
    Hoodies required below 30 degrees.
    Sincerely, Wisconsite native.

  17. First game on the vlog was Super Princess Peach… Don't know how to feel about this, lmao.

    (6/1/18, 9:42 AM)

  18. Day 1 of journey: I enjoy yuioh over magic as a card game also a tip for anyone who doing the journey try and write a comment about the video while whacthing. In response to the canada topic we just get used to the cold

  19. I think that Super Princess Peach being the first game mentioned in the vlog, out of all things, is really funny.
    That’s a good start.

  20. Super Princess Peach is a great game. I played it & beat it as a kid and I thought it was a darn good game. It's certainly a nice way to take a break from playing the usual Super Mario game, that's for sure.

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