Dating a Gold Digger | Anwar Jibawi

Dating a Gold Digger | Anwar Jibawi

yo what I did hey I didn’t forget what happy birthday you’re under here list tonight ah I think I’m gonna go out with my girl tonight girl who’s your girl remember Monica a couple of days ago the chick at the bar that was making me buy her drinks she was talking to every dude in the club that night not like that anymore bro she’s a different person okay hey baby why don’t you just use your car okay okay got it yeah of course all right I love you she’s so cute whoa are you serious what she’s clearly yielding you bro you can’t judge someone you haven’t met hey beautiful it’s four to five one you just gave it up into your credit card what do you like what is it like she’s clearly using your card to buy some I get it get what you’re jealous jealous hi I’m gonna no I’m trying to watch it but okay to be jealous look I’m not jealous bro I’ve known him for years you met her four days ago I’m just trying to look out for you [Music] uh-huh hey babe what are you doing can I come over and hang out with you you’re about to meet her okay all right okay this is my friend Adam hey you’re hungry huh so I was telling Adam before it amazing did you not see that what she didn’t even acknowledge me and you say it’s your birthday Stephen look anything like your birthday she’s a happy more than nothing but she’s not usually like this trust me it’s not like that bro listen to me bro listen she took your car your credit card she ate all your food what is she gonna take next your house keys hey babe I’ll walk out that door right now you’ll never sing again which is trust me on this you’re right thank you what do you guys should do next time you see her you’re going to look it in the face and you’re gonna say I’m done it’s over don’t worry one break it up we’re breaking up let me hear you say it hey Monica we’re done like that no I mean it from here more aggressive yeah hey Monica we’re done more sword blades flex oh yeah yeah hey Monica we’re done hey Monica we’re done what did you say okay how long would you say total you’re saying yeah I said we’re done why I I know you’re I know you’re using me what are you talking about why’d you take my car I took your car keys so I can make sure that you wouldn’t leave for the surprise what about the credit card actually your PIN yeah what about my credit card why jazz for my pin huh I remember you told me your PIN was your lucky number I had t-shirts made for us I thought you would love them what about what about the food she ate what what about the food baby eat all your food to make sure you weren’t full I made your favorite sandwich watch out for the house keys babe I wanted to make sure you didn’t lock the door I like to get out of my house but it’s not even like get out of my house now I’m so sorry this is all new to me you know and I just I don’t know what I’m doing but at the end of the day I love you okay just please forgive me forgive you oh I have another surprise you’re going to love it I love surprises [Music] that is a TV [Music] [Laughter] [Music]


  1. i found out that my life was fake…. i hav fake frends…. screw my life… i dont understand that i talk to them but they say things like 'ye yee' or 'exactly' or other things like that but then a few mins later they leave me and start talking to other frends…. SO THAT MEANS I HAV BEEN USED!!!! EVEN WHEN I HAD A GF, SHE CAME FROM HER VACATION AND WANTED A BREAK UP!!!!! U ALL ARE USING ME!!!!! i am j-just sooo glad to be alone facing earth the evil way….. this planet will never be taught a single lesson….

  2. I hope I'm not the only one that think anwar best friend's shirt have many holes

    Sorry I'm not saying this is to hate

    I love anwar because he is actually funny and a good comedian

  3. The last digit of likes is who u r:

    1.Anwar Jibawi
    3.Hannah Stoking
    4.Twan Kuuper
    5.Lele pons
    6. Juanpa Zurita
    7. Inanna Sarkis
    8. Brent Rivera
    9. Alan Stokes
    0. Alex Stokes

    Edit: Thanks for all the likes

  4. Why would the pin for the card even be on a shirt? People probably would think that it’s their pin code or something else.

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