Death Cab For Cutie Performs ‘Gold Rush’

Death Cab For Cutie Performs ‘Gold Rush’


  1. K, so was one of these guys married to New Girl, sister of that other actress? Or am I thinking of Postal Service? Somebody help me out here, please.

  2. Very Iron & Wine meets The Little Mermaid's "Kiss the Girl." Needs more dynamics. Ben Gibbard sounds like he's singing on the low end of his range. Bring it up a major third or even a fifth and this could've been a lot better I think.

  3. The song itself is very catchy, but Mr Gibbard's vocal is flatter than my wallet. I'm guessing it sounds much better on the record.

  4. Just a friendly reminder, some day you will die, and I will be close behind. I'm stalking you. Pls don't notice me.

  5. This is one of those bad ideas that someone reinforced and now it’s somehow made it all the way to late night tv, and it’s honestly making me cringe. As a lifelong death cab fan I hate to see them release this snooze of a single. It sounds…bad

  6. I love how hardcore fans complain that since Chris Walla has left the band the music sounds lousy, yet these same people complained about Plans, Narrow Stairs, Codes and Keyes, and Kintsugi not sounding like the older records. Please 🙄

  7. Not bad, but I prefer the original. Google "Mind Train" by Yoko Ono. New vocals laid over a direct copy of it is all this is.

  8. Hi Stevie,
    This song is definitely not their best
    but I’m reminded of the name
    that reminds Me of
    Me when I took that 🚕
    from the farmhouse
    to M& & Saw My life
    flash before Me
    when I realized
    that was what the 🚕 was.
    Still alive & kickin’ tho!
    See U Soon!

  9. I strongly recommend listening to the non-live version of the song, it's good (imo) even for those that didn't like the video

  10. It's like the 60s are happening all over again – so many bands afraid to perform live on TV. Why couldn't they have done this live instead of to a pre-recorded track?

  11. anyone know where they got their name? I do, great song by a great "band". I also loved "Intro-Outro" from the same album.

  12. This song was just…ok the first couple times I heard it. definitely growing on me though.
    BTW, the harmony on the background vocals sound great!

  13. feel like this mix doesn't do this song justice. ben's guitar seems so low in the mix and the lead goes from a nice under piece to the forefront of the song.

  14. Man I wish Death Cab would play in tiny venues like this indefinitely. I've seen them in an arena and it was absolutely the worst concert experience I've ever had. Meanwhile I've also seen them in venues a little larger than the Ed Sullivan Theatre, and they sounded impeccable.

  15. great job DCFC… amazing sea change from the classic sound you pionereed, as much as i miss it. sounds great

  16. As a long time DCfC fan this is just not working for me, I'm sorry. A low energy blob of a song with no memorable melody, hook or character at all… Basically a blank canvas. I really hope the rest of the album will turn out differently.

  17. Why can't songs like these be on the billboard top 10 instead of all that trap we got so used to ?
    Beautiful song.

  18. Wow there sure are a lot of haters on this one, seriously if you don't like it just fuck off and find something you do like. I personally think this song is honest, and his vocals not being so high makes it sound super chill to me, not to mention he's getting older and trying to max out your vocal range HAS to get more difficult with time.

    I really enjoy the honesty and reality coming through the lyrics of kintsugi, and this song. Not the most energetic death cab to date, but that certainly doesn't make it bad.

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