Debbie Reynolds on The Golden Girls

Debbie Reynolds on The Golden Girls

– Hello, are you Truby? – Yes. Blanche? – Yes, come on in. – Oh, thanks. – Meet everybody. Rose. – Oh, hello, Rose. – I’m Dorothy. – That’s Sophia. – Sophia. – Won’t you sit down? – Oh, yes, thanks. Well, who’s the lucky bride? -You must be referring to the once and future
Mrs. Yutz. – My husband passed just last summer. – Oh – Passed what? – A slow-moving Winnebago, Rose. – I hate when I get stuck behind one of those. – He’s dead, sweetie. But, hey, I’m used to it. I put three in the ground. Well, what can I tell you? I like ’em old, rich and barely breathing. – Why don’t I show you the rest of the house? Do you mind if I ask how old you are? – Oh, ’bout as old as you are. – To lose a husband that young. You know, this reminds me of the day I married
George. Oh, it was an exquisite wedding. Five hundred people in that big, old church
and I didn’t have any underwear on. – Why? – I just felt it was the right thing to do. – My wedding was outdoors. February 12th. I’ll never forget it. I wore the most beautiful white flannel wedding gown. It even had feet sewn in. – When Stan and I were married, Stan was crying,
I was crying, Ma was crying. All for different reasons, but if you didn’t
know us, it looked touching. Oh, Stan and I are getting married again. I mean, I’ve done this before. Why am I so nervous? – I always get nervous at weddings. Weddings and funerals. I’ve been to so many of both I get mixed-up. Same guest list, same flowers, handful of
rice, handful of dirt. The only difference is, after the funeral
it’s OK to date. Well, I finished unpacking. It’s hard to get a life full of fun into a
substitute teacher’s closet. – Truby, honey, we have to talk. I know you signed a lease, but, well, considering
Dorothy’s tragic misfortune. – I know, I know, but could I just stay a
couple of days? I can’t stand another minute in a hotel. – I know what you mean. If I have to come up with one more fake name. Mm. – Dorothy, I guess we’re sleeping together
tonight. – Ma, I have a better idea. In my suitcase there are two tickets to Aruba. I think Stan owes us a little vacation, don’t
you? – Aruba! I love Aruba. Where’s Aruba? – Come on, Ma. Get goin’. We have a plane to catch. – I’ve got the very things for you to take
with ya. Here, let me get that. – Ugh! God, this has always been my worst nightmare. – A wedding falling apart at the last minute? – No, going on a honeymoon with my mother.


  1. It would of been interesting that after Bea Arthur left the series, Debbie Reynolds took over to fill the void. I always wondered if that would of worked?

  2. Handful of rice handful of dirt it's all the same thing. And of course Rue's line as Debbie leaves the room of; "I'm beginning to like her"…(g)

  3. Just such a SWEETHEART — I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie in Las Vegas and also corresponding with her regarding the memoir I was writing on the famous comedy actress, ZaSu Pitts. Debbie was glad to help in any way she could. Hands With a Heart: Bio of Actress ZaSu Pitts then went on to win book awards. What a pleasure to research; what a heartbreak to know Debbie has now left us.

  4. 1) love you Debbie!

    2) 'honeymoon with my mother'… Who else gets the feeling that Dorothy was NOT being sarcastic with that last line?

  5. Oh SNAP! I forgot Debbie Reynolds was in an episode of the Golden Girls. And all this time all I had in my head was Charlotte's Web (my favorite book and movie)

  6. Wasn't it Sophia who was the youngest lady on the show, but played the eldest, or am I wrong about that? Golden Girls! is one of my favorite shows of all time.

  7. If she had moved in when Dorothy actually did get married, that show would have went on for another 7 years easy! She was GREAT!

  8. I'm with the rest of the comments: Debbie should have been a regular the rest of the series and maybe into The Golden Palace. She fit so well! I was always surprised that the audience didn't go into a big applause when Debbie appeared at the Golden Girls' front door.

  9. I'm still in disbelief that Ms Reynolds is gone…Seems so strange that she left us days after her daughter. Carrie not being here is sad and her death was so unexpected. R.I.P. to both of them. They will both be greatly missed.

  10. it is so hard to believed that no one thought that bringing in Debbie Reynolds into the series. it would of kept going for a few more years. R I P Debbie and to those that passed away from the Golden Girls

  11. Debbie Reynolds, the greatest actress there was; not to mention the most talented and gorgeous ever to open up to in a woman like her. I will miss her dearly and truthfully. R.I.P Babe

  12. One scene with Debbie Reynolds I wish you could have included was when she asks Blanche and Rose "Who tied the dead fish to the back of the car" in which Rose responds with the usually St. Olaf tradition crap. Then Reynolds asks Blanche "Crazy or stupid?" to which Blanche responds "We think its a mix." That scene is hilarious.

    However, I love these scenes too, where Rose is thoroughly confused by Reynold's comment "My husband passed last summer."

  13. When I first seen this episode I was impressed at how well she fit in, had she been cast from the start she wouldn't have stuck out or seem miscast she'd have been a perfect addition, she's a combo of Dorothy and Blanche, Blanche's allure with Dorothy's wit

  14. I'm wondering… if the wedding did go through, and Dorothy moved out and Trudy moved in, would this have been the "jump the shark" moment for "The Golden Girls" if this had lasted a few more season afterwards?

    This would likely remind of the time Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) replaced Diane (Shelley Long) on "Cheers."

  15. I read in Jim Colucci's Golden Girls Forever that Debbie was being auditioned as a possible replacement for Bea Arthur as Bea had yet to commit to a 7th season. Her appearance in this episode was to test her chemistry with Rue, Betty and Estelle. Although it would have been fun to see Debbie come back, I don't think this character would have worked, she was too much like Blanche.

  16. "This has always been my worst nightmare.."
    "A wedding falling apart at the last minute?"
    "No. Going on a honeymoon with my mother!"

  17. In hindsight, they should have held her back, and introduced her as the 4th girl in "Golden Palace." Might have added a little something to that last year. 🙂

  18. Wow, people like Debbie Reynold, the actress so much that they automatically love the character she's palying here as well, without actually thinking about what kind of character that is.
    Seriously? That's a sick vile person she's playing. Nothing against the actress, I love her. Especially on Will & Grace.
    But that doesn't automatically mean I like the character she's playing too.

  19. When I first saw this episode, I was a kid and didn't know who Debbie Reynolds was but I loooooooved "Truby!" Then, after I came of age and fell in love with Debbie Reynolds, I fell harder in love with Truby! The producers played their cards too soon. Truby would've been perfect for Golden Palace!

  20. Wow even in her late 50s here she looked amazing! She should of replaced bea after 1992 and she woulda been the perfect golden girl for many years after, plus they all got along and had great chemistry

  21. 100 Percent believe this woman died of a broken heart. It's obvious she loved her daughter and with Carrie gone…well…I have no doubt she didn't want to live on.

  22. According to the book Golden Girls Forever, Reynolds was brought one as a possible replacement for Bea Arthur. By season 6, Bea had become increasingly unhappy on the show and with her contract set to expire, producers were unsure if she would return. Golden Girls was still a top 10 show at this point and NBC had already ordered a 7th season so if Bea left the show would have continued. Reynolds was a fan of the show and agreed to do a guest spot, but according to head writer Marc Stokin it really was a test run to see if she had chemistry with the other ladies. Also Stokin said the producers also hoped bringing in Reynolds for a test run might scare Bea into returning.

  23. While playing, if Betty White could’ve taken a minute to carefully watch her co stars and think:” I’ll outlive everyone of these ladies…!”…….

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