Debunking gold and silver prices are up in most of the Worlds Major Currencies

Welcome to Illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 3rd August 2015 and our video,
which is quite brief, is aimed at placing a counter balance to the ‘pumpers’ who
claim that whilst gold prices may be down in US dollar terms, they are up in most other
countries currencies. So we thought we would take a look at this
for ourselves, and using a great website called we investigated how
the major world currencies faired in terms of gold and silver prices over the last 12
months up to 31st July 2015. The one currency most often quoted is the
Russian Rouble and in fairness this does apply: Gold is up 46% and Silver up 25.5% in Rouble
terms – we all know, the reason for this has been the Western sanctions levied against
Russia, and its economic effect. So what about the other major Countries of the World:
Well, the Australian Dollar – Gold was up 7.8% but silver was down 7.2%
The Euro – Gold up 3.4% but silver was down 11.1%
The Japanese Yen – Gold up 2.1% but silver down 12.2%
The Canadian Dollar – Gold up 1.4% but silver was down 12.8%
The South African Rand – Gold up ½% but silver down 13.6%
How about the good old British Pound Sterling? – Gold Down 9% and silver down 21%
The Indian Rupee – Gold down 11% and silver down 23%
The Chinese Yuan or Renminbi – Gold down 15% and silver down 27% – No wonder they are
purchasing so much. The US Dollar – Gold down 15.4% and silver
down 27% So with the exception of Russia, for the 12
months until 31st July 2015 Five of the major World Currencies were up in Gold price terms,
– the largest being up 7.8% and five showing a declining gold price with the lowest being
down 15.4%. But do you know what stood out the most? Again ignoring Russia which has
its own unique circumstances, all of the other 10 countries, yes all of them, are showing
lower silver prices in their currencies from a 7.2% decline to a 27% decline.
So when you next hear a pumper saying ah gold may be down in US dollar terms, but it’s
up in practically all other countries’ currencies – not in the ones that matter. Also do not
forget to ask them that if silver is such a great hedge, why is the silver price down
in all of them, except for Russia? We hope you like this video and found the
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
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