December Watchgang Platinum Subscription Tsovet SMT-RS40 Watch Review

December Watchgang Platinum Subscription Tsovet SMT-RS40 Watch Review

hey guys danger with my watch addiction
come coming back to take a closer look at that so bet that I received as a part
of my watch game Platinum subscription for December 2017 much like last month
this month I am getting two platinum subscription watches however my second
one seems to be delayed in transit now I’ll be traveling next week so that post
was a problem that I won’t see my second watch until after the New Year’s
don’t forget January 1st 2018 12 p.m. I’m going to be releasing that video for
that special watch that I’ve been looking for in that video I’m going to
tell you guys how you guys can win one of my watches so definitely definitely
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so that you can follow us and be alerted when those videos come out anyway let’s
take a look at this so that pilot watch that I’ve received from watch gaining
Platinum subscription so as we take a closer look at the swatch you may be
able to see and print it on the dial there is the actual model number
it also says military spec right underneath the model number the model
number for this watch is an SMT – Rs 40 now this is one of the best automatic
pilot watches that they’re currently selling on their site for about $1000
whether or not this watch is worth $1000 yet quite honestly I’m not sure we’re
gonna have to jump into that but to tell you a little bit about this watch this
is on the smaller side besides the the diameter of the case on this watch is
only 40 millimeters which as my taste change missed
Changez I’m finding that I’m becoming a fan of bigger watch case sizes for me
personally this sweet spot for watch for me now is in that 43 to 45 millimeter
size range much bigger than that is too big much smaller than that feels tiny so
this watch what I’m wearing it it actually feels kind of small on my wrist
the case diameter coupled with the bandwidth the bandwidth for this watch
is only 20 millimeters so I’ve definitely found as it relates to the
band itself 20 millimeters is really a little bit too small for me I prefer 22
or 24 millimeters but this watch like I mentioned 40 millimeters case size case
diameter and 20 millimeter band size at the Lugg for this watch so it is a
smaller watch now this watch is 100% Swiss made in is using an ETA 28 24 – 2
a movement the case is of course stainless steel on this watch with a
standard push-pull crown the crystal on this watch is a sapphire crystal so it’s
going to be more resistant to scratches and things of this soil if you can
probably see from this picture and possibly some of the close-up pictures
that I take at the end this does have a matte finish to the case so it’s not a
high gloss it’s definitely a matte finish with a matte gray dial which to
me and I think it’s kind of sharp I’m personally not a fan of that paired with
the brown leather strap and I’m probably gonna end up changing the strap on this
but overall I think it’s a sharp sharp little watch if I jump over to take a
look and see what this watch is selling for on other sites start taking a look
around and I actually found this watch on Amazon or a similar model I found the
gunmetal version on Amazon for 900 seventy-five dollars the interesting
thing about Amazon in about so that in general is they have a watch that looks
almost exactly like this one matter of fact it does look exactly like this one
except in the quartz model on the quartz model price on the Amazon rain house
three hundred and twenty five dollars so the interesting piece of for this for me
anyway is that for what we paid is watching platinum subscribers was pretty
much the equivalent of what people are paying for the quartz model with the
exception we ended up with a full automatic model of this watch I actually
found this watch listed on touch a modern however it’s sold out when it was
available this watch was selling for nine hundred and seventy five dollars
finally if we jump over to ebay I am able to find similar model of watches
not this exact one however I’m able to find a similar automatic the black and
gray dial one selling for three hundred and seventy five dollars on eBay my
guess is that that is potentially a watch gang subscriber as well because
that’s that’s a pretty low price compared to what this watch seems to be
selling for in other places there’s also interestingly enough a
pre-owned quartz version of this watch on eBay right now for four hundred
dollars or a best offer personally I think if this was a watch
that I was going to purchase for myself well let me back up first of all I would
not purchase this watch for myself just outright not that there’s anything wrong
with this watch but it’s a little bit too plain for me the dial the the
overall design just seems a little bit too plain I need I need the face the
watch face to be busy or whether it be a chronograph whether it be something a
little bit crazier done with the numbers this is just a very nice plain watch now
one thing I’ll point out that people have been giving this watch a lot of
flack for is the o’clock position if you look it only
says zero at the ten o’clock position it doesn’t say ten now interestingly
enough if you talk to the svet about this that was done by design and the
reason that was done by design is to give the watch a balanced face or a
balanced look personally i i i don’t know i don’t have any real comments one
way or another about it when i first saw it it didn’t strike me as a little bit
odd that it wasn’t a ten and it was actually just a zero but I also
understand so that’s reasoning behind it and the aesthetic balance to the dial if
we jump up and take a closer look or walk around this watch in general if I
can get this I’m done here so you can see the dial there now the one thing I
will point out about the dial and its might be kind of hard to see on the
video but I’ll may be able to see it better in the close-up pictures that I
post up at the end but all the numbers are raised that they do have raised
indices which add some depth to the dial which is pretty nice and it it’s not
just as flat but as I mentioned the sorry about that as I mentioned I’m not
necessarily a huge fan of this band on it flipping the watch over you do have
that open case back so you get to actually see the movement of this watch
I think the what they did with the back of this watch is pretty interesting it’s
it’s pretty sharp looking it is a thinner watch so it’s gonna work well
under a dresser but if you look overall there’s just not a whole lot to this
watch it’s just very very plain which some people are going to absolutely love
that design me personally again I need something that’s a little bit busier has
a little bit more to grab your attention the leather on this band doesn’t feel
cheap doesn’t feel plastic here Chansey at all I felt nicer straps but
this one isn’t bad but again I’m not a fan of the color so I’m going to end up
having to change the strap on this if I keep it but that’s just my initial
impression of it alright guys so that was this event that I received as a part
of my watching platinum subscription for December 2017 overall I think it’s a
sharp little watch however this brown band definitely has to go think I’m
probably gonna throw a black band on it not quite sure yet one of you guys post
up in the comments below and let me know what you guys think what color would
look good on this watch if you want to see it a little bit more detail stick
around a little bit longer and I’ll post off some still pictures of it anyway
guys I appreciate you watching don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and
Instagram slash watch addiction to us and as always you can reach me online at
my watch addiction comm finally guys don’t forget January 1st 2018 special
video for you guys in your chance to win one of my watches thanks guys and we’ll
see you tomorrow


  1. Hi Andrew
    I like the Tsovet, not sure its more than a $450 watch however, but it's certainly not a bad one.
    I find myself wondering….how many watches do you have? You seem to subscribe to all the various Watch Gang tiers 🙂

  2. I think they are confused about their movement. There is no 2824-2A movement that I am aware of but there is a 2892-A2 movement. For the same grade it is slightly better than the 2824-2.

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