Deepcool DQ750ST – Unboxing, Pasang dan Review – PSU 750 Watt Gold . Termurah di Kelasnya

Deepcool DQ750ST – Unboxing, Pasang dan Review – PSU 750 Watt Gold . Termurah di Kelasnya

Hello, meet me Aji Vlogger.
This time I will unboxing PSU The brand is Deep Cool
Gold certification I bought it on Tokopedia.
Let’s open … the package Now this is Deep Cool
Have arrived Let’s open the contents looks like …… Yes clearly this is the Power Supply Which will be installed here Because I can’t lift it !!!! So I bought again but which
Gold certificate Based on the PSU Calculator The recommendation is 750 watts So this is the cheapest power supply,
This is about one million rupiahs. It’s a thin cord, so you are easier
put it Inside is a warranty card, and a bolt Let’s put it right away … So this before you install, this must be removed first.
The cable is too complicated so you have to slow down slowly To be safe, all cables are removed … This must be removed from all this this unfortunately cord CPU power only 1
where this should 2 But can on, now just tidying up Now that’s the installation of this Deep Cool PSU, Weakness lack of cable length …
It’s not enough to put it in the back … So the cord is like this,
a bit messy … The important thing is the computer can be turned on again. Then there is only one CPU Power, If CPU Power 2 is not enough, but the computer can still be on,
so it’s okay. I don’t know because of installing 1 or 2 CPU power cables.
If you know, please comment below. Okay that’s all the reviews first … Don’t forget comment about the power supply gold but it’s quite cheap … If you want to be neat, you can use a modular PSU. Modular prices can be up to 2 million
The price is 1 million in rage. Don’t forget to like share and comment,
bye ……

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