Delhi’s Elite Lifestyle, Food, Home Decor, Fashion & Textiles Exhibition | Dandelion by Mukta Jain

I started Dandelion in April last year and the idea behind it was to create a platform for people who follow a similar philosophy of life. Whether it was their clothes, whether it was a their thought process, whatever they did had to be a complete story line which was following a similar pattern. and the idea behind was to get people who believed in sustainability. Who would believe in what is being done in India with lot of love and pride. so I thought, it was a great way for me to showcasing people who are not going after for something which is here today gone tomorrow. Something which is eternal, something which is classic, something which is permanent and away from the hectic consumerism to which we all are attracted towards. It is very nice to have progress; but is very important to have a sense of responsibility. and that responsibility to my mind is when you first start appreciating what you are? knowing what you are? and that also comes from knowing your roots which begins from your family and within your country.

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