Delicate Beaded Friendship Bracelets: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

Delicate Beaded Friendship Bracelets: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

To make each bracelet you’ll need some beads. And we’re using three millimeter by four millimeter faceted crystal rondelles. These have a nice fire polish on them. And we’re also using seed beads. These are size 15, which means they’re very small. And we’re using them in gold color. We have a clasp. We have two clamshell bead tips in gold to match the clasp. Two crimp beads, also in gold, and two jump rings. And we’re using gold bead stringing wire. This is 19-strand bead stringing wire. It comes in all kinds of colors, so this one is gold. You can see on the side here. And for tools we have chain-nose pliers. We’re also going to use round nose pliers. We’ll need wire cutters for the bead stringing wire and a ruler. And we’re also going to use masking tape. To make the bracelet you’ll need to cut your bead stringing wire to a piece about 12 inches long. And the finished bracelet is actually going to be more like seven and a half, but you’ll need extra on both ends to put on the clasp. We’re going to start by putting a piece of masking tape on one end of this 12 inch piece of bead stringing wire. And that’s just going to keep our beads from sliding off the end. Little trick. So then we’re going to start beading with the other end. The design of this bracelet is 2 inches of seed beads, two and a half inches or 20 of these rondelles, and then two more inches of the seed beads. So we’re going to start by feeding on two inches of seed beads. With seed beads, they’re so tiny Instead of telling you how many to feed on we tell you how much to measure. It’s much easier. And to get the seed beads onto the bead stringing wire, I’ve just poured them into the palm of my hand and I take the end of the bead stringing wire, and I just touch the center of the bead. So I just find a bead that’s sitting upright, and I just tip it over and it pops right on to the wire. It is a handy dandy way to easily and quickly get all these beads onto the bead stringing wire. And these are size 15 seed beads, which is very small. We chose that because it’s super delicate looking, but you could also make this bracelet with size 11 seed beads which is a more common size and you would still just put on two inches of those beads on either side of your center beads. So glance down here, and I have less than an inch on there so far so I’m just gonna keep tipping these beads onto the wire. And it can go pretty fast once you get the rhythm of it. And it’s totally worth for how beautiful these tiny beads look on the wire. You can see that that’s beautiful. Not quite 2 inches yet. When you add up all those beads: the two inches of seed beads, two and a half for the rondelles, and two of the seed beads, you’ve got six and a half inches. That’s the beaded portion of the bracelet. And then the rest of the length is going to come from the clasp. So if you have a very tiny clasp you might want to adjust how many beads you put on to lengthen the bracelet or shorten it if you have a big clasp. Our clasp is more than an inch with the clamshell bead tips. I think I need a little bit more seed beads there. And we made this Delicate Friendship Bracelet in a couple different colors, so we could stack them. We think they’re really cute together. And this is a fun gift, and who wouldn’t want to wear this? It’s so wearable and pretty. So let’s measure that. I’m just going to dump my beads back in here and push my beads together so I can measure. That’s a little less than two inches, so I think we need about five more seed beads to reach our two inches. So one…two…three Come on. All right. And see how nice those look. Next we’re gonna put on the rondelles and to put the rondelles on we’re gonna use the same technique. You could pick them up in your hand and your fingers and feed them on one at a time, but I find that I’ve always covering the hole. I can’t find the hole. So instead, I like using this technique. We’re going to take the bead stringing wire and poke it in the top of the bead and kind of flip it onto the wire. I think it goes faster that way. And just like you can use different size seed beads for this, you could use different size center beads. They could be–these are three by four millimeters–you could use bigger ones. You could use smaller ones. And you just want the math to work so that you put on about two and a half inches of the center bead. So when you put them on and measure the length that’s about two and half inches. I already know that 20 of these makes up two and a half inches. I don’t need to measure that. And then we just put on, just like on this side, we’re gonna put another two inches of gold seed beads on the other end. So it’s really just a simple bead stringing project. And this is how you make any bead stringing necklace or bracelet. And If I wanted to make this into a necklace I would just do it longer so that the finished length would be about 16 or 17 inches long to be a necklace. Still all the same technique. How we’re going to put on the clasp is the same. So once you learn this bead stringing, well you can make anything. This bead stringing wire is not really wire. It doesn’t feel like wire. It is 19 strands, which is why it’s called 19-strand bead stringing wire. It’s 19 strands of very fine wire woven together, and then it’s coated. So the outside of it is super smooth. And it’s rigid enough that we can poke these beads on there, but it’s soft enough that it has flow when you wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. It has flexibility. So let’s measure our beads there and we’re about one bead over. So I’m going to take a bead off. There. And now we’ve got two inches of seed beads, two and a half inches of rondelles, two more inches of seed beads and that means it’s time to put on the clasp. So we’re ready to put on the clasp and to do that we’re going to start with the end that doesn’t have the masking tape and we’re going to start by feeding on a clamshell bead tip. And this is a nice little finding. You can buy these at craft stores or jewelry supply stores. It opens like a clamshell. It has a little hole here in the back, and that’s where we’re gonna feed in the wire. So it’s two matching sides that make up the clamshell. So I’ve got the wire in through the bottom and then what we do is we put a crimp bead on the end of the wire. And we’re gonna crimp the crimp bead, and then cover it with the clam shell. So to crimp that crimp bead I’m just going to take the chain nose pliers, which are your flat pliers, and I’m just going to press that crimp bead closed. Like that. Crimp beads are made of metal and they’re meant to be crushed. Just like that. That’s what they’re supposed to do. And then I’m going to trim the wire on the other side of the crimp bead. Now I can take the clam shell and close it up over the top of that crimp bead. Again, I’m going to use the chain nose pliers for that, and I’m just going to close that clam shell. Like that. And it has these two little holes at the top–these little loops. That’s what we’re going to attach the clasp to. So I’m just going to separate the two sides of the clasp and I’m going to use the jump ring to attach the clasp to that clam shell. To do that I’m going to find the opening of the jump ring and it has a split here at the top. I can see that. You can shine or hold it up to the light if you need to to see where the cut is. And then I’m gonna use the other pliers, which are my round-nose pliers and grab the other side of the jump ring. So I’ve got two sides and what I’m going to do is I’m going to rotate so that I’m pushing one side down and away from me and I’m pushing one side up. And that opens up that jump ring in a way that it doesn’t lose its shape. We don’t want it to stop being round. Now I can, with it open like that, I can feed on the bracelet and that little clamshell bead tip end and then I can feed on the end of that clasp here. It’s a very small jump ring because it’s a delicate bracelet so. And now that I have that I can close it by pressing the two sides back together with my chain-nose pliers. You just want to give it a little, make sure it’s closed, give it a little tweak. And that’s one side of the clasp. Now we should slide all the beads down to that end. See how nice that looks? And we’re gonna repeat the same action on the other side, but first we need to get rid of our masking tape and I usually just cut that little piece off like that. And if you’ll remember we did the clamshell bead tip. Here up through the bottom. Then we did our little crimp bead. One thing you want to be careful of is these crimp beads look just like our seed beads, right? So you always want to keep these separate from the seed beads because if you try to use the seed bead here–if you accidentally picked up a seed bead at this time– you go to crush it, it will break like glass. Usually these are made of metal–these crimp beads. So we just keep them labeled and separate in a separate container from our seed beads. And then the only difference with this end versus the first end we put on is the first clasp we put on we were able to work out at the end of the wire with a lot of slack, but now we want all those beads tightly pressed together, so there’s no slack in the bracelet. So this end we’re going to need to work down close to the beads, which means we’re going to push the clamshell close to the beads. We’ve got the crimp bead inside the clamshell there, and then we have to reach inside to crush that crimp bead. And I want to make sure it’s good and closed because it’s tight quarters in here. So I’m just going to give it a second squeeze. And then I’m going to tug it a little bit. And it’s nice and tight on there which is great. Now I’m going to trim the wire. So there you go. Now just like we did before I’m gonna close the clamshell and that just makes such a nice finished end. It looks like a bead sort of. It’s very clean. And the next step is to open up that jump ring like we did before. We use two pliers for this. Rotate. That opens right up. I find it easier when you’re using jump rings like this, rather than try to hold it in my hand now to feed things on. I just keep holding on to it with the chain-nose pliers. It’s much easier to handle that way and now I can feed on the clam shell, I can feed on the other side of the clasp here ,and then holding the bracelet I can close the clasp or the jump ring here and make sure it’s nice and closed that way. And that is our beautiful and very delicate little friendship bracelet.


  1. Those are cute friendship bracelets. I love the small cylinder clasps you are using and where can I get them? Thank you for sharing

  2. This is exactly what I needed for a few dear friends of mine, simple and elegant, but with a WOW factor, what a beautiful statement to make with some beads. Well done!

  3. Beautiful! I love this and your video instructions are very clear. How would I calculate length of wire and number of beads for a 6 inch to 6-1/2 inch bracelet?

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  5. So pretty! May I ask where you bought your seed beads? And are they 24k? I’m struggling to find round, 24k lined, size 15 gold ones for some reason.

  6. I have only just found you ladies a few days ago, & am thoroughly enjoying binge watching your videos. I’m interested mostly in jewelry, but have also seen & enjoyed other crafts you’ve done. Very glad to have discovered you! Your teaching is clear, succinct, & fun. Thank you for your well planned and very helpful videos. I’m sharing you w my jewelry friends. From a new fan in Texas ✨💖✨

  7. Thank you so much! These videos really inspire me. I have a little Etsy shop I am trying to get off the ground and I sell girly/floral nature jewelry!

  8. Gorgeous! Would you recommend using a 19 wire for bracelets and necklaces? I'm still trying to work out which thickness of wire is best. Thank you. 🙂

  9. Hi, Really sorry, I forgot to ask just one more question! What size crimp bead and clam shell would you recommend using with the 19 wire? Would a 2mm x 2mm crimp and 3.5mm clam work okay? Thanks so much for your help. 🙂

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