Devialet Gold Phantom – 1 year later…

Devialet Gold Phantom – 1 year later…

(funky music) – So welcome back to What Gear Reviews. And today I am looking at what might be the finest wireless speaker
known to man right now. And it is the Devialet Gold Phantom. Now we’re talking about the speaker that has the design of a BMO,
the engineering of a Bose and the ease of use of a Sonos. So let’s take a closer look
at this interesting design. On the front of this
it has a single tweeter which has a design with a
pattern of a frozen raindrop. And surrounding this tweeter is a driver for those mid range sounds. But one of the first
things you’re gonna notice when you look at this speaker
is those lateral subwoofers. And not only do they look
amazing when it’s playing but they sound absolutely awesome. And it’s all because of the
way the cabin is pressurized. Each one of these lateral woofers has the power to move
30 kilograms of weight. Although I highly recommend
you don’t have this too close to anything because whoever
was using this before me has dented one of the lateral woofers. And this is a two grand speaker. So whoever that was nice one, yeah. So when it comes to the onboard controls there’s only one button
which turns the speaker on but it also doubles up
as a pairing button. So when it comes to using the speaker you’re probably gonna use
the app most of the time and it’s really really intuitive. Most of the streaming services
are already integrated into it but you can connect to it directly by your Bluetooth as well. But if you want, you can
get yourself one of these. So the remote control costs about £120. And all you need to do to pair this is literally hover it
over the speaker itself and it will pair. And basically is all it is a dial to change the volume on the speaker. So no forward and back
skip buttons unfortunately. And it kind of looks like face cream. So the Gold Phantom
definitely has some upgrades from the previous version,
the Silver Phantom. And I’m not just talking about
the rose gold on its side. Inside this speaker some of the elements have been upgraded from
aluminum to titanium to help accommodate that 4,500 watts and a higher frequency range. So let’s put the power of the
Gold Phantom into perspective. That 4,500 watts of
power is the equivalent of 281 JBL flip fours. And I made a video on that not so long ago and I was at an event when it had a bunch of JBL flip fours all
playing at the same time. But that’s insane. 281 of these. And also think about 10 Sonos play bars all playing simultaneously. Even that doesn’t match the
power of this single speaker. So when it comes to low end sounds, this thing will really blow your mind. It can reach levels as low as 14 hertz. Which means insanely deep bass. And there’s so many
patterns on the Phantom I could be here talking all day about em. But I haven’t got time for that so let’s just talk about one specific. The ADH amplification method. So basically, Devialet have found a way to combine analog and
digital amplification methods allowing this speaker
to increase its sound at crazy speed with no
distortion or saturation at all. Now if you’re thinking about
getting one of these speakers, one thing to bear in
mind is that this speaker will actually put out a mix stereo sound from the one front facing
driver and the tweeter. So if you really want to
get that stereo experience, I highly recommend you get two of these. But they’re not cheap. If you’re looking for this
one, the Gold Phantom, which is the most powerful, you’re looking at about two and half grand. But if you want to check
out the prices right now, follow the link below this video and that will give you the
most up to date prices. So you’re probably want
to know what I think of this speaker having used
it for a couple of weeks. I must admit, this might
be the very best speaker I have ever tested, ever. The clarity of the music is so amazing. And you’re gonna hear stuff in
songs that you’ve listened to 10,000 times before and it’s because of that crazy frequency range. We’re talking about high
res audio and then some. Because the bass on this thing, the lower ends, are just mind blowing. When this speaker plays,
everybody shuts up. This speaker will quite
literally blow your mind. So I just want to say a
big thank you to you guys for supporting an UK
underdog tech YouTuber. I really really appreciate your support. And a big thank you to Devialet
for hooking this up for me. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you hit the thumbs up to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one. Good time of day. (funky music)


  1. I wonder what the opinion is of audiophiles on this speaker. In the audio world there seems to be a very clear distinction between what audiophiles appreciate (being music should be amplified and resonated as neutral as possible) or what the mass market in general enjoys (overpowered bass in combination with high treble). So, I wonder in which category these speakers falls: it's not because equipment is capable of delivering mind blowing bass they are good speakers. Good speakers should be capable of handling all kinds of music (be it hip hop, techno, rock, jazz, classic) and I do get the feeling these speakers are more orientated towards those who enjoy listening to music in which the bass is the key element. Anyone has an opinion on this speakers when it comes to listening to jazz or classic music and don't appreciate over pronounced bass?

  2. "We're talking about a speaker with… the engineering of a Bose." Hahaha, this dude doesn't even have a clue about how badly he just insulted Devialet with that comparison. Sacrebleu, the Devialet guys must be losing their minds right now! While these boxes of BOOM are just not all that good (admittedly, I've only head the White and Silver, not the Gold, which is said to be an improvement), the one thing you can at least say is that they are far, far superior to anything Bose has ever made (except for their QuietComfort 35 headphones, which are admittedly pretty darn good for what they are).

  3. This IS NOT WORTH the PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no FUCKING WAY why ? I g0t one and……….. πŸ™ it's going back you could build a system that would shit all over it with half the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. never heard one don't have to for my comment.14hz bass is total bs.nothing that size is gonna produce 14hz any useable output anyway.

  5. it seems implausible that a cabinet that small could produce anything anywhere near 14 Hz….even if the cabinet was ported.

  6. This is my favourite speaker, really loud, good bass, and a nicely made video πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜πŸ˜

  7. Diminishing returns. It's nothing but hyperbole, inflation and just overall stinks of some guise like they're trying to be pretentious and "Avant Garde", bs like that. I have never really needed anything that loud for 2k- that will distort at remotley loud volumes (because physics) and that plays MP3 (and if you spend that much one a Bluetooth speaker just to play MP3 you obviously deserve to be ripped off).

    I mean really it would obviously sound not as good compared to my Atmos Home theatre, which costs just slightly less with dedicated subs and etc. However, loudness doesn't equate to quality either- rather the headroom of what you have to works with. Besides, unlike boasting it's audible range in Hz, it doesn't necessarily reflect the tonal quality of what frequencies it works with, meaning potentially it could be entirely spreading itself thin on frequencies you won't hear or care about within the human audible range of hearing.

    For the most part idk how you could shill yourself out and recommend this to the majority of people who will use this to stream; shit in shit out I say, but you aren't going to have better audio beyond what is physically possible from a compressed lossy audio source or just MP3. Fact. Not to say this is inhernetly bad, if you have more money than sense then go for it. Just be warned that this is insanely overkill- and I don't know about you, but this thing looks tacky af. I'd least understand if it was shooting for the "portable", though technically not, shtick but it isn't and begs the question why not get into dedicated audio equipment? You know, that doesn't charge 100$ for freaking basic options! πŸ€­πŸ˜‚.

  8. I actually attended a convention where devialet had a booth with 7 or more of these in a surround configuration. In my honest opinion, I was not impressed with the sound. I think the design is cool and all, but for the same amount of money (if portability is not of concern) I would look elsewhere for better sound quality.

  9. still costs 3000 dollar in europe , the gold one that is
    the normal one is 1800
    for 6000 you can have a much better product then these things , cause you're gonna have to have 2 of them

  10. The Quality is incredible yes. BUT!!. It does lack in overall range. The Devialet (Gold) has two distinct shortcomings, It has fantastic lows, but sacrifices a bit of mid range tone, it has highs but lack in extreme highs. So there's a loss in overall melody and crisp which muddy's the sound quite a bit, That said the speaker is flawless when played loud, no distortion whatsoever, breaking cracking or popping, you get the notion if the speaker did have those extra highs it could easily blow itself. But your ears does register whats missing as if it needs high range satellite speakers. The loss in the mid range melody is due to the focus and strength of its massive low sub range. The vibration simply nullifies the mid tones. But again, one cant coexist fully with the other, the reason why sub woofers speakers are typically created seporate. And thats the key with the Devialet, considering what your getting overall in one unit its amazing but at a slight cost. Lastly is the fact that though its sound is certainly good, it could be more stereophonic, it is one speaker after all, in other words two devialets is best for certain. For the cost the Devialet is worth every penny considering what your getting overall and what a comparable setup would cost. Keeping in mind the devialet is an all in one package. youd have to get a full high quality audio system amps speakers receiver to normally get such quality, and cough up even more if the unit is anything like a visual work of art. The Devialet is fantastic, but at the cost of some melodic tonal range, but im sure if it had what it lacks it couldn't do the amazing things it does, the price paid for astonishing performance.

  11. Almost picked up a used pair of silvers with bridge and volume control for $3200. Did an extensive listening session playing a lot of the music that I know and love. At low volumes, these are fantastic. At higher SPL, they are, well… louder. Rock Concert loud? No. Loud enough to get your neighbor's attention? Yes. The sound quality is very good for the pressure levels that they can achieve, but… there just wasn't enough low end grunt for me. And for that reason, I'm out.

  12. I guess to the average listener who is used to cheap bluetooth speakers playing compressed audio this might sound ok but any one who has real home stereo will laugh at the quality and far fetched claim.$5,000 for two so you can have stereo??WTF, LOL.

  13. Heard they are a sealed unit & cannot be opened making them an expensive paperweight if they go wrong !!!

  14. That doesn't look like a good sounding speaker, it looks more like a crappy speaker with a ton of unnecessary things that makes the cost that high

  15. Yea right 14Hz, if such small thing can produce loud enough 25hz in a room, I'll be impressed. BTW, there is a mid range driver beside the tweeter, the outer ring is the cone. Gotta admit the design and engineering of this thing is awesome.

  16. I'm curious about the Devialet speaker. But more power doesn't equal loudness. More power is mostly more quality sound. And 14Hz is nice but not audible for a human being. Besides this I definitely eager how it sounds in real life.

  17. β€œThe engineering of a Bose” you say that like it’s a good thing, audio products go sooo much beyond this

  18. And no issues with having to repeated reset up. The electric heater coming out of the back. The Dialog hub that allows you to control a stereo pair that after only a month burns the rubber housing and get far too hot to touch. The way you can't know for sure if you put the Gold Phantom into sleep mode as there are no indicator lights. Spark, the application on a PC requires the screen to be 100% scaling. If running from a laptop or tablet at 150% or 200% text size many of the letters are not displayed. Spark should either resize the space for display text or fix the font. I ran the optical out from my PC for s few weeks before Spark refused to run. From a cold boot it claims another copy is already running. As my only fibre optical out (TV and set top recorder are coaxial) I can't use it for movies. The laptop sees the optical set up in the devices as input but it doesn't work. If you remove the mains you have to set it up again – usually. The sound is awesome. Yes I have as good – better for 5+1 surround Meridian active & DPS – but nothing so compact. The input options of Ethernet, Wi-fi and Bluetooth are confusing. Which is it using at any time? Playing internet radio is an immersive experience – e.g. the BBC Radio Prom nights. If Devialet can sort out the faults with Spark I would be very much happier.

  19. You need to have two speakers Phantom to have a better sound experience ! I have listen two a three Devialet Phantom Silver … It was so powerfull and great ! ( I'm french )

  20. So this is a sponsored video then……sigh. I also assumed that you'd been using it for a year, not two weeks. I'm sorry, but you're not going to gain mass subscriptions by using these tactics. Nothing wrong with a sponsored video, but perhaps it needs to be a little bit more obvious from the outset.

  21. I'm fine with an expensive Bluetooth speaker but when they start promoting it with misleading specs they lose all my respect. 4500 watts is peak power which means nothing it can just as well be 100 watts rms. They also claim 0.0005% thd and that also means nothing if they don't say at what power output, it's probably 0.0005% at 0.1 watts or something. I'm not saying it's a bad speaker or that it's overpriced but they have to be honest with the specs at that price point.

  22. 4500w? Peak output maybe. RMS no fucking way. Depending on where you live your wall outlet is only good for an average of 1400-2000w.

  23. Engineering of a bose!!!!! WTF the build quality is far and away better made than any bose product…… If you like beats headphones your'll like this. The compromise is there isn't much mid range, theres a very big whole. Personally id get one of there amps and key ls50.

  24. Does anyone own a pair of the phantom golds with the dialog? I absolutely love the sound, connectivity and look of these speakers HOWEVER, my only concern is longevity. It's a relatively new technology, it is a self powered Bluetooth speaker and from what I hear, impossible to open and repair. I just had a JBL extreme speaker start to have problems ironically a few months after the warranty expired. I'd hate to buy a full Phantom gold set up only to have it start having problems in any way after the warranty expires which would be a huge bummer.

    To the gold/silver owners, have you had any problems? Is it smooth sailing and meeting your expectations and enjoyment?
    Please let us all know.

  25. You know that is only about 200/250w RMS right ? Just sounds loud because the speakers are super efficient, 4500w is Peak lol

  26. Lmfao 4500watts my ass. Thats as much as my pro audio system which cost as much as that and would blow this rip off clear outa the water!

  27. Sorry, I like the thing but I couldn't justify 2.5 to 3 grand on it. This is nothing more than a toy for the millionaire with a few grand to throw away. There are cars I would rather have for the same money, motorcycles, solar panels for the roof of a home, build an extra garage, blacktop the driveway…

  28. What on earth are you talking about: tech like Bose??? Devialet is far ahead of the crowd. Bose makes nothing to compare!

  29. Hi and Happy New Years. I purchase phantom gold. Did your experience on listening on loud volume the gold ornament coming out πŸ€”πŸ§πŸ™ˆ? Thx

  30. Can you measure if it really goes to 14hz ? I like to read spec too but cmon man, 4500watts for 108 db max ? That means a sensitivity of 71dB πŸ˜€ Its no more than 150w.
    But ye i want to see a graph of how it goes to 14hz.

  31. They seriously need to make one of these that has regular RCA or XLR inputs… A high output coaxial speaker that can get down to 20hz would be perfect for nearfield using something like the MiniDSP to flatten out the response.

  32. I am a headphone collector and I'd say this speaker's closest equivalent in my collection is the Beyerdynamic T5P 2nd gen. Such good engineering.

  33. I'm sat here on my PC with 2 Sony 2ft tall 1000w speakers as my pc speakers as i have an odd thing of normal pc speakers are shit i need my version …. im feeling very annoyed i cant get a couple of these! who wants to buy me even one???? πŸ™‚

  34. It was me who dented it i'm verry sorry… I was just so curious how it would feel to sit on it and by balls accidentally dropped on the speaker.

  35. People talk about affordability but never what it takes to create something like this. It’s always about fucking over the inventor.

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