Diamond Fishbone Friendship Bracelet

Diamond Fishbone Friendship Bracelet

Hey, everyone! In this video today, I’m going to be showing you guys how to make this diamond fishbone friendship bracelet. This pattern is extremely easy to segment knot and it works up super fast, so let’s go ahead and jump straight into the tutorial. For this bracelet, you are going to need 4 colors. You will want 2 strings for your left color, 2 strings for your right color, 4 strings for your sort of border color, and then 4 more strings for your inside diamonds. It should be easy to tell that the color you use for your diamonds does not show up as much as the rest of your colors do, so if you’d like to save your string then I would recommend making your diamond strings a little bit shorter than the rest of your strings. So to make about a 5.5″ bracelet, I measured all of my strings to be about 36-37 inches and then I left my middle color a little bit shorter just because I knew that I wouldn’t need it as much as I needed every other string. And be prepared for the most ugly color combination that I’m going to show haha. I just picked up a bunch of different scrap string because you’ll notice that my strings really aren’t that long today, and that’s just because I’m not gonna make a full bracelet out of this; the strings are gonna be so long that they get tangled up in each other and I don’t want to waste so much time separating them while I’m doing that tutorial. I actually used scrap thread from both of these bracelets here. I had long enough string left over from both of these. So, yes, these strings are going to be really short compared to yours, but you want to measure your strings between 35-40 inches depending on how long your bracelet is going to be. So for our color order, we’re gonna go from left to right and what you want to do is first string, border color, then the next 2 strings be your left side color, do your border string again, then the next 4 strings are going to all be your diamond color, then the next string is another border color, the next 2 will be your right side color, then the final string will be your border color. So you can actually kind of already see the layout for our pattern. So the way we’re going to work up this pattern is kind of like a chevron where you do one side and then mirror it on the other. So in that case you kind of want to split all of your strings down the middle. So where we have our four diamond strands, 2 and 2 are going to kind of split off so that way we have this sort of imaginary middle line. So starting on the left side, we are going to take our outermost left strand and we are going to do forward knots on all of our left side strings. So here’s our imaginary line. This is all our left side. So that means you are going to do forward knots on the next 5 strands. So we’re going to pick up our first left color strand and we’re going to do a forward knot onto it. So make your 4 shape and do that twice to make a full forward knot, and then pick up the next string and do that on all 5 of the strands. And now that we have that finished we can keep these off to the side for now because we are now going on to the right side. We are going to mirror exactly what we just did on the left, so we want to take our outermost right strand, which will be our border color, and do 5 backward knots on these 5 strings here until we get it to our sort of imaginary center. So for a backward knot, P shape, do that twice to make a full backward knot. We now have a sort of gap in the middle and we want to close this up. So you want to take your 2 middle strands, which will be your border color, and you want to tie a knot. It doesn’t matter which knot you do because they’re the same color. I prefer doing it forward knot, but you can do a forward knot or a backward knot, you can seriously do whatever you want because they’re the same color. And it does look a little wonky up here, but once you work the pattern up a little bit more it will even out. So now we’re going to come back onto our left side, and this pattern does use all 4 of the friendship bracelet knots, so if you need a more in-depth video on how to do all four of the knots, I will have a video down below. We’re gonna go back to our outermost left strand, which will be the first color of our left side color, and we are going to do 3 forward knots on our next 3 strands. Then, on the next one, we’re going to do a forward-backward knot. So we’re staying in this area, and we’re not knotting over this second border strand. So pick up the string next to your outermost left one and do a forward knot, and then do it 2 more times. Then, on our last diamond strand right here, we are going to be doing a forward-backward knot because we want to keep our left color on the left side and we want the diamond strand to stay as close to the middle as possible. Next, we’re going to go back to our outermost left strand, which will be our second left color, and we are only going to be doing a forward knot onto the strand next to it. And then we’re going to do a forward-backward knot on this next one. Here’s our forward knot. Pick up the next strand and do a forward-backward knot. And now this is how your layout should be looking. We want to get this diamond strand over here, so what we are going to do is we’re going to take this left color that we did in the last row, and we want to do a backward knot on to the strand to the left of it. We are going to now move on to the right side where we will mirror exactly what we did on the left. We are going to take our outermost right strand and we are going to do backward knots on our next 3 strands and then a backward-forward knot. So pick up your strand next to your outermost right strand, do a backward knot, and then do that 2 more times, and then on our fourth strand we are going to do a backward-forward knot. Next, just like before but mirrored, we’re going to take our outermost right strand again, which will be our second right color, and we are going to do one backward knot on the string next to it and then do a backward-forward knot. So here is the backward knot, and then next to it we have a backward-forward knot Then we are gonna jump over to our other right color, the one that we did in the last row, and we are going to do a forward knot on the diamond string to the right of it so that way we can bring it back over farther to the right. And now for our last step we are going to work on our little diamond section right here. So we want to focus on our middle border strands and then the diamond strands both on the left and the right of it. So starting on the left, we’re going to take our left most border strand and we are going to do backward knots on the next 2 of our strands, which will just be our diamond strings. Here’s our first backward knot. And then the second one. And then we’re going to come over to the right side, take our border strand in the middle, and we’re going to do forward knots on both of these diamond strands. And now we’re going to work on our diamond section here, so we are only focusing on our middle 4 strands. There is going to be a slight gap in here, so when we do our forward knot, you want to pull it a little tight and kind of manipulate your strands a little bit so that it kind of fits into this little gap here. So you’re going to take your middle 2 diamond strands and do a forward knot. I like to hold down my base strands that I’m not using and just kind of pull this up really tight so that it sort of just fits in the center. Sometimes that works, sometimes you still get a tiny gap, but that’s totally normal and totally okay. Now that we have that, we’re going to go to our left side, and we just made knots with these middle two strands so I’m going to take the left of those middle strands and do a backward knot on this string next to it. And then come back to the other middle strand and we’re gonna do a forward knot on the string next to it. Then, to close up this little gap and complete our full diamond, we are going to again do a forward knot with our 2 middle strings. And that is all you do for this whole pattern!When you start back from the beginning, where we did our border strands up here, it is going to close all of this in and make a border on it just like you see here. So we started here and we just did this little spot right here. So when you start the pattern over, this line is going to come back and it is going to make this pattern. If I don’t take any breaks, I could actually make this bracelet in like 45 minutes, which is probably the quickest I’ve ever made a bracelet, so that’s really impressive! I think this pattern is pretty cool. So thank you guys so much for watching this video today! I really hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next one!


  1. Perfect timing! I just started making one for a friend but I kinda wanted to segment knot it. I couldn't figure it out, though– until this video.


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