Did Donald Trump win Thursdays CNN GOP Debate in Houston Texas?

Did Donald Trump win Thursdays CNN GOP Debate in Houston Texas?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 26th February 2016 and we
are asking the question who won last night’s CNN GOP Debate in Houston Texas?
Clearly from the start, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz ganged up on front-runner Donald Trump
at what can only be described as a raucous debate in a last-ditch bid to keep the billionaire
from winning victories next week. With Super Tuesday only a few days away, the stakes were
high and Rubio and Cruz were unrelenting in their attacks of Donald Trump.
In addition to the normal accusations of him funding Democrats previously, they attacked
him on Israel, Healthcare, Libya, his Tax Returns, and even his setting up of Trump
University (which was not legally authorised and had to be renamed and refunds issued to
many of its students) where some paid over $30,000 for a property investment course during
which they had a photograph taken with a cardboard cut-out of Donald Trump. His bankruptcies
were raised and perhaps the most powerful of all, his previously employing illegal immigrants
where he was fined $1 million for doing so. In fairness to Trump his retort on the last
attack was excellent when he said I’ve employed tens of thousands of people – you’ve employed
no-one. A brief search this morning on the Internet
shows the following: The Telegraph and Huffingdon Post claim Trump
won the debate Vox.com and Fox Business claim the same.
Conservative Outfitters poll showed Trump won with 63% of the vote.
The Hill.com also put Trump in first place. However, the Atlantic.com stated: “It was
Trump’s worst debate of the campaign, and the defeat came largely at the hands of Marco
Rubio, who hit Trump early and often.” For us the best single line during the whole
affair came from Ben Carson who had been kept out of the debate for so long when he quipped
“Will someone please attack me” – we thought that was sheer magic.
So who do you think won the debate? Are these pundits right? Did the Donald win and what
does this mean for the outcome on Super Tuesday? We would appreciate your thoughts and views.
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  1. I think Trump is going to take at least 10 of the 12 states, and there is one territory involved also. Given the mood of this nation, it could be a clean sweep which would eliminate Cruz, Trump will get most of those people. Rubio is pretty hated in Florida, so when that comes up, he is gone.

  2. No matter what they say , the GOP simply do not get it… No matter what these people say about him ,and whether he does or does not have policies, people are so sick of the establishment, that they just want him to take them down, because the people want to see someone else ,with an alternate view, to be given the chance to change the course of the country's decline . People are not that stupid that they think everything has been going so well since the disastrous immigration policy change brought about in 1965 by the Kennedys, This was done simply to change the demographics to allow them to build a welfare dependent immigrant base from 3rd world countries, at the expense of those traditional immigrants from white western countries.. Nice job there Kennedys…

  3. I found it comical when Rubio was emphasizing to trump, that not everything is a real estate deal with regards to Israel Palestine. When it kind if is a real estate deal.

  4. Rubio lost whatever support he had awhile ago when he supported illegal aliens "right" to invade the states… His true colors were seen near and far at that time, even though he has tried on many occasions to walk those statements back. With the exception of the Miami area, he has no real support through the once great state of Florida. Also there are rumors of Rubio being gay and working as a male escort in his younger years as well, apparently someone has some sort of blackmail material on him… (No joke!)

    Rubio is just another Rhino, and Trump will smash him!

  5. I'm wondering what Trumps thoughts on the bank bailouts are, he seems to believe in bankrupcy. In regards to who won i would only tune in if i was paid in 1 oz of silver. Speaking of silver big bounce in the ratio already making it to around 82.

  6. i believed that Mr. Trump is going to be the presidential nominee…the fact that he is the only candidate that speaks his mind and he's not scared of saying what almost all politicians don't want to say…eg.. the wall on the boarder and also the fact that there are no politicians squeaky clean my friends…all of them has something bad to hide…it just happens that it all comes out during campaign…so don't really know if Mr Trump is dirty or clean but i rather have him President of USA because i truly know that he will do all what he says and the fact that Mr Trump is funding all his campaigns to me is very monumental unlike all the candidates…i mean all…so whether you like Mr Trump or not it's your right to choose…goodluck

  7. Saw clips of the debate – they are misleading to say the least – Donald did not hire any illegals, perhaps the management of one or a few of his many business did, Donald did not go Bankrupt, one of his many many business did…this happens when you own so much dauh…..and as CEO you are not aware of everyone or everything that's going on with 20 or 30 different business interests…he held his own and did a good job…..

  8. I understand that confidence is the defining trait of both the candidate and his followers, however I have a question…

    Given the open hostility between trump and the gop establishment, if trump is somehow marginalized by the establishment to the point he is no longer the delegate leader and, by extension, not the parties nominee, will you vote for cruz or rubio, or will you decide to sit this one out due to your frustration?

  9. That was Rubio's last gasp. He is losing in his home state of Florida, by double digits. Trump will get all 99 delegates. As far as Cruz, he's just an afterthought now. America's majority has already spoken. Super Tuesday will quiet the doubters

  10. I personally think the Republican party are a joke right now. The last time a Republican won an election it was stolen both times he also lost the popular vote. When jeb bush told trump that he guaranteed he would not be the president that told me all I needed to know. Why after 3 states would jeb drop out of the election process. getting 30% of the Republican vote does not make you a winner only In a diluted market would it. By the way I shorted gold at 1258 and silver 15.92 and I am glad I did. when Jim Cramer tells me to buy it sell. I do not look for the metals to get stronger only weaker from here. If the Republicans give trump there blessing they handed it to Clinton

  11. CNN, you controlling MFers!!! So disappointed in you! Unfairly slicing up the Texas debate into controlled out of context sound bites, instead loading the entire debate on YouTube, so we can make up our own minds. Manipulators!!! AND then, you've disabled the comment section on Trump's sound bite, also conveniently showing an unappealing picture of him. What happened to fair and balanced news?! CNN is just another corrupt form of news, too much power for too long as made them 'absolutely corrupt'.

  12. Carson's line. A moment of shear brilliance.
    I definitely wouldn't call this Trump's best performance rather it turned in to a mob assault of Trump but the attack has come so late into the game that even if well executed the attack smells of desperation. They needed to take it much more seriously back in South Carolina by this point they would actually need to get Trump to visibly cower in the debate to get a real win on him. So in effect it think it would be most accurate to say that "Trump did not loose the debate."

  13. Nice dip in silver began just as you were uploading this…a corresponding 1¢ rise in CDN vs USD made it that much nicer!

    Seems to be holding at about the $14.70 US / $19.90 CDN mark at the moment…

    Based on the many "predictions" that run along the lines of "once it's past $17.00, we're off to the races", it appears that the starting gate is being slide a little further back down the track, today…but a better day today to pick up a few ounces than yesterday, to be sure.

    Can't wait to hear your opinions on the weekend wrap-up! d=O)

  14. No one wins. We all lose with this type of juvenile nonsense passing for serious debate of issues. We are down to bread and circuses (heavy on the circuses part) .

  15. That debate was sooooo crazy..lol..I was laughing a lot of the time..but it was out if control at times…..I'm not sure who won, but I think Cruz and Rubio got under Trumps skin a few times..I don't agree with Trump on everything, but this country can NOT afford socialist Hillary or Bernie…so I will definately be voting for Trump if he is the nominee..I don't think my first choices (Cruz or Carson) will win the nominee unfortunately..Trump is like an unstoppable freight train right now..and just got a Chris Christie endorsement today to boot ..Even if Rubio or Cruz "won" that debate, I don't think it will have much of an affect on Trumps winning streak..it seems like wether Trump has an "ok" debate or a great debate, he wins regardless..;)

  16. I'm not quiet sure about trying to link Donald Trump in your brainwashing technique. Donald Trump had to play babysitter to 2 embasills, because Rubio, and that lier Cruz were focused on discrediting Mr. Trump, instead of addressing the issues at hand ! The 2 morons were acting like children. Oh, Trump said my name. TAG YOUR IT ! Are you shiting me ! It was like watching rubio, who's done nothing in his career. except make a total ass of him self. Then there's Cruze, who sound's like hes always talking through his nasal cavity when he opens his mouth to speak. Carson, and Trump would make a great team together ! I forgot what the other guy's name is. It doesn't matter either will the voters when they go to vote. DONALD TRUMP WINS AGAIN !! bY THE WAY. MR. TRUMP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ILLUMINATI IN ANY WAY! THAT'S FOR SURE !!

  17. I also heard a rumor that Rubio takes serious drugs. Probably why he missed senate votes. Trump probably heard this too and maybe that's the reason why he cracks water jokes against Rubio.

  18. It's concerning to hear Donald Trump say he wont let anybody die on the street. With his medical plan he has for this country. Then he says he would get rid of the EPA. We don't have the EPA. Who's going to prevent things like the tragedy that is going on in Flint Michigan, here in 2016 Where the governor has declared a state of emergency. Due to its citizens becoming extremely ill even have and lead poisoning. From their water being too contaminated. Experts say there is at the very least 19 other states facing similar problems if not worse. That's a lot of cities towns country. That is facing their water being polluted, contaminated. Nobody's mentioning it. Let alone a solution. Another issue nobody's bringing up, is the 17 million children American young citizens. That go hungry each and every day. All year long. Nobody's mentioning the 200,000 children that are going to be abducted this year. Nobody's mentioning that there is a child born every hour upon the hour. Every day all year long in this country of America. Addicted to drugs or alcohol. Other countries don't have these problems. We can learn from that. And our citizens will benefit from the learning. You as a person as a citizen. Have the opportunity to prevent these type of leader neglect. By presenting questions and solutions. I have solutions too many of the major problems this country faces. And they are so simple fast and effective. That other countries will adopt. Some of the solutions for sure. Wish or pray… For the leaders to be held spiritually accountable. For the laws be put in place.

  19. Donald J. Trump won and big! Two idiots, cruz & rubio is NOT what we the people of this country want in our white house. They were a disgrace and this is why we do not want any more dishonest politicians…..period.

  20. Donald Trump is the only candidate that is talking about doing something for the American people.  The other candidates just keep attacking Trump and aren't talking about the issues any longer.  I think it's over.  I just wish we could all support him, so we can get him elected!

  21. How many time does the news need to ask the same questions. Got you  .  Got you.  Dam guys Trump said on Friday 26, 16 .  He does not like David Duke.  Stop asking the same questions over and over trying to go you.  Why don't you talk about it as long as your Airplane crashes.

  22. GOD WILL LEAD Donald TRUMP to President and it is happening now, you can go on & on &on with your silly moves, it won't work, God bless Trump & God bless AMERICA.

  23. Trump donate to every elected politician, hire them, and sit down with each one, and take charge. Take stimulus money and buy the media, and use a counter move on our military industry and payoff the powers to be ,to consolidate our military hardware–effective hardware that cost less but more effeccient. setup 5 million drones that each can carry a smart mini bomb, and have a 14 year old kid commanding it.Prefer a Ganeboy player!!! Enhance the 2nd amendment by giving license to every registered gun owner to carry a gun. Give all cops machine guns with pepper bullets. Create by stimulis a solar grid as big as texas to feed all states. Have Christie run it. Imagine 1 billion solar panels!!!!!! Use wind power to cool off las vegas, and dont forget to dig a multi huge canal from the ocean through the desert so we can get natural salt and use the water to distibute to our farmers. Farmers we need to grow more coffee beans!!!!!!!!!

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