Digital IPTV and Copper Headend – Custom Headends from Toner Cable

Digital IPTV and Copper Headend – Custom Headends from Toner Cable

good morning Bob Jenkins from toner
cable here wanna talk to you a little bit more
about custom headends that we do here at toner cable today I want to talk to you about some
of things were doing with the federal government side right here we have one headend, single
rack unit that we’re developing for a customer to do 14 channels of digital IPTV and copper distribution.
in this particular headend we’ve got some different things going on.
were using some DirecTV to bring in some of the content that we’re
distributing both IP and copper as well as in-house digital signage
that we’re doing for the customer as well so that they can do PowerPoint
presentations or just over all things that are going
on in their facility and they can load that content every day
and play something different to send out in that distribution. so we feed these
devices via the network which in turn feed our encoders to
encode that to a format so that we can get that out to IP and copper in this particular case for using the
ASI outputs of our encoders to a multiplexer. then our multiplexers
will that content and turn it into an IP stream and the IP streams will go into a network switch which in turn go into our edge QAM to
turn it around copper so now I have the ability to take this
particular system and run it both IPTV for the network in
the building as well as copper distribution

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