Dimash добро пожаловать в K-POP / Новый Корейский продюсер / BTS / Беседа #43 [SUB]

Dimash добро пожаловать в K-POP / Новый Корейский продюсер / BTS / Беседа #43 [SUB]

Hello dear friends of the Echo of St. Petersburg channel from around the world! We are glad to see you welcome!
Today is our Friday talk. Will be summarize the outgoing week. Hi DEARS from Korea! Wow! What language is it in? In Korean, I said hello to everyone
Korean dears. I hope, what right said because i
visited, I attended Korean language courses when he studied in Korea. But I did not study very well there. But you understood by people who on
went outside? Well, of course. for example “hello,” for example, I’m a taxi driver
said “to the right, please,” but on this knowledge is actually limited. Expensive taxi in Korea? Yes, good. There is several categories of cars, so something like ours. As we have in Yandex – economy, premium, business? Well, something like that. Is the taxi business good there? I never went, I the student was therefore not
It turned out, but in general Korea is very cool the country, I really liked it there, very kind people there and most importantly, the music is there, as far as I know, it is very fast evolving and there are very cool
performers. They are all big professionals, they can sing and
dance and they are there such a way of life lead, you know, ascetic. That is, they only think about the next concert, only about next clip. Workaholics are shorter? How is Dimash? By the way. Real
professionals and workaholics. Therefore, I think that it is not without reason that the stars agreed so well that Dimash last week posted a photo on his instagram that begins close cooperation with
Korean composer and producer. Song Kwan Sik to honor this gentleman. Well, the most interesting is that firstly they
met in China but this is a korean producer,
who works in the largest entertainment SM Entertainment Corporation,
it’s like Warner Brothers, Disney, that is everything connected with production in the field of entertainment industry in general and we know what K-POP really is today is one of the most popular music subcultures, areas that conquer, in my opinion, generally all countries. In our Russia too. I’ve been talking to children and teenagers very often, they’re all crazy on K-POP. I ask my parents: “Well, English already studying? “. And they say:” No, everyone is studying Korean now. “And why? To understand their favorite artists that
work in the genre of K-POP. And even in the world ranking, including the American one, Taylor Swift, such American country singer, very young, at 29 she already has a grammy. She here
right in the first place and now in the second place is already the BTS group,
one of the most popular bands in Korea. Well there really happened
straight mix of genres. Koreans took all the best, everything
this case was hindered, transferred these are youth and made of them
“Idol”, that is, beautifully made up. And here youth, what does she like? She loves to dance, she loves to look cool and she loves fashion get dressed and it shot! Well, just like backstreet boys used to be spice girls and I can tell you that in Korea
such collectives as BTS – they are not alone thing, there are a lot of them, but
some of them are just cooler. Here such as BTS. They are superstars
probably all over the world already now. And the rest – they are .. there is a little easier, there is a little better, but that’s it about the same level. There is no such imbalance, such as ours. We have just really good groups, boy bands, which are generally not clear how appear, and then it’s not clear how they disappear, but there are some better ones, but of course we are up to Korea – like the moon! I think that’s why Dimash, as a person who collects all the most advanced, all the best, just and decided to collaborate with Korean
producer to learn from the best experience Korean music industry, huh? And I think that he generally has every chance to catch on in this
direction. Did he perform rap at the Singer contest? Performed! As for vocals – he has all the genres, all notes, without labor! Well, we all know
that Dimash was repeatedly nominated on “The most beautiful face of Asia.” That is, everything converges here in order to become number one and also in this direction. We have to regret “BTS”. Do you think they should go now to retire? Dimash move them? I’m afraid yes! They have a very powerful competitor.
Vanya, but there’s a moment all the same, the Korean “K-POP” – it’s right away
group, this is not one person. Usually there are 5-6 people. Yes, 7.9 people. And Dimash is alone. Here’s what to do in this situation? But we know that Dimash can be multi-faceted! Yes, he can perform batches immediately. Yes, firstly, a few parties, then he is a great actor, he can be and sad and funny and evil, like in “Olympico” and therefore with such a palette of colors, he can be completely alone and this will be enough! Only a very powerful make-up artist is needed, as in Formula 1, when they change wheels in 2 seconds – also
should make-up artists work which make reincarnation of Dimash. Well, or a good song! And a good song, but I I’m sure that the Korean producer will definitely cope with this task, and if not – will call Igor Krutom. Well, I think if they do collaboration and Igor Krutoy
write a Korean song, then it will be something cool! And then there is a great and very
eminent poet, huh? This is the poet who writes poems? Yes. Or a poet
Mikhail Gutseriev. Maybe he will interesting to try it yourself
direction? Yes listen, here we are right gave a bunch of good directions where you can dream up. Friends, write yours options – how can it go
Dimash’s cooperation with Korean producer, and we move on to the next news. Dimash is already in Sochi.
Today there is a holiday, opens in the “WOW Arena”. The platform is said to be super cool,
capable of any kind of event to carry out, starting from concerts, ending with corporate events. And immediately after opening this arena right on the next day will be held tournament
mixed martial arts. Class! Well, like fight there, fights without rules? Yes.
I’m thinking Dimash one day declared or in two days?
He also seems to know karate. Yes! So anyway I saw
photos. Dears met him with open
hugs, as expected, Dimash happy. But the most important thing is
in Sochi, the weather is 22 degrees Celsius! Probably even more you can swim! Residents of Sochi are lucky! But you know, here from this heat – from it they quickly
get tired. It seems to me that all Sochi simply They dream of coming to rainy Petersburg and cooling off for a week. Yeah! Here today we have such good weather – fog, rain, wind, drizzle, so very so nice, you walk right in the face. Everyone has such a sad mood. Yes here this is gray on the street, well, that’s cool! Then now autumn begins, and autumn this is the most fruitful time for poets, for those people who are engaged creativity. Therefore it is super! Everybody doesn’t like autumn but many came to Petersburg just to create, and for example, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin.
Well, you directly touched on a good topic! 19 October will be the day of the lyceum in which Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin studied and we will have a thematic
transmission on this subject, so be sure subscribe to the channel and put a bell so as not to miss this breathtaking video! I will say that this is for special
categories, for connoisseurs, those who read books, for those who know who Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin is. Listen, but it seems to me that on our channel everything is like that, Vanya! I also think I comments when I read – I notice that most of course we highly intelligent people and very well educated. Absolutely with you I agree! So, last week Vanya and I discussed a presentation the video that was released by Dimash,
dedicated grand concert on December 10 at
New York but I know that it’s interesting – with us
Petersburg I often ride the subway and see there are already posters by Dimash Kudaibergen about the upcoming concert, and how they were dealing directly with advertising here
New York How many were there? How interesting are people responding to this ad? Those who live, those who are in the know – Please, write. Because we read all these comments and in my section “Waiting for you”, I have such a wonderful section where I read the coolest
comments, be sure to read what you will write to me. Well these were the most
great news in the field of music, culture and art of the past week.
It is time to discuss our achievements channel Echo of Petersburg. We work friends for you every day, trying to release some good movies, clips, and I think it makes sense to run too fast according to the results. In our film library is small? Yes! I got a movie about the teacher Dimasha, vocal coach of Marat
Aytimova, received a lot of pleasant reviews, thank you very much! Thanks
again the comments of our dear friends, I found out whether this is such
Eastern culture, or something else, but it turns out that the man who took place himself, here
achieved some mastery – this is not yet great achievement! It is very important that you educate your successor and only case you honor and all the honors. AND very cool that just at Marat
Aytimov it turned out that he took place and himself, as a musician, and he managed yet
bring up more than one generation of students, because Svetlana Aitbaeva,
Dima’s mother, she also studied with Marat Aitimova. I know what I can say, there is eastern wisdom, which says that in order to become an expert in some business you need not just learn yourself, but you need to transfer your knowledge to someone else and only then … well, that is so – you study first, then you do it yourself and then you teach someone. AND
only then do you become an expert. Accordingly, we can congratulate the respected Marat Aitimov! Marat Aga. With what he has now become
an expert. Yes! And accordingly, here Dear Dimash Kanatovich – he has now learned from Marat Aitimov, he is now fulfills, right? Yes! And in the end he will need to teach someone. Yes, I think there will be a lot of people wishing! There is, by the way, one worthy candidate! Yes? Yes! This is a young guy who will go to the Junior Eurovision – Yerzhan! Well, yes, he has repeatedly stated that Dimash Kudaibergen is his idol, he is equal to him and the songs that he takes are very complicated always. That’s what a guy’s character means!
I propose moving on to another interesting topic, namely three wonderful videos that were released on our channel for songs: Karatorgai, Sagyndym Seni, and Golden.
Three wonderful works, each in its own way interesting. I want to tell you a little
story about clip “Karatorgay”. When I studied
it turns out The author of this song is the famous Akan Seri. it folk singer, akyn, composer, he died in 1913. They say that he too there was a very interesting lyrics and just in this he first told the story of his famous hunting bird, her name was just Karatorgai that
in translation means “Black Sparrow.” He affectionately called him that. Sparrows. This song binds him
love to hunting bird and tells
his tragic fate. He reflects, philosophizes, on how much fleeting today. In that
flying bird he reflects all sadness, longing for past years. At
us, a slightly different interpretation. There, too, there is a beautiful golden eagle and a young boy who has a bird trains, teaches. I already told this story. When I was at “Nomad Time” I found out how reverent the Kazakhs are to the hunting animals
bird, dog, his faithful boredom. These are the basics for a true horseman. Without them nowhere. When I read the book “The Way of Abai” there was a moment. Universal longing attacked Abai. is he didn’t know how to entertain myself and
just said the words hunt abay got up and like “Black Sparrow”
went to unknown distances. And the hunt at the Kazakhs lasts for several days. They are not the whole forest mowing do not return. There is the steppe ?! And they went to the mountains. Into the mountains? Yes. I would like to see how such “Sparrows” hunt. Very interesting. What I saw from the shots of this hunt, there he soars, aim like that! Yes! And there, and it turns out they train this bird for a very long time, and now it reads that this is how the teacher is very important in music, the person who is also very important here I raised this bird, trained it there
some fabulous prices for these birds offer. I still know what I remembered – your acquaintance with the birds. With golden eagle on the Nomad Time. It was cool too! Listen, she is so healthy! I say to this hunter: “Let’s put her on the arm.”, And he says: “You will not restrain her!”. She just says how the horse sits on your arm and I he wanted to plant it like that, and he says that we need a special glove be sure to dress, because they are very such powerful birds. They drag foxes, Vanya! They take it like this and bring it to the forest. Of course, when we will be somewhere in Almaty, here it will be necessary to hunt with someone directly. So far, the idea has not left me – spend a month here in such conditions, in a yurt and so that it is not there Internet, there was no electricity, only the steppe, horse, koumiss. Listen, then there’s still a whole
barnyard hold and do
what is called cattle breeding, farming in
Generally engaged. And the work, Vanya, in the steppe a lot of! First to the pasture of all
drive away, then milk the mares, then beat koumiss, oh you can do all day. Yes, I need a wife! One can’t handle it like that! And not one, Vanya! Here we have in the Leningrad region – I went, quickly planted potatoes, through I’ve dug up for six months and everything is fine. Dug out what the neighbors have not dug up yet and you can live! Listen yes! Well, about the “Sagyndym Seni” too I want to say. It turns out that Vanya, 20 years ago, Kanat performed this song for Svetlana Aitbaeva! By the way, this is probably one of the reasons why they chose this song for clip. It is so beautiful and romantic and
I heard that many singers tried perform this song, but it was Dimash Kudaibergen who managed to make this songs are a real hit! This song is about
strong love, but apart. About love on distance. And Dimash again with the help of of his talent, he sang this song brilliantly, but again there were people who say: “Why is the scene of the video in Germany? Why not in Kazakhstan? Why not in the steppe? “. Friends, Dimash People’s Artist of the World, they listen to him. in all countries of the world and we as a channel,
which broadcasts on a hundred and eighty five countries, we want to make a clip so that in all countries of the world, where they listen to Dimash Kudaibergen
saw some shots of their country. Therefore we dwell on
we will not be achieved! Send your options – which country in the near future would you like to see on a song Dimash Kudaibergen. By the way, there are so many countries who watch us and by viewing time – they have a high viewing depth, well, that is, they watch all the videos to the end and I can tell you that one of these countries is Burundi. Come on? Yes, these are our excellent students! There are very few of them, but we convey a big hello to Burundi, because they watch and watch our videos always to the end! Oh! By the way, here I am saying burundi wanted to say that on
actually Dimash sings many songs also in different languages, but sometimes
write that we don’t always have subtitles the right ones. Mistakes, huh? Yes, what is the meaning of the translation is distorted. Yes, and I thought that if
someone can for example translate from Kazakh to Russian or from others
languages ​​into Russian, into English, into french then we could then
use a better version translation and we now opened the way on our channel the opportunity for everyone to a person to offer his version of the translation, and if someone can do it well literary version and right
pick up the words then we of course we can translate it all into different languages, and then in Japan and in Burundi, although Burundi probably understand
French, or maybe English, in general we we can translate into all languages ​​in which we have subtitles and all people in all over the world will be able to understand the meaning of the song more correctly. And by the way, since we talking about languages, they wrote to us in
comments. Dear Tanya Korcin, such quite a large letter and she asks us to help. The fact is that in New York at a concert Dimash will perform songs not only on English, but also in Russian, in
Kazakh. Not everyone will understand especially Americans, for example, they don’t always speak Kazakh, not always They speak, for example, Chinese and Russian. And she asks us to help make such small brochures with translation of songs on five main languages. This is probably French, Spanish, Russian, Kazakh, English. In general, it will be necessary to look at which five languages, but in general, if friends
can any of you translate for example, the song “Karatorgai” in English, Russian, French, German, write to us please, we will make such brochures, put them somewhere on the internet where
everyone can download and I hope that then at a concert when american
Newly made dears will come – they will listen to Dimash’s songs and will be able to
see, understand what is sung in this song and maybe even a little sing along. And since you started talking about the concert Dimasha in America, then I think that with the St. Petersburg concert we are somehow together with you we can handle it, cover it and make the report, but to America it’s not known yet whether we get there or
no, so we throw a cry: If you want to become a representative of the Echo of Petersburg channel if you want your the report was shown on our channel, then please write to us by mail, we we’ll give a special reference and let’s
make friends and make a good movie about this wonderful concert.
Ну и клип “Golden”. Про него что сказать? That there we put footage of Korea on this song. Again, for sure, many people even now will not remember what kind of song it is, so it was worth would, Vanya, also tell. To turn out to be this song, Dimash opened a concert at Arnau. I also forgot now, but here
when we found this song – I remembered that so it was and the cadres of Korea that accompany this a song is also such a tribute to dating Dimash with Korean industry. He has a Korean producer, so hello to Korea! Salem Korea! or they are “Anjon Haseyo Korea!”. I think Koreans, dear Koreans, how It says, dear fellow Koreans! I don’t know how to say it right. Comrades Koreans! Yes, they will watch this video and they so the first thing happens
acquaintance with Dimash, if they are still not met, which is unlikely! Who knows! You see, they have “BTS” there, they have “Gangnam Style” there, and all the Korean guys. But getting to know Dimash is nobody
leaves you indifferent so go ahead! And we will meet with you next Friday, bye! See you soon! Bye everyone!


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    Porém, estou preocupada com Dimash. Peço a Deus que dê a ele sabedoria para perceber que o Sistema está pretendendo transformá -lo em um produto capaz de alavancar a venda de outros produtos.
    Isto acontece muito com atletas, no Brasil, principalmente com jogadores de futebol. O resultado desta exposição através do marketing direcionado para a venda de produtos, por muitas vezes tem causado danos à carreira de atletas e artistas.
    Grande abraço. Gosto muito do seu canal.

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    We need a few million more like Dimash and there would only be Peace. (I get very emotional and I do not know why. This happens since I first saw him in a video of SOS from THE SINGER in 2017.)
    I watch your videos with English subtitles and I thank you for the story behind the song of Love Is Like A Dream. I always like to know the real story.
    I like your program, I loved the poem you read a few days ago by Pushkin, if I am correct, I love your respect you have for Dimash and other Artists.
    Thank you so much from THE USA, near Chicago, ILLINOIS
    (My Grandparents all came to the USA around 1910, they had to leave Russia) so my Heritage is Russian. I have had to look up a lot of Russia’s History on my own because of the times growing up in the 50’s-70’s when things were volatile.
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