Dirty Dining: 10 kitchens ordered shut, including Pollo Tropical

Dirty Dining: 10 kitchens ordered shut, including Pollo Tropical

welcome back in tonight’s dirty dining something seen at one restaurant took our own crew by surprise and they see a lot oh yes they do and that wasn’t the LA eatery that laid it on the list here’s logo 10 investigator Jeff fine SIA wears white outcome well that’s lovely we couldn’t believe our eyes there it was roasted duck just hanging next to a wide open back door the flies were in heaven that is not good we’re at side Chinese Szechuan restaurant at 12:42 northeast 160 3rd Street across from the mall last week inspectors were here based on a complaint found 28 violations the door is wide open and there’s flies flying around everywhere it’s just open for now ok the duck was eventually removed and placed in bins after we raised questions among the 28 violations found here last week live and dead roaches were found in the dining room on a shelf with clean glasses plates and utensils dead roaches were spotted in sanitizing solution in a sink rodent droppings were found in the kitchen a stop sale was issued on fried rice noodles chicken and pork dead a roach problem a few doors down bamboo garden the state also ordered this place shut I’m sorry I wanted to talk to somebody about a dead mouse SP things been corrected I know everything’s been corrected but a dead mouse like we said you know things happen but we’re making an effort to have everything corrected among the 14 violations found here a dead mouse found in the dining room behind an ice machine droppings were found in the kitchen by a sink bamboo garden was also were shut in 2016 this isn’t the first time we’ve been here like I said we’ll continue to make an effort to maintaining our final stop this very busy Toyo tropical in Miramar isn’t it over there you need to call okay you need something can we talk to somebody who works here this poyo is located on Miramar Parkway next to i-75 inspectors were here based on a complaint and found nine violations dead roaches were found next to to go bags at the front counter roses droppings were found next to a water heater and under soda boxes all the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and then a rien spec ssin jeff wine seer local 10 News


  1. I’m pretty sure this happens every where, but the ducks hanging out to dry while the flies feast. That place should be shut down!

  2. Pollo tropical restaurant is a great place to eat out and enjoy. Nasty people eat out everywhere and carry roaches from their places and it happened to escape. This is defamation of a great eat out restaurant. I'm sure they are nasty McDonald's and KFC go report on them instead 😐.

  3. πŸ‘€Not surprised. I lived in Florida for 5+yrs, Tampa, Florida. I was paying for a luxury condo with an adjustable rate, but living in a Barn with all the smells, bugs and lack of good hot plumbing…. Restaurants, forget about it. You will eat roaches if you eat takeout!πŸ‘€Its cooked in the food. Lastly, if they have been previously shut down 10+ times already, you might as well boil a pot of roaches -soup for yourself!πŸ‘€ No lie! They have outside roaches!πŸœπŸ€πŸœπŸžπŸžπŸŒπŸžπŸœ

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