1. This restaurant is not only dirty but the staff is so arrogant. The manager once told me literally " to suck a d**k" when I told him about his employees re filling pre-served rice into their rice pot. They reuse the spoon and forks after a gentle cold wash, without any soap. The plates are always cleaned without soap and you can verify that by seeing marks on the plate from the earlier use. The arrogance is beyong control to the manager. They believe every person that comes to eat there should overlook these crazy violations.

  2. Oh, so that's what those fan things are for when they have fans blowing on you whenever you walk into some stores of restaurants. I always thought maybe they had something to do with humans and blowing stuff off of them like pet dander or to keep excess dust from being brought into the place. Now I know why the Jack in the Box at Grapevine, Ca. has one of those. There happens to be a large cow ranch near there.

  3. Note to self: Stay away from ALL ASIAN restaurants. Dirty unsanitary people! They don't give a Sh!t. All they care about is making money.

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