Dirty Dining confronts man accused of illegal dumping

Dirty Dining confronts man accused of illegal dumping

throughout as being called a nuisance and the owners are facing close to $10,000 in fines not only have they refused to get a required dumpster but neighboring businesses say someone from this restaurant has been dumping trash including rotting food waste on their property tonight local 2 News investigator Jeff wines here confronts the owner of this popular barbecue restaurant in his responses well they may just shock you you know it was constantly full been a Roth was on a mission to find out who was filling her dumpster and our tenants started telling us about seeing a strange vehicle over there dumping just nasty putrid rotten meat Roth manages a bunch of warehouses in Lauderhill that dumped food waste was attracting rodents tenants described a vehicle they kept seeing blue white and silver vehicle a truck one day Benny spotted that truck on the property I started yelling at him that I was calling police the guy kind of jumped in his truck and he he took off Roth followed the pickup truck to a nearby restaurant my sexy pictures father and son it was father and son smoke Co truck barbecue yes we went to father and son smoke till you choke barbecue we spotted that pickup truck the bed was full of garbage just like Roth said this truck going around dumping your garbage and other people’s dumpsters I have no idea his name is gene cross he owns the restaurant in the truck today we confronted him several times on the issue where have you been dumped in your garbage at my mother’s house father and son is located between sunrise and Oakland Park Boulevard on State Road 7 in Lauderhill I run a professional busier does he really back in March this city of Lauderhill issued cross a violation for trash on the property and for not having a dumpster code enforcement fines have now reached nine thousand five hundred dollars the state is well aware of the issue as well they were here in May June July and earlier this month cross was cited all four times the state says this was a public health hazard which could cause a rodent issue how come you don’t have a dumpster I’m having just told you this so you haven’t had one well listen are you eternal are you you’re a television reporter how come it hasn’t been here you’re not gonna come in to try to criticize my business on national TV was I thank you guys for being a public storage facility right next door has placed eight rodent bait stations up against the fence Joe the city $9,000 I talked to them Boyer who’s your lawyer you my dad’s a lawyer good and take a look at this days after we confronted cross all of a sudden there’s a dumpster I’m not hating on you you just got to play by the rules maybe so but for some neighbors gene cross has been leaving behind a bad taste for months in Lauderhill Jeff won seer local 10 News


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