Dirty Dining discovers Sea Siam’s deception in Pinecrest

Dirty Dining discovers Sea Siam’s deception in Pinecrest

welcome back was a South Florida restaurant trying to mislead the public when they posted signs all over the outside of the restaurant saying the staff is on vacation well the owner says no but our cameras found staff hard at work cleaning the place up after being ordered shut local 10 News investigator Jeff wines here has what you need to know before you head out to eat in tonight’s dirty dining report the signs on the outside claim the staff is on vacation that see Siam will be opened again on Wednesday but inside we actually found staff hard at work cleaning but everybody was on vacation the truth is among the bold and bright signs that line almost every window claiming vacation there is this smaller one put up by a state inspector you see this alleged vacation wasn’t scheduled see Siam was actually ordered shut you’re ordered shut by the state yes it you’re the manager yes do you think that’s a little misleading maybe maybe inspectors were recently here based on a complaint found thirty violations live and dead roaches were found in the dining room the kitchen at the sushi bar there was mold and an ice bin and on soda dispensing nozzles this is a vacation if I see the word vacation I think everything’s okay okay I think that kid and everything’s not okay yeah I know it’s not okay see Sam’s owner says he’s using this closure to remodel okay but you don’t think that the signs are mislead like you know if it’s his I’m a lily sorry I’m not mean it after the interview those vacation signs were taken down rodents roaches we know ego-dystonic and you find somebody who speaks English we move across from tropical part to tropical Chinese on bird road inspectors were also here based on a complaint among the 25 violations rodent droppings were found in the kitchen dead roaches were found in a napkin dispenser at the cook line and at the bar managers here yet she’s gonna be here tomorrow okay come tomorrow tomorrow yeah there’s no manager at all on duty right now it’s just that she’s she’s by the rules you’re supposed to have a manager on she’s on her way here a manager never showed up our final stop to North Miami Beach just east of the mall at 160 third Street is chef Lewis’s corner inspector noted an objectionable odor and the establishment because there was raw sewage on the ground backing up through the floor drains and sinks in fact the inspector wrote quote entire kitchen is covered with sewage sewage was coming up through the floors there was it were you here Oh speak English doesn’t speak English okay all the places mentioned we’re allowed to reopen following an order to clean up and then every inspection Geoff wine serum local 10 News

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