Dirty Dining features Fort Lauderdale restaurant with 5 dead rodents

Dirty Dining features Fort Lauderdale restaurant with 5 dead rodents

well it’s been a busy week for our local tender tea dining cameras on the menu this week we have everything from a restaurant owner caught misleading the public to a landmark restaurant where not one not two but five dead rodents were found oh boy and that’s not all two restaurants backed by LeBron James also ordered shut last week investigator Jeff wines here has what you need to know before you head out to eat you can come and talk to me if you like privately without the camera sorry David Cohen not gonna happen you’re busted did you lie to customer so but you weren’t shut for an electrical issue no that’s what it said on the outside of your building Jeff Cohen owns bagels and company at a hundred and tenth and Biscayne Boulevard it’s in North Miami he was ordered shut last week by the state after a roach problem was found in his kitchen but take a look at the sign placed on the front door that is very different I have an electrical had a lunch problem but that’s not why you were close among the 15 violations found here live roaches were crawling on a wall behind a prep table and they were also in the bagel prep area we moved to a Fort Lauderdale landmark Betty’s soul food restaurant and barbecue has been around for some 40 years last week an inspector was here based on a complaint five five dead rodents were found in this restaurant thank you nobody could talk to us about the five dead mice rodent droppings were found on top of a dishwasher you don’t know anything about the dead mice never see any Mouse no betty’s is located on Sistrunk and 22nd Road don’t don’t give me trouble we aren’t looking for trouble just answers 47 violations were found at Gold China in Palmetto Bay last week it was not good what do you mean that good can you see that everything sigh you know in order gold china is located at one five zero five five South Dixie Highway inspectors were here based on a complaint live and dead roaches were found in a kitchen prep area ants were nesting by the sugar there were hand-washing issues food contact surfaces were not being sanitized no big deal nothing no big deal to have roaches as we were walking out we clearly saw a roach issue still existed look at this that’s a big one I think Allah Braun might be upset we moved to blaze pizza where LeBron has a piece of the pie last week to South Florida blaze locations were ordered shut won on Andrews Avenue north of Cypress Creek Road the other on University Drive south of 595 and Davie the state called the conditions here unsanitary both locations had severe fly issues the Fort Lauderdale location also had a roach issue we know what goes on here doesn’t trickle up to LeBron have the problems been cleaned up all right thank you sir all the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following and ordered clean up and then a rien spec ssin Jeff wines here local 10 News Jeff is on it and remember local 10 has made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection if you want across the state right on your smartphone download our free restaurant inspection app search restaurants Florida in your App Store


  1. This segment is disgusting. You went to journalism school for this sensationalist bs? How sad! I would never allow these people to trespass onto my PRIVATE property and would call the cops the second they tried to

  2. so what? you dont think big corporate chains have rats? yes they do. home cooked is the best but big comanies shut down the mom and pop places thats why everywhere you go its the same thing eveywhere . get a few cats forget them rats. lol… blaze pizza has no flavor id shut them down for being too bland its definatley a health hazard.

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