Dirty Dining includes Ceviche by The Sea in Fort Lauderdale

Dirty Dining includes Ceviche by The Sea in Fort Lauderdale

back it’s been a busy week for our thirty County cameras and tonight we have a dirty dining first as an inspector here found reptile droppings on a cutting board inside a restaurant kitchen oh the reaction and response from the restaurants owner might surprise you among the other places orders shut by the state a Red Lobster and a Papa John’s well ten investigator Jeff wines here has what you need to know before you head out to eat is there a manager and owner somebody I can talk to we are at ceviche by the sea where a state inspector recently found a reptile dropping on a cutting board it was a reptile dropping and I’m greedy this is a public that’s that’s not right so this is not true she is the owner and refuses to acknowledge there was a problem why do they shut you down for someone else they shut you down as a preventive measure for someone else not quite ceviche by the sea is located at 28:23 East Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale that’s just west of the Intracoastal besides that reptile dropping live and dead roaches were found by the cook line do you own the place and you know nothing about this you were not shut down I don’t think you’re telling me the truth we showed her the inspection that roach issue was someplace else no ma’am not according to this inspection no weapon here still not good enough everything that you guys have created it’s false everything that we’ve we’ve created next door is beg for more Japanese Thai and tapas but more might not be what you’re begging for when you find out what inspectors found here you look like you don’t know what I’m talking about among the 18 violations the restaurant was ordered to stop selling rice at the sushi bar and cook noodles because they were out of temperature live and dead roaches were found all over the kitchen including inside an oven have you cleaned the place up yes you ever clean the place up I’m not gonna happen again no and I have it again just up the street at 5950 North Federal Highway as this Red Lobster among the ten violations found here live and dead roaches at the end of the cook line and on an oven that was mold in the ice machine and shrimp was discarded because it was out of temperature look at that take your time no one would talk corporate says action was taken to fix and prevent this from happening again I really have no nothing to say our final stop is Papa John’s in Miami Gardens this restaurant located just north of Ives dairy Road on 441 among the 14 violations up to 70 live and dead roaches were found in the kitchen by a pizza box station nobody can talk to us about the roaches thanks Papa John’s says this is a franchise and they’ve been assured it’s been thoroughly cleaned all the places we just mentioned we’re allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and then a rien spec ssin Jeff wines here local 10 News and remember local 10 has made it really easy for you to see any restaurant inspections statewide right on your smartphone just download our free restaurant inspection app search restaurants Florida in the App Store


  1. Lizard poo on the cutting board???? Holy chitterlings, Bat Man!!!
    The owner is delusional. Deflect blame. The news guys created??? LOL…..the INSPECTORS noted it with their own eyes. How STUPID does she think the public is??? I'll never eat there just because she's an idiot…..an idiot with a filthy kitchen and an I don't five a crap about the public's health attitude.

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