Dirty Dining: Inspectors had to visit Cheddar’s 4 times before allowing it to re-open

Dirty Dining: Inspectors had to visit Cheddar’s 4 times before allowing it to re-open

state inspectors had to go to a popular South sort of restaurant four times before allowing the place to reopen last week and a manager at Cheddar’s casual cafe wasn’t too happy to see our dirty dining cameras local teen investigator Jeff wines here has what you need to know before you head out to eat you were shut for four days in a second I mean let me get the other managers he’s a manager at jitters casual cafe and he’s looking for someone else to answer our questions about being ordered shut and we waited in the dining room for several minutes for someone to come out first of all I don’t want you filming me no no no turn that stuff off Cheddar’s is located west of University Drive on commercial Boulevard and Tamarack last week an inspector was here based on a complaint among the ten violations found rodent issues fresh rodent droppings were found on top of a dishwasher on a shelf next to tortillas and in several other places 60 flies were spotted some in a food prep and cook line areas in fact the inspector had to come back four times before Cheddar’s was allowed to reopen and on Facebook regulars of this popular place posted this picture wondering what happened I think we’re enough that’s what happens I mean if you’re the man I really have to report what happens when you have the equation in your hand this common window I have what the okay what please can you leave if I have what me yeah I have what the inspector found but that’s not an X thank you guys have a good day okay thank you very much we moved to Fort Lauderdale AMC’s dine in Coral Ridge ten theaters is located behind the coral square mall in Oakland Park Boulevard and federal highway eight violations were found last week in the food service area was ordered shut roaches were found by a prep table in the popcorn area the inspector noted close to 100 flies and some were landing on clean glasses and dishes we got no comment and we’re told to call corporate can’t officially talk to you guys until you speak to them okay our final stop Hialeah Bryan cafeteria is located on 4th Avenue north of Hialeah Drive inspectors were here based on a complaint and found a whopping 41 violations that donas Cucaracha okay violations Brian restaurant down the inspector found rodent droppings under clean pots and pans live roaches were spotted in an ice machine on a rack with clean pots and pans in several other places SF on our alliance daughter novel mayor that’s what the inspector not me he tells us we don’t think so it’s your job to keep the place clean isn’t it and I’ll go getting off that we are clearly not getting through to him the bottom line you now know what was going on and all the places ordered shut were allowed to reopen following an order to clean up and a rien spec ssin jeff wine seer local 10 News okay Jeff thanks a lot no one from AMC corporate returned an email or our phone call


  1. I'm not sure where that AMC is located.. but it's NOT behind the Coral Square Mall.. the Coral Square Mall is in Coral Springs… there is a movie theater in an adjacent shopping center.. but it's a run down $1 place… not a AMC dine in. Please correct this

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