Dirty Dining: Inspectors order 13 restaurants shut in South Florida

Dirty Dining: Inspectors order 13 restaurants shut in South Florida

well it was a busy week for state health inspectors in South Florida last week 13 kitchens 13 or ordered chat three rodents were found at one place and then a dead Roach was found in the rice at another well tonight local 10 News investigator Jeff wines here has what you need to know before heading out to eat here is tonight’s dirty dining report through the back of this restaurant good Lord and he talked to a manager about the inspection the back of the restaurant was frankly disgusting among the items we saw back there this greasy nasty part look at this out in the back of the restaurant and on the ground was this walk we’re at Mingus Chinese it’s at seven six zero northwest 180 third Street that’s also Miami Gardens Drive last week an inspector found 29 violations here there was a mouse by the kitchen door a rat by the back door and another on a shelf inside the restaurant roaches were spotted crawling on clean trays cups lids forks and napkins there was Roach excrement rodent droppings bags of rice and flour had rodent bite marks and to our amazement an employee here says no big deal what about the three dead 3 rodents not a big deal how you making the scene we moved to North Miami Beach and inspector was at this wing stop on 160 third Street across from the mall based on a complaint sure no one can talk to us about the road no among the 16 violations roaches were crawling on a wall and a shelf holding clean cups 100-plus flying insects were actually landing on food and there was no proof of required employee training Bocas grille is near Miami International Airport and last week the kitchen was ordered shut after 37 violations were found here how come they were rodent it okay follow me if you want okay he took us to the front told us he was gonna call someone in charge Bocas grille is located at $33.99 Northwest 72nd Avenue the inspector noted rodent nesting materials in a storage area more than 100 rodent droppings were found in a storage area where food is kept and in the kitchen a stop sale was ordered on several food items because they were out of temperature questions because you’re obviously the cook no you won’t talk to us about how the rodent droppings in your kitchen no rodent burrowing Bocas CEO sent an email to local 10 News implying we were unnecessarily worrying the community even though an inspector has been at Bocas eight times this year and a follow-up inspection was required every single time due to violations they CEO is not here okay so he can answer your questions all the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an order to clean up and then a rien spec ssin geoff wine seer local 10 News


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