Dirty Dining reports moldy food, rodent droppings at resort, spa

Dirty Dining reports moldy food, rodent droppings at resort, spa

well tonight’s 30 dining report includes mold on food roaches and rodents in the kitchen and even police on the scene oh my and our dirty dining cameras were busy this week and some of the places are repeat offenders here’s local ten investigator Jeff wines here with all you need to know before you head out to eat she manages the Panera Bread and plantation and we comply with her order to get out okay nobody can talk to us about knocked down this Panera is located at 1 0 0 0 1 Cleary Boulevard among the three violations flies were found in a bakery prep area and on a cart with bread flies were spotted on a shelf with clean pots and pans and in a salad and sandwich prep area the manager not only refuses to answer questions but actually called the plantation police on us ma’am you asked us to leave and we left your store now you’re recording is how you can to request we move to Miami Beach young Chinese is located at 9th and West 41st Street this right here is a total violation the back door is wide open an inspector was here based on a complaint among the 18 violations 4245 live roaches found in a food prep area can I talk to somebody about it did you have a roach issue roach issue roaches shut down inside the Grand Palms Resort and Spa the restaurant may have new owners and a new name but we have been to this Pembroke Pines resort before for rodent issues in the past and again the kitchen was closed last week you all had a pretty serious problem we just got here you’ve been here three weeks ok so we’ve just got here so if that an issue was an issue that we cleaned up before no this was last week it was last week yeah this restaurant is now called Chicago 312 last week an inspector was here based on a complaint found 38 violations Swiss cheese cubes and gravy had mold like growth there was mold in the ice machine there were rodent droppings next to a rodent trap in a small kitchen and in a large kitchen as well hold on the food I didn’t see any mold on any food rodent issues well they did have a big Roman issue you guys know that you’ve been doing this story for so long in this place we inherited this mess oK we’ve been cleaning it up since then the dropping she found was on the floor down low our final stop is organic bytes it’s at seventy ten Biscayne Boulevard and an inspector was here based on a complaint as well wanted to talk to somebody about last week’s inspection okay among the 23 violations rodent droppings were found in a bowl of clean apples used to make juice droppings were also found next to drinking cups and clean glasses can I come back you know they can come back all the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and then a rien spec ssin Jeff wines here local 10 News Jeff was busy and remember local tenants made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspections statewide right on your smartphone just download our free restaurant inspection app and then search restaurants Florida in the App Store

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