Dirty Dining: Restaurant serves food prepared in private home

Dirty Dining: Restaurant serves food prepared in private home

now go to restaurant was serving up foods that a state inspector said there was something missing the kitchen well that restaurant was ordered shut after that inspector says the food was prepared in an unapproved place that’s not all why did some doughnuts have to be tossed out at one local Dunkin donut although ten investigator Jeff wines here has that and what you need to know in tonight’s dirty dining report where were the inspector yet that you’re preparing food inside a private house whoa we found joseline Cavan Gil outside of her downtown Miami restaurant after it was ordered shut she was recently told not to serve any of the food inside you see the inspector found hot food but found no kitchen according to the state inspection quote food prepared in a private home it’s an unapproved source and it was a concern for the state I don’t know why this inspector talking about that right because they said you don’t have they don’t have it didn’t have evidence that I’m cooking in my house stop sale was ordered on everything from pork to beef to soup to cook vegetables Justin claims to have used other nearby kitchens music other people’s company one time that’s only only one time only one time Oakland buffet is located at 255 East Flagler Street among the other violations found in her restaurant sewage backing up in a sink food preparation sink is soiled withstanding the building that’s not our problem that’s a problem of the building we asked you about the sewage issues this man told us he was the building manager we asked about that sewage backup he told us he was calling the police it’s their manager here she’s not here you’re supposed to be a manager on duty when you have this many people here this Dunkin Donuts was just sighted last week for not having a manager on duty and it appears that problem still exists inspectors rep this dunkin donut based on a complaint among the 12 violations a stop sale on several donuts they were set to sell you because the inspector saw flies landing on them an employee touched her face and then handled a clean lid can’t answer any questions no comment here but corporate says they immediately sent a certified Operations Manager to meet with the franchisee and inspect this store to ensure that all appropriate Dunkin Donuts food safety guidelines were being followed the assistant manager of this Sweetwater Domino’s doesn’t recall a roach problem last week so let’s remind him violations were found the kitchen was ordered shut 25 live roaches were found crawling around the beverage rack that was won by an oven that was won by the back door according to Domino’s corporate this store had a routine pest control visit two weeks prior there were no visible problems Hunkin donuts and dominoes were allowed to reopen following ordered cleanups and then re inspections Jeff wine cereal local 10 News

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